• Cinelli Gazzetta della Strada

    Cinelli Gazzetta della Strada
    Delivery Time: Available since September The Gazzetta is Cinelli’s classic style steel track bike, subtly optimized for an all-day urban use. At the heart of the Gazzetta’s all-day comfort and urban functionality is the Columbus Cromo..
    1,020.03 $
    Regular price: 1,360.04 $
  • Cinelli Hobootleg

    Cinelli Hobootleg
    Delivery Time: 2/4 weeks he Hobootleg is Cinelli’s flagship steel adventure bike. Since its original conception and fine tuning in two successive editions of the mythical Tour d’Afrique in 2012 and 2013 (genesis to which the bicycle’s..
    1,410.82 $
    Regular price: 1,881.02 $
  • Cinelli Hobootleg Easy Travel 2020

    Cinelli Hobootleg Easy Travel 2020
    Delivery time:2-4 weeks from order receipt Here the Hobo for those who prefer STI levers to ‘bar end’ and lighter racks for an easy travel. Same 3x crankset (48/36/26) and same Shimano 9 speed cassette (11-34). Alex wheels with reflective..
    1,307.94 $
    Regular price: 1,743.92 $
  • Cinelli Hobootleg Geo

    Cinelli Hobootleg Geo
    Delivery time:2-4 weeks from order receipt The new Hobo GEO reaches the most mature and T O U R I N G reckless version ever: flared curve, tires up to 29×3.0, “anything you need eyelet” new fork, Sram 1X set up. Three years of tests with the most..
    1,801.51 $
    Regular price: 2,402.01 $
  • Cinelli Hobootleg Interrail 2020

    Cinelli Hobootleg Interrail 2020
    Delivery time:2-4 weeks from order receipt The hybrid model of the Hobo range, Interrail is born from the desire to face up the most impervious beaten paths. Fast on the dirt road, essential in the concept, it is the best way to find out what..
    1,164.04 $
    Regular price: 1,551.98 $

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