• Felt AR 1 Frameset

    Felt AR 1 Frameset
    Delivery Time : 3 work days The Felt AR1 is a high-performing and more affordable version of the world-class AR FRD. This aero bike is made with the same geometry as the FRD and is lightweight with an aero profile. You will thrive in time trials..
    1,924.35 $
    Regular price: 2,749.07 $
  • Felt IA1 19 frameset

    Felt IA1 19 frameset
    Delivery Time : 3 work days Tap into your true potential with the IA1, which features the same top-of-the-line aerodynamics as the legendary IA FRD. Crafted from UHC Advanced + TeXtreme® carbon fiber, the IA1 was designed with the most..
    3,411.44 $
    Regular price: 5,091.74 $
  • Felt IA2 Disc 19, 51 cm

    Felt IA2 Disc 19, 51 cm
    Delivery Time : 3 work days Featuring the most advanced aerodynamic technologies that have resulted in an astounding five Kona World Championships in a row, the IA2 Disc gives you pure speed for the fastest bike split of your life. Disc..
    Best Seller
    5,295.86 $
    Regular price: 8,147.40 $
  • Felt IA2 Powermeter 19, 58 cm

    Felt IA2 Powermeter 19, 58 cm
    Delivery Time : 3 works days Felt IA 2 Powermeter, matt Carbon (Silver, Fluo), size 58 cm Frame: Felt Integrated Aero Tri UHC Advanced carbon fiber, MMC w/ InsideOut construction, BB30 & carbon horizontal..
    5,957.92 $
    Regular price: 9,165.95 $
  • Info Felt 2020 Range

    Info Felt 2020 Range
    For requests about Felt 2020 range send us an email to..
    0.0 $

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