• NUTRIXXION Caffeine Shot with Beta Alanine

    NUTRIXXION Caffeine Shot with Beta Alanine
    Delivery: only in Europe For years frowned upon, set now many professional athletes before and during the competition on caffeine. Caffeine is positively noticeable in sports in many forms. It contributes to the reduction of tiredness,..
    27.17 $
    Regular price: 33.96 $
  • Nutrixxion Endurance-Drink

    Nutrixxion Endurance-Drink
    Endurance-Drink The sports drink is high in carbohydrates and provides a fast supply of fluids and energy to your body. Isomaltulose ensures a constant energy supply. Amino acids, sodium, potassium, magnesium and vitamins as well as..
    21.73 $
    Regular price: 27.17 $
  • Nutrixxion Energy Bar

    Nutrixxion Energy Bar
    The tasty and well tolerated energy bar for the ambitious athlete. A special carbohydrate mix with Isomaltulose provides long lasting energy. It`s also a great..
    56.60 $
    Regular price: 70.75 $
  • Nutrixxion Energy-Gel

    Nutrixxion Energy-Gel
    Delivery: only in Europe Gel The special combination of polysaccharides and monosaccharides provide the body with a fast and long lasting energy boost. Amino acids, vitamins and minerals complete the well tolerated power pack..
    48.90 $
    Regular price: 61.13 $
  • Nutrixxion L-Carnitin Plus + [12 x 60 ml]

    Nutrixxion L-Carnitin Plus + [12 x 60 ml]
    Product information L-Carnitine Plus+ L-carnitine is one of the amino acid-like compounds synthesized from the amino acids lysine and methionine in the body itself. L-carnitine is also found in animal foods, whereas plant foods contain..
    27.17 $
    Regular price: 33.96 $
  • NUTRIXXION Magnesium Shots Citrus

    NUTRIXXION Magnesium Shots Citrus
    Delivery: only in Europe NUTRIXXION Magnesium 375 is a nutritional supplement for all active or less active people. The intake of magnesium as a mineral for the muscles is always useful. Magnesium is probably one of the best known..
    21.73 $
    Regular price: 27.17 $
  • Nutrixxion Peptid-Drink

    Nutrixxion Peptid-Drink
    This power pack is based on the energy drink, but contains additional peptides. Contrary to conventional protein petides have a very short chain of amino acids. The advantage: The body doesn`t have to break down peptides wasting time and energy...
    30.79 $
    Regular price: 38.49 $

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