• Cinelli
    In 1948, a good professional racer, with 15 years' pedalling in his legs and a knack for mechanics, decided to make use of his brilliant intuitions, developed during the miles run on every kind of road. This man was Cino Cinelli.

  • Cinelli
    Some remember him as the first president of the Italian Association of Professional Cyclists - he was voted back into office for 15 consecutive years. Others remember him for having given modern cycling its first aluminium handlebar, its first saddle with a plastic frame, its first footstraps, its first clipless pedal.

  • Cinelli
    After thirty years had gone by, in 1978 Cino handed the company over to a young entrepreneur in the steel tube business, a man whose heart was in bicycles and whose soul was troubled by powerful artistic passions: Antonio Colombo.
    His approach is different, possibly more visionary, he looks beyond the present. This way, the company is transformed, and the inventions of the "design made in Cinelli", start to circulate around the world.
    golden compass 1991
    The bicycle changes, or rather, the vision of the bicycle changes: it is a total project. This is how Laser began, giving up couplings and introducing Tig into road frames. It is worth mentioning that this was the only Italian bicycle to have won a Golden Compass the most important Italian design award (1991) besides more than 28 gold medals in various Olympic games and World Championships.
    Designers and artists of the level of Studio Alchimia, Mendini and Guerriero, Fornasetti, Italo Lupi (to name but a few) work for Cinelli and contribute to the Cinelli myth.

  • Cinelli
    Competition is part of Cinelli's DNA. From Lemond to Fignon, from Hinault to Chiappucci, without forgetting Lance Armstrong and Mario Cipollini, up to Di Luca and Simoni: they all rode with Cinelli bars.
    Cinelli's Rampichino (1985) introduced the mtb to Italy, Cork Ribbon (1987) reinvented the bicycle ribbon, the Spinaci extensions (1996) allow over 800000 cyclists around the world to run, Bootleg (2000) challenges the rules and reinvents the notion of street cycling, Ram (2002) introduces a revolution in handlebars.
    These are the Roots of Cinelli, and this is Cinelli today: Cinelli is mentioned in the Dictionary of Italian Design (Dizionario del Design Italiano, Rizzoli, 1999), it appears in the ADI Design Index (2000-2001), and Corriere della Sera calls it a cult object in the USA on a par with Ferrari, Vespa and Fornasetti (January 9th, 1999).
    In 1997 Cinelli became a division of Gruppo SpA; together with 3T and Columbus

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