Our brands

  • 100%

    The 100% brand has always been synonymous with motocross Americana and has been linked to many iconic moments that have built the roots and history of what is modern motocross. The roots of the 100% brand date back to the early 1980’s when the popular logo graced the factory racing equipment of the biggest names in motocross. How much effort do you give? Today, as the brand's awareness grows again in Motocross, on Downhill slopes, and BMX tracks, 100% is inspiring a whole new generation of racers and asking them the original tag line: How much effort do you give?
  • 3T Cycling

    3T Cycling
    Racing, design, and 50 years heritage 3T was originally called Tecnologia del Tubo Torinese (Turin Tube Technology), taking its name from the city of Turin, where it was founded in 1961 by Mario Dedioniggi. Dedioniggi was a talented engineer. Clever at manipulating and bending steel tubes, he was taken on as a young man by the Ambrosio concern (which continues to this day). There, he learned to fashion the bars and stems desired by racing cyclists. The resurgence of cycle sport in the 1950s drove demand for top-quality racing equipment, and the ambitious Dedioniggi spotted his opportunity.
  • Abus

    Since 1924 ABUS provides the good feeling of security worldwide. As a German quality manufacturer we ensure that our products are highly reliable and offer a long service life while being easy to operate. In order to meet the growing requirements of private and commercial users, ABUS provides a large product range of innovative security solutions in the areas of security at home, mobile security and commercial security. The ABUS group comprises the companies ABUS August Bremicker Söhne KG, ABUS Security-Center GmbH & Co. KG and ABUS Pfaffenhain GmbH with around 3,500 employees worldwide.
  • Argon 18

    Argon 18
    Argon 18 Technology: the Optimal Balance A bicycle must be light, rigid and comfortable. No more, no less. What really matters to us is to reconcile, in ideal proportion, these somewhat contradictory qualities. This goal and our ability to combine these divergent but necessary characteristics is what distinguishes an Argon 18 and makes it stand apart from other bikes. Our firm belief in our company’s values and in the directions we choose to pursue drives us to continually develop bike designs that are at once innovative yet classic, spectacular but refined. No more, no less.
  • Assos

    The ASSOS garments' DNA is high performance; we therefore apply refined, state-of-the-art, materials and assembly techniques. To fully enjoy the garments' potential and to extend their lifespan, ASSOS products require specific loving care. Please check our "Wear" and "Store and Wash Instructions" on this website. In the unlikely event that you experience a problem with your garment, please check our "Warranty & repair policy" on this website. In essence, we, at ASSOS, want you to be a Happy Cyclist.
  • Astute

    Astute is the result of an Italian dream. The co-operation of a group of enthusiastic BUSINESSMEN and the best VENETIAN CRAFTSMEN specialized in creating and producing Made in Italy saddles, did all the rest: a RE VOLUTIONARY product. A series of International patents are the results of this symbiosis, making ASTUTE the first SMART SADDLE in the world, created for professional cyclists and for those who love cycling. ASTUTE is a wholly HAND MADE IN ITALY product which offers to the cycling field a new benchmark of Elegance, Comfort, Technology and Performance. Perfection through technology The superiority of ASTUTE saddle is due to a revolutionary SHAPE and PADDING. The SHAPE – the particular shape of ASTUTE saddle is realized thanks to a new ultralight double base with a U-OPEN shape that allows three times more padding capacity compared to what the market actually offers. This helps to keep the same dimensions of a traditional saddle while offering a greater comfort. The new U-OPEN shape of the saddle allows to lower the center pressure point while making it more aerodynamic and performing, in order to increase ergonomic features. Perfection through elegance In the ASTUTE saddles one can appreciate the manufacturers’ skill in all its parts. In the ASTUTE project, the BASE plays a leading role and thanks to the creation of double base system it is possible to create a saddle COMPLETELY FLAWLESS with no glue smear or unaesthetic staples, truly pleasing both sight and touch. The use of given painting process such as SOFT TOUCH finishing (the first one in this field) or the special FLUO permit to enhance the contents, making it a UNIQUE and RECOGNIZABLE product, whether is it on pose or moving.
  • AX Lightness

    AX Lightness
    Cycling light components for hard stages ax-lightness uses the technology and experience gained in the Formula 1 for the development of future bicycle components. Meanwhile we have already manufactured frame segments, brakes, saddles, seat posts for professional road racing and mountain bikes. This success is founded in the innovations, the low weight, the high functionality and processing. Our weight-saving carbon fibre products are already used in the racing teams of well-known professional racing cyclists and they have proved their worth in countless stages of the Tour de France and other cycle racing classics. Since 2001 ax-lightness products have annually been in the winner’s equipment.
  • Battaglin

    BATTAGLIN: AN EXCELLENCE OF ITALIAN DESIGN We've been manufacturing high-end road bike frames for more than 30 years. Our products are sold all over the world, thanks to the reputation for excellence we have earned in the international cycling community. Italian style, innovative solutions and sophisticated designs are what makes for the appeal of the Battaglin frames. At the Battaglin headquarter located in Marostica, Italy, a talented research team keeps seeking technological advancements with the demanding cyclist in mind. HANDMADE IN ITALY In recent years, the Battaglin brand has set its focus on the design, production and sale of high-end road carbon frames. Frames shaped exclusively by the hands of expert craftsmen. We purposely avoid standardised, serial productions and this will allow you to have: greater flexibility faster deliveries an exclusive product that guarantees you all the exclusive, prime-quality appeal of a handmade product. The Battaglin products are manufactured in Italy, making the most of what the local area has to offer, from top-quality materials selected with the utmost care for their properties and functions to the finest craftsmanship skills and design.
  • Bianchi

    Bianchi is one of the leading brands on the international market in the cycling sector and it boasts more than 130 years of history started in 1885 Bianchi, with its historical Italian brand, is a performance bicycle company characterized by product driven technology, Italian design and global market. Bianchi believes the frame is the heart of the bicycle and it is constantly investing in material technology with the aim to produce the best bikes in the world. Bianchi offers to the market a complete range of models for Road, MTB, City-Trekking, e-Bikes and accessories to meet the needs of all cyclists. All frames are designed and developed inside the Bianchi headquarter in Treviglio (Bergamo, Italy), same as all graphics and colors combinations. With its Reparto Corse (Racing Department), Bianchi led the way with race proven geometry and technology as the market changed from steel to aluminum and then titanium, and now to the most advanced material: carbon. Founded in 1885 by Edoardo Bianchi, F.I.V. Edoardo Bianchi Spa is part of Cycleurope AB Group - Swedish company of the Grimaldi Industri AB - known as one of the worldwide most important holding in the cycling sector.
  • Bike Ahead

    Bike Ahead
    all ahead composites is an innovative company whose core competence is the development, design, analysis and manufacture of fiber-reinforced plastic. With our innovative and unique carbon components, that are sold under the brand bike ahead composites, all ahead offers quality products to ambitious mountain bikers, which combine lightweight, stiffness and durability in a unique manner. all ahead is capable of in-house mapping the complete cycle of product development – from the first sketches to series production. The ultra-modern and extremely extensive machinery is supplemented by CAD workstations and a highly motivated team. From autoclave over RTM, RIM, VARIM up to the lay-up for each component, an optimum production process is guaranteed. In addition to the self-production of the brand bike ahead composites, all ahead composites also collaborates with numerous partners from research and industry and designs high-quality products and components made of CFRP for these. The company founder of bike ahead composites – Christian Gemperlein – was a huge mountain bike fan right from the start. His passion for mountain bikes goes back to 1994, when he got his first bike. The 90’s were marked by numerous innovations and developments in cycling technology – components such as suspension forks, disc brakes or full suspension experienced a steep climb. At around the same time, composite carbon started to play an important and fascinating role material wise. The huge opportunities, the exclusivity and the racing enthusiasm inspired Christian Gemperlein. It quickly became clear to him that he wanted to develop a bicycle component made of CFRP on his own. Therefore, his later career choice of course had to include this material. That’s why he decided to study “Plastic and rubber technology” at the University of Applied Sciences in Würzburg. As part of his thesis, he finally had the opportunity to turn his childhood dream of a self-development into reality. The title of the thesis was “development, design, FEM calculation and construction of a carbon fiber composite wheel for mountain bikes”, and was the cornerstone for today’s ac-26 and ac-29 biturbo wheels. Driven by the results of his work and the dream of being his own boss, Christian Gemperlein founded his first company bike ahead composites in 2010 and thus turned his two biggest passions into a career. The aim of his company all ahead composites today is to develop and manufacture innovative, high quality carbon products “Made in Germany”. This requires a dedicated team that shares a passion for the material and is looking forward to inspire bike enthusiasts with unique components.
  • Biotex

    BIOTEX is the Italian leader in the production of Functional Sports High Performing Underwear. Its products have been 100% Made in Italy for 20 years and they are recognized for their innovation and technology developed in a new idea of underwear. Thanks to its deep knowledge of fabric and manufacturing, Biotex produces a second skin able to increase your potential energy and body power in every weather condition and physical effort. You can challenge your limits and perform your sport experience with maximum comfort.
  • BMC

    Every product development starts with an idea. It comes from the needs of our customers and from our desire for ever more efficient and stunning products. After countless drafts, the ideas become concepts that live up to the requirements, for which BMC then offers solutions.
  • Boardman

    The Boardman story... It all began in 1981 when a 13 year old Chris Boardman turned up to a local 10 mile time trial in cut-off jeans and on a recycled bike. This was the first race that started a meteoric rise first through the Amateur and then Professional ranks culminating in Olympic, World and Tour De France stage and Yellow Jersey victories. Throughout this rise from humble beginnings to legendary status Chris not only pushed his body to its limits but through his restless curiosity, pursuit of perfection and cutting edge technology also the machines and products he was using. Nothing highlights this philosophy more than the Hour Record. Before the very best of the current Professional ranks attacked the hour record, resulting in Bradley Wiggins achieving 54.526Km, Chris Boardman pushed his body and machine beyond what was considered possible and achieved an incredible 56.375km. Following his career as a rider Chris applied his knowledge, experience and philosophy to the new generation of Olympians through his role as R&D director at British Cycling. This position led to Chris overseeing the product used by the riders competing in the 2008 Olympics and the record breaking 2012 games in London. At roughly the same time the idea was born to create a British bike brand with Chris and his passion for performance at its heart. Over the next 3 years through a process of design, development and investment, the concept became reality. The first bikes were launched in July 2007 and success followed quickly, not just in sales but also through the independent reviews and out on the road with Nicole Cooke winning Gold at the 2008 Olympics. Roll forward and Boardman bikes is going from strength to strength. The product range has increased in size, diversified and now competes at the highest level but always stayed true to the original performance led philosophy. Our supported athletes have continued to win on Boardman, highlights being Gold and Bronze at the 2012 Olympics, 2012 Ironman World Championships and multiple other world and national titles. Boardman has also significantly increased it’s out-reach with the brand now being available internationally and in its home market through specialist independent retailers as well as Halfords. 2015 sees Boardman move up a gear again with investment from the acquisition by long term retail partner Halfords, allowing the team and brand to fulfil its potential. 2016 will see a whole new product range spanning Elite and Performance level bikes as well as a full range of parts accessories and clothing. Crucially the brand has been treated to a full deconstruct and rebuild to ensure that it meets with the future expectations of the Boardman team, consumer and market. Along with the new brand identity, product ranges and website - a new brand headquarters, R&D facility and customer experience will follow. Watch this space…….
  • Bottecchia

    Ottavio Bottecchia (San Martino di Colle Umberto 1 August 1894 – Gemona del Friuli 15 June 1927) is a legend of the cycling world, entered in the history for beeing the first Italian athlete who won the Tour de France on 1924, wearing the yellow jersey of the Tour from the first to the last stage. Ottavio Bottecchia was able to crown a magnificent sporting carrier full of successes and goals which brought prestige to the Italian cycling all over the world. Entered the professionals elite when he was 27 years old, Ottavio became famous thanks to his tenacity and to his great climber’s ability. After working as bricklayer receving a purple heart in the army he decided to follow his great passion and become a professional rider. On 1923, he arrived fifth at the Giro and won an unexpected second place at the Tour de France, which brought him to win the next two editions of the French tour.

    HISTORY Ottavio Bottecchia (San Martino di Colle Umberto 1 August 1894 – Gemona del Friuli 15 June 1927) is a legend of the cycling world, entered in the history for beeing the first Italian athlete who won the Tour de France on 1924, wearing the yellow jersey of the Tour from the first to the last stage. Ottavio Bottecchia was able to crown a magnificent sporting carrier full of successes and goals which brought prestige to the Italian cycling all over the world. Entered the professionals elite when he was 27 years old, Ottavio became famous thanks to his tenacity and to his great climber’s ability. After working as bricklayer receving a purple heart in the army he decided to follow his great passion and become a professional rider. On 1923, he arrived fifth at the Giro and won an unexpected second place at the Tour de France, which brought him to win the next two editions of the French tour. ottavio-bottecchia THE HISTORY OF A LEGEND - 18° Tour De France THE FIRST ITALIAN WHO WON THE TOUR On June 1924, Ottavio Bottecchia was in perfect conditions and was getting ready to start the first Tour de France stage. The athlete, revelation of the previous edition, surprised all the participants, being the first to cross the finish line since the first stage, winning the desired maillot jaune. That year there was no race, no history for nobody: Bottecchia wore the yellow jersey from the first stage and removed it in Paris, becoming the champion before Frantz and establishing the primate to be the first athlete to wear the yellow jersey from the first to the last stage of the Tour. “He moves forward, precise as a balance wheel, he seems the only one who doesn’t make any effort bigger than his capacity. He has sixteen minutes of advantage on the second one. But today he doesn’t sing.” Le petit Parisien, 3rd July 1924 Being not satisfied, after the absolute triumph of 1924, he won the Tour de France also the following year, on 1925. With the yellow jersey since the first stage, Ottavio got on the top step of the podium also in the 6th, in the 7th and in the last stage of the Tour wearing the maillot from the 9th to the 18th stage. When in Paris, Ottavio arrives winner confirming the first place of the previous year in the general classification, ahead of Lucien Buysse, left behind of 54’20”, and Bartolomeo Aimo (56’17”). bottechia2 The career and the life of Ottavio Bottecchia finished early, the 15th June 1927 in Gemona del Friuli, near Udine, in a context which is still not clear. A strange accident, probably caused by a still unexplained malaise, struck the 33 years old Ottavio while he was walking the familiar streets where he used to train and still today there are no certainties about it. What is sure is that a great champion died that day.
  • Brompton

    Andrew Ritchie was a young engineer who thrived on solving problems. When he moved to London, he decided there must be a better way of moving around. In 1975, in the bedroom of his flat overlooking the Brompton Oratory, he invented a bike with an ingenious 3-part fold. A lightweight vehicle that transformed into a small locked package in under 20 seconds. A bike that you could take anywhere. A ‘magic carpet for the city'.
  • Cadex

    CADEX is the pursuit of what many see as improbable, even impossible. It's the discovery of a new way to engineer faster wheels. Reinvention of the saddle for incomparable fit. Perfection of tubeless tire that offers the feel of a tubular. It's deep research into the bike and rider in motion. CADEX is the pursuit and realization of an entirely new level of performance in cycling components.
  • Campagnolo

    Campagnolo S.r.l. designs, manufactures and distributes top-of-the-range components for racing bicycles. Founded in 1933 by "virtuoso" Tullio Campagnolo, the company developed around two concepts which will remain its hallmarks even in the future: technological innovation and the passion of our clients, thanks to products embracing supreme personality.
  • Campagnolo Sportswear

    Campagnolo Sportswear
    Bikes are in. Campagnolo is not merely a brand. It has played a major role in writing the story of cycling, turning sporting achievements into milestones in history and great champions into modern-day legends. "It is a brand that over the years has revolutionised the very art of cycling."A universal synonym of technology and resistance, quality and innovation, technicality and design .This is how the simplest method of transport has become a cult object, an elegant and cultured passion for connoisseurs and true sportsmen. The Cycling Apparel collection brings together the universal all-time values of Campagnolo in a complete range of garments and accessories designed to improve performance and comfort for the keenest of cyclists Outfits and accessories full of highly technical contents, for a demanding and competent active sportsperson that legitimately requires the best from us and receives it, not only while riding the bike, but also when playing other outdoor sports. Campagnolo Cycling Apparel. On the path of a legend.
  • Carbon-Ti

    Chainrings A complete range of high-performance chainrings for MTB and ROAD... The X-DirectRing and X-Ring represent the core business of Carbon–Ti’s production. The famous X-CarboRing and X-CarboCam with the central body in carbon fibre and the teeth in aluminium stand out for its lightweightness and exclusivity. The X-Ring Ti EVO, Full Titanium, spiderless X-Ring Ti Integral double chainrings, and the mono-chainring X-MonoSync Ti made in Grade 5 Titanium for aeronautical use were created for more heavy off-road use and guarantee rigidity, impact resistance, and life-span greater than any other product made from aluminium alloys.
  • Castelli

  • CeramicSpeed

    Who are we? CERAMICSPEED was established in 2004 by Jacob Csizmadia. From his years in SKF, he realized the need for a company specialized in custom designed bearings.
  • Cervelo

    In 1996, Cervélo launched with two road and two time trial/triathlon models. It was immediately at the leading edge of bike technology; maybe a bit too much so as market acceptance was initially slow. But in the year 2000, the International Cycling Union brought in quite restrictive equipment rules, and many cutting edge bikes became illegal. Cervélo had anticipated the new rules and unveiled a complete new and vastly improved model line. Where its competitors were forced by the rule changes to take a step back or discontinue altogether, Cervélo opened up a significant technological gap and demand started to soar.
  • Challenge

    Why choose Challenge? What's the point in training till you drop if you're going to be losing efficiency and speed in your tires? Ride quality is paramount, and no other tire offers the supple, responsive traction of a Challenge Tubular, eliminating barriers in achieving your maximum speed and potential. Supple tires not only offer a sublime ride, they reduce rolling resistance, and enable more precise handling and a greater range of pressures. They adapt quickly as the tire changes shape while cornering and rolling, which increases road surface contact and grip while cornering, plus shock absorption as you pass over irregularities in the road. When searching for a Tubular or Open Tubular, consider the following factors, all of which play a role in the tire's performance. Tubulars and Open Tubulars: Tubular tires are, well, tubular. They are sewn shut around a Seamless Latex Inner Tube, already in a tube shape, and are mounted and glued directly on a rim, rather than around a tube. However, they require a purpose-made tubular rim that would usually only be used on race day to avoid damage. Open Tubulars mount like a standard clincher, but are made using the same artisan Handmade process as our Tubulars and maintain most of the suppleness and ride quality gained from a Handmade Tubular.
  • Chapter2

    CHAPTER2 was created by Michael Pryde inspired by his years of dedication to design and cycling. From the time he started racing BMX as a kid, he has pursued his passion for competitive cycling for almost 4 decades, having raced at the highest level in both DH/XC and Road. Michael’s story really begins when he studied Industrial Design at college from where he went on to study Architecture in the UK for 6 years. He has worked at a number of prestigious firms, including Foster + Partners and Aedas. It was at Foster + Partners where he was able to experience at first hand the design and creation of one of the world’s largest and technically challenging construction projects in the world- the Hong Kong International Airport.
  • Cinelli

    In 1948, a good professional racer, with 15 years' pedalling in his legs and a knack for mechanics, decided to make use of his brilliant intuitions, developed during the miles run on every kind of road. This man was Cino Cinelli.
  • Ciocc

    CIÖCC was born in the early 70's and has since started its growth and affirmation at an international level, obtaining important results. In the 1980s ciöcc was a company without equal in Europe for the production of high-level racing frames. In those years some well-known names in national and international cycling used CIÖCC bicycles. CIÖCC has been able to adapt to the radical changes that have affected the world of bicycles since the 1990s. Changes that have seen the use of the classic steel frame gradually reduce in favor of aluminum products first and then carbon. In the 1980s he created a company that has no equal in Europe for the production of high-level racing frames. In those years some well-known names of national and international cycling used bicycles such as Davide Cassani from 1982 to 1985, Lucien Van Impe, Stefano Allocchio, Massimo Podenzana, Patrizio Gambirasio, Stefano Dazzan and many others. Suffice it to say that most of them were followed by the well-known team manager Bruno Reverberi. In those years, thanks to the experience of exceptional frame builders and welders, the requests for CIÖCC frames increased year after year all over the world. In 1991, Mr. Conti decided to sell the company for personal reasons and proposed to Stefano Bonati and two other frame builders who were already part of the production department to continue the business. Since then Stefano Bonati, after having been filer, welder and painter of CIÖCC frames, became the owner and creator of all the steel frames. TODAY TECHNOLOGY IS THE BASIS OF CIÖCC PRODUCTION REDEFINING STYLE Each new CIÖCC model is designed through the use of sophisticated software that allows the "visualization" of the frame in 3D. Once the conception phase is completed, the projects move on to the construction phase of the molds to create customized tubes and in turn placed in an autoclave. All the steps are strictly manual. The entirely manual assembly technique still follows the simple techniques of the past: the tubes are prepared and assembled in a template after being cut and grooved with special equipment forming the frame. Once the frame has been assembled, we move on to a phase where craftsmanship gives its added value and that is the wrapping of the frame, which allows you to "weld" the tubes and make the frame performing and safe. The carbon fiber yarn based on its linear density determines stiffness, comfort and resistance. After an accurate graphic study, the painting requires many more hours of work than a standard one. It is necessary to make ad hoc cuts and masks to create a particular and unique design.
  • Cipollini

    Live your ride Records are always inspiring. This year we at Cipollini are trying to beat a special one: to tell you everything about our future, in three words. Live Your Ride Banner Image Live It is the passion, the drive, what makes us breathe and above all run. What we want to create is a relationship of total symbiosis. Live Your Ride Banner Image Your This symbiosis is designed for you, so that you can experience every ride by becoming one with the technology that runs with you. Live Your Ride Banner Image He laughs Because for us your running is everything. This is why we put a hunger for research, innovation, Italianness and obsession with detail in first place, from the first day alongside the record holder Mario Cipollini, until today. And tomorrow.
  • Classified

    Join us in the revolution Join us and revolutionise the future of cycling. Who doesn’t want to wake up in the morning knowing that you will spend your day contributing to revolutionary products? Our company has the long-term vision to be at the technological forefront of cycling industry. We are entrepreneurial and strive for perfection. We are always looking for new members in our revolution. Crazy about cycling? Up for a challenge? Ready for something really new? Check our current vacancies!
  • Colnago

    Colnago’s manufacturing philosophy combines innovation, design and beauty. However, underpinning this lays a fundamental dedication to building bicycles with safety and longevity in mind. Consequently, one of the key features of the construction process at Colnago is an extremely rigorous use of new technologies.
  • Continental

    Continental Corporation. When you purchase a Continental bicycle tyre, you are buying a product which is manufactured using over 100 years of tyre development and production experience. The direct benefit; high quality & reliable, top-performing Continental tyres. Top technology “Made in Germany”
  • Corima

    CORIMA S.A. was founded in 1973 by Mr Pierre MARTIN and Mr Jean-Marie RIFFARD and is based in Loriol sur Drôme (26) in France. The word CORIMA is taken from COoperation RIffard MArtin. The Corima TeamCorima Showroomtl_files/images_entreprise/showroom-vign.jpg Its initial activities were mechanical moulding: the making of moulds and models for the foundry, automobile and aeronautics sectors. In 1988, CORIMA diversified into the production of carbon composite parts and launched its first product for the cycling sector: the “Disc Wheel”. This was followed by many other products... to create a full range of carbon products for cycling. CORIMA has always worked with cycling professionals on both the track and road racing circuits. Our products have been involved in many prestigious victories and setting of new records around the world and continue to do so with numerous athletes.
  • De Rosa

    De Rosa
    I am a man who goes straight to the point. And, by force of habit, I never look back and count the years I have spent making frames. I prefer to look ahead because, after working for half a century, I am still convinced that the bicycle has room for improvement. And just as I have done up till now, in the future too I want to contribute to the evolution of this fascinating vehicle, which is at the same time so simple and so complicated.
  • Dedacciai Strada

    Dedacciai Strada
    Dedacciai, very skilled on raw material usage, it's the only one firm able to plan, to design and to execute the Running frame, by using and exploiting at its best all the peculiar features of every kind of raw materials. After 20 long years of strong work, of incessant research and most of all, of big passion, Dedacciai took the important decision to introduce itself to the biggest athlets and to the most demanding passionates with the new Dedacciai STRADA range.
  • Dedaelementi

    Dedaelementi: Kinetic Energy Treatment. This treatment is essentially based on the transformation of kinetic energy, wich the particles bombarding a material are provided with, into plastic deformation energy of surface layers of treated material.
  • Dolce Vita

    Dolce Vita
    Dolce Vita® is a life style, a way of seeing things, living life and at the same time a brand that identify several products in the cycling field. Born at the beginning of the new millennium, although the management enjoys about 20 years of experience in the bicycle field), this range of items is dedicated to all those cyclists who have an honest, clean and real passion for this fantastic sport.
  • DT Swiss

    DT Swiss
    Welcome to DT Swiss! Technology, innovation, know-how, design and utmost quality – that’s what DT Swiss stands for. As one of the world’s leading system providers for the bicycle industry, we manufacture individual components for bicycles, motorcycles, rehabilitation equipment and customer-specific special solutions.
  • Elite

    It is impossible for me to present Elite using the single, as it so much our habit to work as a group intertwining our opinions, discoveries, inventions and proposals. In order to become as close as possible to our cultural and historical roots we installed ourselves in an ancient production site.
  • ENVE

    We are more than riders… We are risk takers, engineers and innovators, driven by our love of cycling. We are a dynamic collection of skilled individuals that create the world’s best carbon fiber products. Partnering with the prominent frame builders of our time and the world’s best athletes, we combine industry leading technology with world-class athlete feedback to provide our customers with the ultimate in lightness, stiffness and durability. Born from a desire for a better ride, we strive to deliver our consumers products without compromise.
  • Evoc

    In the last 15 years we have travelled to more than 40 countries. With our mountain bikes or snowboards, in search of the best trails and the most stunning powder runs – for magazines and photo shoots, with professional photographers.
  • Factor

    Developed and engineered to be the best bicycles in the world, Factor Bikes offer cyclists the freedom to go fast and have fun. With total control over every aspect of the design, development, and manufacturing process, we at Factor know that our expanding lineup will enhance rides on all terrains. So where will you ride next?
  • Fast Forward

    Fast Forward
    With the increasing popularity of the tubeless system more and more riders change the traditional inner tubes for a tubeless setup. The process of completing the setup in the right way has proved to be challenging for some and for this reason we have made instructions which can be found on our website and included with each tubeless wheel set in the bag. We have received some feedback from customers who could not do the setup in the right way as we found the tubeless valve is sometimes not covering the valve hole of the rim completely on the side of the rim bed. If not installed in the right way, serious damage to the rim or injury could occur. To make sure everyone is able to complete the tubeless setup easily and in the correct way we have made a small change to the rim in order to make the tubeless valve fit at all times. For the riders out there who already have a set of our tubeless wheels and are about to change their setup we offer a free tubeless valve kit to complete the process properly.
  • Favero

    Favero Electronics, founded by Gino Favero, has designed and produced electronic sports equipment for more than thirty years. A strong will to invest in new people, new ideas, and new projects has earned the company a solid reputation in more than 110 countries.
  • Felt

    Felt Bicycles was founded in California, a land of pioneers, entrepreneurial mavericks, technology-driven mavens, and the most passionate outdoor fanatics you’ll find anywhere. Since 1991, we have strived to be the most innovative cycling company on the planet. That’s been our guiding principle. And, our targeted goal is to help each rider ascend to a world championship victory, surpass a personal record, or achieve a perfect ride on the parcours of their liking. We are devoted to creating the finest cycling experience in the world because we love nothing more than bikes and what they can bring to the human experience. From conquering an alpine climb to descending technical singletrack, from the thrill of racing to the forging of camaraderie on a group ride with friends, nothing compares to the act of pedaling. Wherever you are in your two-wheeled journey, we invite you to join us for the ride.
  • FFWD

    FFWD Wheels offers a broad range of high-end wheels for different disciplines! Check out which wheel set suits you best!
  • Fizik

    Fizik: Born in 1996 as a brand made for high performance fi'zi:k was designed in the USA, and handmade in Italy by the world's largest saddle manufacturer, Selle Royal. Fi'zi:k is the phonetic spelling of the word physique, referring to the form or state of the human body. Often associated with general fitness and athletics, the word is also used in many contexts to illustrate physical strength and superb health. - ie. a powerful physique, a healthy physique. In its phonetic form, fi'zi:k inspires other associations. Visually, the symbol conveys a sense of something scientific, technological or mathematical; and audibly, something fresh, effervescent, energetic and lively. Since the beginning, fi'zi:k's mission has been simple: to improve the ride experience for all cyclists.
  • Focarini

    We know you would love to see more than just a "coming soon" page but we are still busy creating the Bike that you can ultimately call your own: providing you more fun than ever, taking you higher than ever, allowing you to explore more places than ever. Further than ever, that's what Focarini has always stood for.
  • FSA Full Speed Ahead

    FSA Full Speed Ahead
    Designed, Engineered, Built And Tested by Full Speed Ahead. In this rapidly changing world where just about anybody with a "design" can get their product made by some factory, some where, at Full Speed Ahead we design, engineer, build and test all of the products we sell. It may sound simple, but in many ways it seems this approach has become "old fashioned".
  • Fulcrum Wheels

    Fulcrum Wheels
    FULCRUM WHEELS Fulcrum, derived from the Latin “fulcire” means “to support”. And this is precisely the function carried out by the wheel, one of the bicycle’s most fundamental components that acts as interface between the bicycle and the ground, the final medium that converts the athlete’s power into speed and performance.
  • Garmin

    Garmin International Inc. is a member of the Garmin Ltd. (Nasdaq: GRMN) group of companies that designs, manufactures, and markets navigation and communications equipment for the aviation and consumer markets. Our products serve aviation, marine, automotive, wireless, OEM, and general recreation applications. Specifically, we aim to enrich the lives of customers, suppliers, distributors, and employees by providing the very best products that offer superior quality, safety, and operational features at affordable prices.
  • Ghost

    GHOST Bikes More than 20 years of passion and fun We have been building GHOST bikes for over 20 years. It all began with two friends, a small garage and the idea of building just the type of bikes that are fun to ride and better than all the rest. The two founders, Uwe Kalliwoda and Klaus Möhwald, couldn't in their wildest dreams have believed that their company would become an international manufacturer with over 330 employees worldwide. It is a success story that can only work if you live your ideas and love your products.
  • Giant

    Welcome to the ultimate cycling experience. How do you define the ultimate cycling experience? That’s up to you. Our mission at Giant is to help make it happen. To create the ultimate cycling experience for all riders, all around the world. We are builders and innovators, but we are also a global community of cyclists. We are athletes, adventurers and advocates for cycling. We are Tour de France racers, singletrack explorers, neighbors and friends. It’s true that Giant is the world’s largest producer of high-quality bikes, but we never forget where we came from. We started small. And we were founded on the idea that the best way to inspire passion for cycling is to create the best products, and make them accessible to all riders. That’s what we did back then. That’s what we do today. Much has changed since we started in 1972. In fact, Giant has long been one of cycling’s main catalysts for change. We introduced lighter, stronger aluminum frames at a time when the industry standard was steel. We were first to make carbon fiber bikes widely available to the world. We defined the look and feel of modern road racing bikes with our Compact Road technology. And we revolutionized off-road performance bikes with Maestro Suspension. Today, this spirit of innovation is stronger than ever. Our collection of gear and apparel, developed and tested by some of the top teams and athletes in pro racing, continues to expand. Our industry-leading E-bikes are redefining what’s possible for riders of all abilities. These innovations serve a larger purpose. It’s not just about winning races and producing lighter, stronger, faster bikes. That’s part of it, but it’s also about making cycling more enjoyable and approachable. To everyone. When we talk about “Ride Life,” this is what we mean. Our products, our people, our passion. Our commitment to enhancing your cycling life. You can find us at our more than 12,000 retail stores around the world, or connect with us online from wherever you are. We are always accessible and never too far away. Ride Life. Ride Giant.
  • Giro

    SCIENCE & SOUL — THE GIRO STORY It’s always been more than just a helmet thing, or a simple bike or snow thing. It’s about the ride. Specifically, your ride. Giro exists to enhance your connection to the ride, and the feelings it brings to life. The sense of freedom and adventure. The desire to win. The joy of living well. From that first day 30 years ago when Jim Gentes opened our doors to the world, we’ve been on a mission to make sure that riding is the best part of a great life. Along the way we’ve learned a great deal, created some notable products, endured some mistakes, pushed ourselves and our competitors to go further, and made friends across continents and generations. Riding gave us all of this. And led us to you.
  • GOLDfren

  • Guerciotti

    Thirtyfive years of successes. This is the business and sporting history of italian company Guerciotti. A fascinating history started in 1964, when Italo, known and expert cyclocross rider, decided to open a little bicycle shop with his brother, Paolo. If was Italo to give the bike passion to Paolo, who started in 1961 to ride in young cathegories, showing himself immediately very competitive and winner and than to ride exsclusevily in cyclocross and to ride the world championship in 1979 in Saccolongo.
  • Hope

    Hope Technology began life in the late 1980’s as a subcontract machining business making tools and fixtures for the many local aerospace companies. In 1989 they began making disc brakes for the newly developed mountain bikes. Initially for the personal use of the owners Ian Weatherill and Simon Sharp but they quickly realised these brakes could be sold as a product in their own right. Since disc brakes were such a novel idea on a bicycle they decided to begin manufacturing other more common bicycle products, the first of these being a front hub. These began selling through retailers in the UK and interest was also shown in many countries around the world. Over the subsequent years many more products were added to the range and in 2000 the decision was made to stop all subcontract work and concentrate purely on bicycle products. Hope now manufactures almost every part for a bicycle including hubs, brakes, headset, stems, bottom brackets and lights. The only major part left to develop is the actual frame, which may be happening in the not too distant future. All parts are proudly manufactured in Hope’s Barnoldswick factory which is a true state of the art facility. They have almost 100 staff operating the factory 24-7, running the 55 CNC machines, anodising the individual components and hand assembling the finished parts. Manufacturing all products on site gives Hope total control on quality and delivery schedules. Hope exports around 50% of its production to over 40 countries. They deal directly with retailers in the UK, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium and The Netherlands (employing French and German speaking staff), then have distributors in many other countries. Their components have an excellent international reputation for both quality and reliability. They are generally fitted by enthusiasts looking to upgrade their bikes to the highest levels and are supplied through specialist retailers.
  • K-Edge

    K-EDGE was born from necessity, is driven by innovation, and delivers precision manufacturing in its quest to meet the needs of today’s cycling market. In 2008, Joe Savola had one last technical detail to account for on his wife’s bike – ensuring that a dropped chain during the Beijing Olympic Time Trial wouldn’t derail her chances of a Gold Medal. Joe turned to his good friend Eric Jensen for help making his concept a reality. Eric, General Manager of AceCo Precision Manufacturing, was eager to help. Two weeks later Joe’s wife, Kristin Armstrong, made the fateful front chain ring shift and raced away with the Gold Medal in Beijing. The following spring, Pro Tour Team Garmin-Slipstream called asking for 45 of “Kristin’s Edge Chain Catchers” for Paris Roubaix. ran a tech story following the race and AceCo’s phone lit up with eager customers – a simple need became a product. In May of 2009, Eric and Joe launched the company, shortened the name to K-EDGE, and started production. Since then K-EDGE has become the go-to chain catcher for champions at the Tour de France, World Cups, Ironman, and the Olympics. Trickling down to the consumer level, bike shop owners and mechanics are ensuring success on all bikes by adding the simple, yet professional grade, K-EDGE Chain Catcher. K-EDGE continues to meet the demands of the market with innovative and functional designs. Most recently we introduced our GO BIG Mounts for GoPro™ Hero cameras and our Garmin Edge® computer mounts. Coming full circle in 2012, Kristin Armstrong returned to the Olympics in London to defend her Olympic Gold. And of course we sent Kristin with our new version of her original K-EDGE, the Pro Braze-on Chain Catcher. With the latest and greatest K-EDGE, Kristin successfully defended her Gold Medal. We are proud to design and build all K-EDGE products right here in Boise, Idaho, USA.
  • Kask

    ABOUT KASK KASK, based in Italy, specializes in developing, designing, and manufacturing of safety helmets of the highest quality. In every field of application KASK helmets are at the forefront, be it cycling, downhill skiing, ski touring, mountaineering, climbing, rescue or work safety. Born in 2004, KASK is a relatively young company, but thanks to a talented team of expert engineers and partnerships with Italy's market-leading factories, in this short time the company has gone through a tremendous evolution marked by success all along the way. KASK has been awarded with prices like ISPO and Eurobike. KASK's mission is to maintain a perfect balance between technological excellence, functionality, safety, and attractive design in their products. KASK is constantly researching and looking for ways to go beyond and improve the quality of KASK helmets even further. Now among the top brands in the sports and outdoors, KASK is committed to maintaining the highest standards in safety helmet production in order to ensure the highest quality and offer the best protective helmets for the most demanding customers. Beyond the sheer quality of the materials and the unique elegance of KASK design, KASK safety helmets for outdoor sports grant athletes the priceless freedom in knowing that they are protected. KASK's perfectly ergonomic helmets, produced entirely in Italy, were developed to fit the needs of world's top athletes, and therefore they ensure the wearer unparalleled comfort even in the most rigorous circumstances. KASK helmets owe their unique qualities to the genius of the integrated structure system developed by KASK team, which combines the greatest level of protection with the lightest possible mass of the helmet to ensure comfort and safety for the wearer. KASK quality is a guarantee as a result of many carefully monitored safety tests and innovative technologies used in the designing of the helmets. All KASK products are 100% made in Italy and passed through the most rigorous safety and quality tests of the KASK’s distinctive CSD Project – ComfortSafetyDesign. All KASK’s exclusive designs and product features implemented in the helmet collections are absolutely innovative, proprietary and protected by numerous patents. KASK does not compromise when it comes to quality and safety. Every KASK product you purchase will ensure your satisfaction and safety. Let KASK accompany you on your next adventure!
  • Keywin

    We developed KEYWIN pedals in the early 1980's. Early models pre-dated other clipless pedals when three hole fixing systems were not available. Yes, we were the first twist out clipless pedal. Riders all round the world will remember the square shaped Speed pedal which led the charge to clipless pedals
  • KOO

    “THE REAL VOYAGE OF DISCOVERY CONSISTS NOT IN SEEKING NEW LANDSCAPES,BUT IN HAVING NEW EYES” MARCEL PROUST ABOUT KOO KOO designs and manufactures highly distinctive, technically advanced eyewear. Our mission is to offer products with a perfect balance between technological excellence, functionality, safety and an attractive
 Made in Italy design. BORN IN ITALY, WORN AROUND THE WORLD At the core of our mission lies our deep commitment to offering cutting-edge products, entirely designed and crafted in Italy, which seamlessly blend technological excellence, superior materials and an iconic design. A COMMITMENT TO QUALITY All KOO Sunglasses and Goggles are developed and manufactured to the highest standards and put through rigorous testing to ensure consistent quality and safety. Top-notch Zeiss® lenses are fitted as standard for unparalleled clarity and protection. Performance KOO is dedicated to enhancing your experience, therefore is the choice of elite athletes across the globe. Our innovative designs and technology enable you to focus on what matters – your performance. Outdoor Whilst we can’t rely on consistent weather you can depend on the protection of KOO whatever the conditions. Each KOO product contains a number of innovative features. From easily removable Zeiss lenses to Active Airflow systems, our products are designed to adapt to the ever changing outdoor environment.
  • Kuota

    Kuota Carbon frames and accessories
  • Lapierre

    Philosophy For more than 60 years, Lapierre has combined technological innovation, aesthetics, attention to detail and its experience in the most important races to offer the most beautiful and efficient bikes to all aficionados. Whatever your ride, road or MTB competition, leisure, sport or fitness, you will find the bike of your dreams in the LAPIERRE collection, be it a mountain bike, road bike, city or all-road bike. All of our bikes are created in France, according to the finest rules in this domain. Already the leader in high-end MTB on the French market, the LAPIERRE brand is conquering the rest of the world. Optimizing the weight of our bikes is still a major goal for us. Even if our bikes are some of the lightest on the market, we refuse to take useless risks that could compromise the reliability of our bikes. Tested by professional riders The quality of our bikes is confirmed each day by the Team Groupama - FDJ, the Team Lapierre Gravity Republic, or Nicolas Vouilloz himself. Nicolas Vouilloz riding down a hill An active R&D department Dijon, where the headquarters are based, still remains the heart of technological development for MTB and road bikes ranges. A whole team of engineers and bike aficionados is dedicated to the research of innovative solutions, likely to meet any type of need and practice. Our engineers actively take part in tests made with our teams and riders. At Lapierre everybody rides a bike and takes part in the validation of the engineers’ research. Lapierre Dijon warehouse A handmade assembling method At Lapierre, quality checks and the involvement of each employee are essential. All the LAPIERRE bikes are assembled in France by builders, who sign a Bike Pass that is delivered with each bike, and makes it possible to control quality at every stage of the assembly process.
  • Lightweight

    During the mid 1990s, the German engineers Rudolf Dierl and Heinz Obermayer started a revolution: They developed the world’s first all-carbon wheelset in which the carbon/kevlar spokes were laminated directly into the hub and rim. Only a few wheels were made per year, but the public immediately took notice when in 1996 and 1997 their wheels were ridden to victory in the Tour de France. Ever since then Lightweight Wheels have been used by professional cyclists, as everybody soon wanted his own pair of these super light, aerodynamic and – above all – extremely stiff wheelset. Of course, they have played a role in every Tour won since. Until today Lightweight Wheels are unsurpassed in their combination of properties.
  • Limar

    Limar is an Italian company, with a 30-year-experience in the production of cycle helmets, leading the way with the world’s lightest helmet range. Limar has a strong mission: to be “The Helmet Specialist” by offering the market the widest and best range of helmets in terms of lightness, comfort and fitting. All Limar products are designed and styled in Italy.
  • LIV

    About Liv Liv is the first cycling brand completely dedicated to women. We offer the only comprehensive product collection designed specifically for female cyclists, ranging from beautiful apparel to premium bicycles. No matter the rider’s level or style, Liv provides the best products to help women discover new possibilities through cycling. Meet Liv. She is the most confident woman in the room because she supports those around her rather than tearing them down. She empowers belief in self! She doesn’t need to compromise her authenticity by trying to live up to the standards of beauty magazines and curated social lives — she knows who she is and that’s enough. She never boasts or brags, over promises or over sells. There is just an inherent optimism in how she sees the world. She is driven and is fulfilled by the joy of riding with her friends or just appreciating the simple pleasure of breathing in and out. She lives her life on her own terms, pursues her passions and appreciates the moments on her bike. She is free-spirited, willing to take risks and is quick to laugh. She simply loves to ride. She is Liv.
  • Look

    Everything started at Nevers in 1951. Photo de l'usine look Originally Look was a manufacturer of ski attachments. Thirty years later the ski attachment concept is applied to cycling. During this period the entire squad still rode using foot straps. In 1983, the Bernard Tapie Group acquired 66% of the company's capital.
  • Marchisio Engineering

    Marchisio Engineering
    Marchisio free wheels and Shimano/Campagnolo compatible pinions. With Marchisio you can easily build by yourself your preferred free wheel. From 11 to 18 teeth on first postition up to 30. Worldwide news: with the latest developed Marchisio hubs you can do now everything with your own hands, without using any additional key!
  • Mavic

    Mavic is all about a love of cycling which leads to the designing and manufacturing of great products that offer a real difference when you ride them.
  • Merida

    We don't just produce bikes, we create groups that can share riding experiences together. That's why our bikes offer that extra something: the feeling of riding the right bike, rather than just any bike. To guarantee this unique feeling forever, we offer a lifetime guarantee* on all new frames. That's what we call MORE BIKE.
  • Met Helmets

    Met Helmets
    Met Helmets
  • Michelin

    The mountain bike is essentially multi-purpose. X-country competition, Enduro, Downhill, Dual or BMX, ... a variety of uses that involve taking bends at a tight angle, sudden braking, being able to get out of the most treacherous ruts gently with the very best of grip. Michelin has a range of mountain bike tires for all these disciplines, adapted to the specific character of the terrain—dry, mixed or muddy. Introduced by Michelin for use on its mountain bike tires, tubeless technology increases grip and comfort and significantly reduces the risk of punctures.
  • MMR

    Born in Asturias, Spain The current stage of MMR started back in 2008 with the incorporation of the Asturian entrepreneur Daniel Alonso and his strong commitment to technology, engineering and own designs. Racing, part of our identity Racing has always been part of MMR's core vision and heart. Over the years, the research, innovation and development of our models has been the logical result of close collaboration between professional cyclists, mechanics and our MMR engineers. The real expression of our philosophy. Materialised thanks to our MMR Factory Racing Team, the Samuel Sánchez-MMR Cycling Academy and the active collaboration with professional teams in various disciplines: Nesta-MMR Cyclocross Team, Sopela Women's Team and the UCI Pro Team Caja Rural-Seguros RGA Team.
  • Modolo

    THE MODOLO A GROWING COMPANY: The MODOLO company was born 50 years ago, and evolved together with the Cyclism-sector. Many innovations and creations in the Cyclism cyrcle keep the MODOLO's cycle components brand. MODOLO dedicate himself to satisfy all those who are loving like us the Cyclism.
  • Navad

    GPS ist jetzt endlich so einfach wie Telefonieren…
  • Nevi

    Nevi was born in 1992 thanks to the determination of the co-founders Finazzi Sergio e Consuelo.From the beginning the purpose was to stand out from other bicycle frames brands, this just choosing to work a noble material such as titanium. Unfortunately, being considered, in those years, a "strategic" material, it was not easy to start from the beginning, both for what concerns the knowledge of the raw material, even for regarding the availability of the material itself. The first investigations on what were the American companies to take care of sale of titanium were made via a branch of the Bank Cariplo in America. Finazzi took the desire to begin this adventure by the passion of the cycling world: it was a professional cyclist from 1987 to 1990 in the teams Remac-Fanini, Fanini-Seven Up, Verynet Juvenes and Chateaux D'Ax, famous was his stage won at Tirreno-Adriatico 1987, third overall in the Tour of Britain in 1987 and seventh place at a historic stage of the Tour of Italy. This is the edition of 1988, which set off from the Chiesa Valmanenco and saw the arrival of the racers in Bormio exhausted from cold and bad weather faced on the Passo Gavia. Queen of the stage was the snow and this very intense experience, full of sacrifice, but also led to important memories, along with a passion for the mountain itself, the choice of the company brand: NEVI in fact.
  • Nokian

    Nokian studded WINTER tyres has excellent grip on icy winter conditions. Pinchflat protected double OLC casing on Freddies Revenz 336 and light skinwall OLC structure on Hakka WXC300 & Extreme 296. Durable gumwall OLC structure on Hakkapeliitta and Mount & Ground. Durable studs with Carbide pin (aluminum or steel body). Nokian is produced by Suomi Tyres.

    French Designer and Manufacturer Based in Auvergne, our mechanical engineers design and develop spare parts for road, gravel and MTB bike. By choosing NOVA RIDE products, you are ensuring product quality and french service. Proudly designed, engineered handcrafted, and shipped all our parts from our office in Clermont-Ferrand, France. Our after-sales service, ensuring product monitoring, is also located directly in our office. Passion & Conception Created at the end of 2016 by passionate friends, during their training as Mechanical Engineers. Triathletes, avid cyclists, passionate people about cycling and engineering, we are at the center of the concerns that the world of sport today can take up. We design our parts with the aim of offering a quality product handcrafted in France at an unbeatable price so that it is accessible to as many people as possible. Carbon Ceramic Derailleur Cage When you ride your bike, hidden force is affecting your speed and efficiency : friction. If you want to enhance your performance, you must focus on every detail, especially on moving part that will affect directly friction. Choosing theses ceramic wheels and carbon derailleur will make you enjoy better performances and reduce friction, as well as add an extra color look to your bike.
  • Nutrixxion

    You might be asking yourself just this question when a new brand appears. We’ll try to give an answer. We, the Nutrixxion Team, have been working in the sports nutrition sector for many years and know the market as well as the athletes’ needs – regardless if pro or recreational, cyclist or runner. Even though we know that the market isn’t one of the easiest we decided to try something new. Something we hope will be different from what you have seen before.
  • Officina Battaglin

    Officina Battaglin
    Handmade in Italy "Officina" is the Italian word for "workshop". It's the place where our craftsmen have spent most of their life perfecting the way they work with steel. They have boosted their skills making hundreds of bikes on a daily basis, trying to find out the right formulas, the secrets crucial to the great ride quality cyclists seek. That's why every step of the frame building process, from tube trimming to painting, still takes place in an "Officina" in Northern Italy.
  • Olmo

    Olmo Giuseppe S.p.A is an Italian company specialized in the production of bicycles, founded by Giuseppe Olmo in 1939.
  • Orbea

    History Orbea started off as a family business in 1840, but it was in 1930 that Orbea focused its efforts on the production and development of bicycles and within ten years it had become the national market leader with a workforce of a thousand.
  • Passoni

  • Pinarello

    Despite the increasing demands of a frenetic market we never cut corners when it comes to pure research... Research into new materials, new geometric solutions, new systems, to use in our production process. For us, research and new concepts are never just "marketing pre-tests", but rather, true progress and innovation. This is why we are our own first testers. Everyday, we test tubes, frames, forks and components on the roads that surround us, testimonial sites of legendary feats, from Montello to the Dolomites. And if they withstand our relentless tests, they are then passed onto champions and then onto you. This is the only way we can be sure that we are offering you the very best.
  • Pirelli

    Pirelli technology has long set the standard in the world of motorsports. P ZERO™ Velo brings our distinctive Italian design and engineering passion to cycling, with a clincher tyre that meets the highest Pirelli standards
  • PowerTap

    Before any PowerTap product reaches your bike, you can bet countless prototypes have been rigorously lab-, road- and trail-tested and perfected. This attention to detail in everything we design and engineer is how we consistently bring you industry-leading accuracy and reliability—complete with the third-party validations that prove this to be fact time and again.
  • Prologo

    Prologo saddle
  • Quarq

    Reach a higher level Measure it. Improve it. Quarq believes this is the path to improved performance, from the top of a mountain to the depths of your basement. Your objective is clear and your gains – big or small – are real. Quarq makes the world's best-selling power meter and innovative sensors like TyreWiz to help you get better. Quarq’s next-generation power meter platform, DZero, is named for the DZero Experiment, one of science’s most accurate and innovative projects to detect subatomic particles moving at the speed of light. With a new measurement circuit, a revised strain gauge design, improved accuracy throughout the pedal stroke and software advances built into the Qalvin App, DZero represents the state of the art in power meter technology.
  • Ridley

    In 1990, Race Productions NV was founded as a frame and paint shop for the local bicycle shops. In 1997, the Ridley Bikes brand was founded. In the early beginnings, Ridley bikes were only distributed on the local market. In a few years time, the company became market leader on the Belgian market for race bikes. In 2001, Ridley Bikes started their own branded component line called 4ZA (pronounced forza). The company structure was reorganized in 2002 to prepare the launch on the international market. Ridley HQ doubled in size from 2.500m² to 5.000m². By delivering race bikes to strategic countries in Europe, Ridley Bikes realized an international breakthrough in 2004. Thereafter, Ridley Bikes started to deliver race bikes worldwide. In Europe, the company provides its customers with a door-to-door service, the intercontinental markets are serviced through a distributor. In 2008, a second production site in Moldova was founded. 2010 was the year of the Ridley move. Ridley Bikes moved to their brand new HQ of 12.000m² in Paal-Beringen.
  • Ritchey

    Ritchey bicycle components
  • RockShox

  • Rotor Bike Components

    Rotor Bike Components
    ROTOR Bike Components comes from one of the nerve centers of technological development in Spain, the Aeronautical Engineering School of Madrid. The basic idea of the ROTOR System comes from this school where some students developed the initial prototype in 1995. After the Head of the school approved the project, the University's Manufacturing Department helped with the creation of the prototypes. The designers decided to stablish a company to complete this product development and start a business venture. After the first working ROTOR bycicle wass introduced internationally, Dr. Conconi showed a huge interest in the idea and asked for a bicycle to carry out a study on the performance of the system, concluding that the system provided advantages more than evident compared to traditional crank systems. Dr. Alfredo Cordova, from Valladolid University also found that later versions of ROTOR System provided biomechanical obvious advantages
  • Schmolke Carbon

    Schmolke Carbon
    As a young lad Stefan Schmolke, together with his brother Matthias, started racing. His passion for the sport and the technical interest in lightweight bicycle parts inspired him to study mechanical engineering. His thesis was done under the supervision of Hans Christian Smolik, Germany’s godfather of ultralight bikes and parts. In 1989, around the time he was about to graduate from university, he, together with his brother, opened a bike store, concentrating on high-end bicycle parts. The title of his thesis was: “New Materials and the Theory of a Carbon Fibre Handlebar”. Only one year after that he had proceeded from theory to fact. Some 25 years ago he was the first one ever to make a roadbar from carbon fibre. In 1992 he then founded SCHMOLKE CARBON, the carbon fibre bike parts manufacturer. A spare time project To further his understanding of lightweight parts he first went to work fulltime for an engineering office, which, among other things, designed parts for aeroplanes and spacecrafts. In his spare time, he continued to improve his carbon fibre handlebars. It took less than two years for the bars to become popular enough for the demand to outgrow the production capacity.
  • Schwalbe

    SCHWALBE, with world headquarters in Reichshof-Wehnrath, Germany, is the foremost bicycle tire company in all of Western Europe and soon, North America! Here is how it all began:
  • Scott

    A history of innovation – Charley French Charley French, a tireless innovator with countless contributions to SCOTT and the entire sports industry. Driven by his own passion for the mountains, French has never ceased to evolve and improve what he had created and used. With a history of innovation, he himself explains the origins of some of SCOTT's most iconic products.
  • Selle Italia

    Selle Italia
    Selle Italia - Bicycle Saddles since 1897
  • Selle San Marco

    Selle San Marco
    YOUR PASSION IS OUR COMMITMENT Our lab is the center of Selle San Marco's design, research and development. But much of our advice comes outside, from medical - scientific circles and feedback from sponsored champions. We listen to experts and the cyclist-in-the-street. They point us toward effective, personalized solutions for your well-being.
  • Selle SMP

    Selle SMP
    Selle SMP was founded in 1947 and is therefore one of the world pioneers in the field. Active in over 50 countries, it is one of the main producers primary equipment saddles. With the patent STRIKE today enters the world of competition cycling as a protagonist. After the enthusiastic testimony of the cyclists that are using it, after having been the object of an important medical and scientific research, SMP multiplies the Strike range to give each cyclist the model most suitable to his physical structure and to the type of use.
  • Shimano

    Shimano now offer more components than ever for a wider range of cycling styles. Check out these great components from Shimano.
  • Sigma Sport

    Sigma Sport
    CONTINUAL INTRODUCTION OF INTELLIGENT PRODUCTS The birth of mountain biking has changed the bicycle in its meaning and in its application from a pure transport vehicle to an image-driven sporting and leisure good. This evolution of the sport has presented new challenges all cycling brands; challenges for which SIGMA SPORT is deliberately equipped to meet. It is the key reason why we are continually first-to-market with innovations like new battery lighting concepts, feature-rich heart rate monitors, inflation pumps with electronic pressure measurement - all at competitive price points. Our products will always incorporate leading technologies- a proven, winning strategy in the sport and fitness categories in which SIGMA SPORT products are increasingly being distributed.
  • Silca

    SILCA was founded in 1917 by Felice Sacchi just outside of Milan, Italy. The company innovated and grew quickly by innovating as the first company to put gauges on pumps, the first company to produce a true 'high-pressure' frame pump, the first to work with the revolutionary lightweight material plastic after the end of WWII. More recently, the company was first with a valve controlled CO2 inflator, and with some irony, the first to move away from plastics and back to wood handles. Along the way, the company ideals became deeply rooted in a combination of durable materials, traditional craftsmanship, and innovation. It is no accident that so many of the SILCA pumps of the 1960's and 70's are still in use today, nor is it accidental that we continue to sell replacement parts for those very pumps. By 2013, SILCA was the oldest company in the bicycle industry to have beencontinually owned by the same family. In August of 2013, Claudio Sacchi, grandson of Felice, sold the company to me, Joshua Poertner. For 14 years previously I was Technical Director at Zipp Speed Weaponry and have been a lifelong SILCA fan since buying my SILCA pump in 1990, a pump still in daily use today. Sadly, Claudio lost his battle with cancer shortly after selling the company, and while we miss him greatly, we are inspired to rebuild this iconic brand to be the industry leader in this category. In 2014, SILCA headquarters and manufacturing moved to Indianapolis, Indiana, USA where we still are today. Here, we are rebuilding a once great icon into a new great icon. We use the finest materials and craftsmanship achievable in our products. Here in Indianapolis, we are surrounded by an amazing thing called the motorsports industry, which attracts some of the finest minds and manufacturing capabilities anywhere in the world. It is from those minds and often times that same equipment that SILCA parts are now born. Each and every SILCA component is designed for beauty, function, strength, durability, and longevity before it is carefully produced by hand to the highest standards. We take great pride in upholding the 101-year history of this brand.
  • Silva

    La SILVA srl nasce nel lontano 1966 quale piccola azienda operante, in modo familiare, nel campo della gioielleria con il nome di Silva Bijoux. La passione per la bicicletta da parte del suo titolare, Sig. D'Andrea Silvano, porta lo stesso allo studio di particolari, sia ferrosi che in leghe speciali, necessari alla formazione dei telai, iniziando così una raffinata produzione che portava la nuova SILVA srl ad attestarsi fra le più rinomate società del settore in campo mondiale già nel 1975.
  • SLF Motion

    SLF Motion
    Based in Pawnee, Illinois USA. SLF Motion manufactures bicycle and motorcycle parts built for Speed and Durability.
  • SMS Santini

    SMS Santini
    Santini Maglificio Sportivo, whose modern headquarters are situated close to Bergamo, is a well established industry specialised in the design and the production of technical cycling wear. The passion for the bicycle and the constant contact with teams and riders led the founder, Pietro Santini and his staff of co-operators to convert a small workshop into a leader group in its field.
  • Speedplay

    Speedplay pedals
  • Sportful

    Sportful started as a sporting dream, a goal, an ambition. Olindo & Irma Cremonese, from Asolo in Italy moved to the foothills of the Dolomites in 1946 to build a business - initially shearing, carding & spinning wool yarn. Eventually the business evolved - producing quality underwear in the late 1960s under the name Manifattura Valcismon. Sportful’s story really starts in 1972 when their son, Giordano Cremonese, became intrigued by the challenge of the new Marcialonga cross-country ski race- taking place near his home. Though he was a keen cross country skier & athlete in general, he felt that the clothes available at the time were inadequate for such a long race in a cold valley. He set about producing some of his own designs using Acrylic fabrics that were state of the art at the time, the finishing touch on the garments was the ‘Sportful’ logo to highlight their design & purpose. On a cold January morning in Val di Fiemme, Giordano lined up with the hundreds of other skiers & took on the tough course with his bright orange suit designed to keep him warm & comfortable for the 70km race. His unique clothing received many compliments & enquiries - he realized that there must be a demand for quality clothing designed specifically for the sport. By 1973 Sportful was officially up & running with orders coming in from across the Dolomites for his unique specialist cross-country clothing. In 1985 with a solid reputation for ski wear, the Sportful brand followed Dr. Cremonese’s other sporting passion & began to develop clothing for cycling, using it’s knowledge gained from designing apparel to perform comfortably in changing conditions. The brand was well received in the cycling community, with teams such as Ceramiche Ariostea ,Maglificio Bianchi using Sportful. Within a few years was in use by possibly the most successful team of all time –Mapei & then later the honour of clothing the Italian National team who won 6 World Championships and 1 Olympic title in Sportful. Family has always been the core of the Sportful brand, from its beginnings as Manifattura Valcismon with Olindo & Irma selling their wool to the factories of Veneto, passing their business on to their son Giordano and now his children, Alberto, Alessio, Dario & Gioia, have all had important roles within the business since 1995. It’s an extended family too, some of our staff have been here for over 40 years and the business is still in the same valley as it started, back in 1946. We have a passion for the mountains around us. Whether we ski, cycle, hike or climb we are extremely lucky to have the spectacular playground of the Dolomites on our doorstep and take every opportunity to make the most of them, you can see their influence in many of our products, whether it be the name of a jacket or a feature we thought of while half way up a rock face, they are our inspiration. In 2007 Sportful drew from it’s love for the mountains, creating the Karpos outdoor clothing line, a range of technical product designed to perform in alpine environments, whether climbing, hiking or ski mountaineering. Innovation & design has always been key to our products, something clearly demonstrated by the success of our athletes over the past 40 years. We’ve been technical supplier of clothing for some of the biggest names in our sports - in the past from Mapei & Team Italia to our current partnership with Tinkoff Saxo. In Cross Country we’ve sponsored the Italian, French, Czech, Finnish, Ukraine & Kazakhstan national teams and in Ski Mountaineering the Spanish & Italian teams. We have always strived to make the best products possible to ensure top-level athletes have the leading edge. Some things always remain the same though; we are driven by our love of sport, mountains & our desire to innovate. We are Sportful.
  • SRAM

    SRAM: Tweak. Refine. Tweak. Refine. Leap Ahead. Incremental enhancements. Perpetual improvements. Revolutionary Innovation. When advancements are continuously made to every attribute of every component, the result is overall performance that is simply second to none. And to real cycling enthusiasts, there is nothing more gratifying then achieving the ultimate ride. And the best part is we just keep making it better. This is what SRAM is all about. Sure, a casual rider will appreciate solid performance, reliability, dependability and all the standard qualities one would expect. But it's the riders who live and breathe bicycles who love us most because bicycles are what we love, too. In fact, they're our only love. Narrow minded yet forward thinking. Bike components are all we do - which is why we do them so mind-bendingly well. SRAM, LLC began with the goal of creating the absolute best shifting system and changed the cycling world forever with the introduction of Grip Shift. To support the innovation, we invested in Sachs Bicycle Company and built a state of the art manufacturing facility in Schweinfurt Germany. We had the vision and desire to expand our presence in the industry so we found the best suspension company, RockShox, joined forces with them, creating huge excitement in the global cycling community. Not content to stop there, we knew expanding our line with the best brakes, bottom brackets and cranksets would fine-tune the ride even more. So we teamed up with Avid and Truvativ. Now that we have achieved total drive train nirvana, we will continue to seek and deploy technological and engineering advancements, as we compulsively refine and redefine the pinnacle of the ultimate ride.
  • Stages Cycling

    Stages Cycling
    In 2010 our core design and executive team—holding more than 200 patents and a combined 50 years of design, manufacturing, and product experience in the cycling and fitness industry—set out to pioneer power measurement for indoor cycling. We started with what we knew, indoor cycling, and developed power meters to work on indoor cycling bikes. These bikes, operating under the high demands of health clubs’ indoor cycling programs, were Stages’ first power measurement test subjects. Thousands of indoor cycling bikes later, and hours of work spent fine-tuning the power meter’s capabilities, our team began work to produce our first outdoor meter.
  • Supacaz

    bar tape
  • Superior

    Superior bikes are developed, designed, tested and built in the heart of Europe, in Kopřivnice, Beskydy Mountains. Our team consists of bike enthusiasts, proper racers and experts, who have been developing top racing bikes since 1993.
  • Swissstop

    Each brake pad has a great influence on the braking performance, especially by wet weather. Improve the braking performance of your bike by using SWISSSTOP® brake pads with "Aqua Stop" compound.
  • Tacx

    Push your limits with innovative indoor bike trainers that let you work out the way you want and provide a realistic ride feel.
  • Tatze

  • Terrano

    “Perfect Cycling Device” Terrano offers me long-lasting communication when I need it. The best part is that I am not relying on cell reception to communicate to my riding partners. I can speak, not scream or yell, and know that we can hear each other.
  • THM Carbones

    THM Carbones
    THM is a European business in ultra-high technology manufacturing. Thomas and Petra Mertin founded the firm in 1996 in Alt Duvenstedt, northern Germany. An aerospace engineer by profession, Thomas found a niche for special-purpose high-grade carbon fiber components in the sports and leisure sector. The breakthrough into the cycle industry came when THM designed and made the world's lightest cranks and fork, ridden and proved by the Deutsche Telekom pro team. These products, designated THM-Carbones, were acclaimed as the finest available for sporting bicycles. With their success, the firm grow steadily and in 2003, we moved into the present premises Am Sportplatz in Alt Duvenstedt. In the following years, THM added further components to its portfolio: cranksets, brakes, and now a stem. THM’s super-premium products are highly prized by custom bike builders. THM’s compact team of expert staff is now free to pursue our engineering ideals backed by the broader capabilities of a leading global cycle brand.
  • Time - Sport

    Time - Sport
    Time-Sport, frames, pedals, crankset
  • Titici

    Made in Italy since 1961 Our frames are designed and assembled by hand in the Titici Hub in Asola, in the province of Mantua. This is where our designers’ ingenious ideas are made real by dedicated skilled artisans who take care of all the tiniest details of production. Nothing is left to chance: every Titici bicycle is the product of painstaking care, top quality manufacture and cutting-edge technologies. All with that unmistakably Italian taste for style and aesthetic refinement. We don’t just make carbon frames: we mould works of art. DESIGN At Titici we design with total commitment. Every detail we add to every bike that bears the TITICI name must have a clear functional advantage for us to implement it. By doing so, this perfectly fits with our needs to develop bikes with the latest technology, with laser sharp focus on quality, function and design. Our team of professional designers, engineers, manufactures and passionate cyclists are guided by the same vision, a common threat that ties us together. We are guided by you and your special requirements as a cyclist. Our athletes, innovative material developments and high-tech production methods are always at the forefront of our thoughts and directly influence the ultimate form and function of every Titici bike. By consistently working with these four dimensions in mind we continue to design with the aim to always be at the forefront. We put our hearts into every detail. This is what we call total commitment. HANDMADE TO MEASURE Our frames are designed and assembled by hand in the Titici Hub in Asola, in the province of Mantua. This is where our designers’ ingenious ideas are made real by dedicated skilled artisans who take care of all the tiniest details of production. Nothing is left to chance: every Titici bicycle is the product of painstaking care, top quality manufacture and cutting-edge technologies. All with that unmistakably Italian taste for style and aesthetic refinement. We don’t just make carbon frames: we mould works of art ONLY YOURS Their passion, character, and specific physical qualities make every cyclist different from all the others. Simply unique. And we’re convinced that bicycles should be just as unique. Our frames are made on the basis of the cyclist’s anthropometric data, geometrically calibrated to the millimetre to produce the perfect cyclist-bicycle team. Our artistic painters can express the cyclist’s personality with custom colours and graphics. Titici is a bespoke creation, like a tailored outfit to wear for a truly new cycling experience. TRADITIONALLY INNOVATIVE. THE FUTURE BEGAN IN 1961 History is the mark people make on the world. Titici is a line more than half a century long, extending into the future. Ever since we started out, we’ve been obsessed with coming in first. This is why we patented our famous “Fuego” Bmx in 1980, launched our mtb frames in 1984, and became the first to unveil a 29’’ mtb in Italy in 2007. Flexy inaugurates a new era in frame construction technology. Some people lock tradition away in museums. But we see it as a fire to keep fuelling day after day.
  • Tracemyworld

    Tracemyworld SA is a Swiss technology company that is developing an innovative Web 2.0 portal with advanced graphic visualization and animation to support and enhance outdoor activities, such as cycling, mountain biking, running, skiing, trekking, jogging, sailing and so on.
  • Tufo

    TUFO – BICYCLE TIRE SPECIALISTS Company TUFO was established in 1991, expanding the decades long tradition of tubular tire manufacture in the Czech Republic. On the basis of the newest scientific knowledge and with application of the most advanced materials at that time, totally new concept in tubular tire construction was born – compact tubular tire. With focus on the development and manufacture of tubular tires as the best option for tire use in the top cycling events, we have succeeded in achieving the highest parameters of our compact tubular tires.
  • Ursus

    Ursus is a historic Italian company that produces industrial mechanical components. Due to its business philosophy characterized by its openness to innovation and pursuit of excellence, Ursus has been the leader in producing wheels and bicycle components since 1967.
  • Varia

  • Veloflex

    A success story Founded in 1981, Veloflex started with production of manufactured rubber and plastic articles for printers. Only later, thanks to the great passion for bicycle of the two founders, Veloflex started production of tubulars and tyres for competition. In a small working laboratory in the north of Italy, started the adventure that lead Veloflex to be the most appreciated producer of bicycle tyres for competition.
  • Vision

    ABOUT VISION Since its birth in Kona in the ‘90’s, Vision has been synonymous with a no-expense spared assault on wind resistance. Recent years have seen the innovative application of carbon fiber and the creation of dream-like shapes to enhance performance. Perhaps no aerobar line has seen as much imitation, usually with limited success. Following yet another triumphant season in triathlon and TT, Vision is again the brand to beat. In Ironman competition, Vision continues to lead the way by innovating slippery-fast aero products with proper fit adjustment, allowing the rider to remain comfortable and push their limits in race conditions. It has taken many years of advancement to properly combine aerodynamics with adjustability and fit. 2012 continues the quest for speed with the new Metron TFA - The Fastest Aerobar. TFA is UCI legal, exceptionally light, and has been rigorously tested using Computational Fluid Dynamics and the wind tunnel. Along with TFA, Vision continues to lead the industry with adjustment friendly semi-integrated, clip-on, and UCI legal bar options, as well as the revolutionary Metron groupset.
  • Vittoria

    Vittoria: The world of cycling is constantly and rapidly changing. The number of cycling enthusiasts is growing in all areas: competition, amateur cycling and practical, ecological daily mobility. .
  • Wilier Triestina

    Wilier Triestina
    Wilier was born in 1906 thanks to the brilliant idea of a trader from Bassano, Pietro Dal Molin, of building bicycles on his own account. His forge or "Steel horses" rose as a small workshop along the banks of the river Brenta, at Bassano del Grappa, and it became more and more successful by keeping up with the increasing demand for bicycles.
  • Xentis

    XeNTiS – next generation wheels made in Austria
  • Zipp

    Zipp Speed Weaponry serves a select group of elite companies and athletes, globally located and committed to bicycle & wheelchair competition. Zipp meets customer's needs for the highest performance, superlative quality components through innovative design and manufacturing utilizing the best material and technology available. Our company is built on mutual respect, delivery on promise and fastidious attention to manufacturing details. We do this by providing exceptional customer service and aggressive marketing, supporting distribution through dedicated dealers, distributors, OE's and direct sales. Market share growth is achieved through continuous product and process improvement, adding new products, additional categories and expanding the distribution channels. We are a manufacturing company located in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.