Long sleeve jersey

  • Assos MILLE GT Summer LS Jersey

    Assos MILLE GT Summer LS Jersey
    Long-sleeved summer riding jerseys are on an upward tangent – and rightly so. Take our MILLE GT LS jersey summer, for example, which is a must-have piece of riding kit for our test team in Southern Switzerland, where the climate is often unpredictable..
    115.85 $
    Regular price: 144.81 $
  • Assos Trail Ls Jersey

    Assos Trail Ls Jersey
    ASSOS TRAIL LS JERSEY Striking the perfect balance between light protection and breathable comfort. DESCRIPTION Light, protective coverage on the trail is something we welcome, but it usually comes at the expense of bulky..
    124.83 $
    Regular price: 156.03 $

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