• Veloflex Carbon tubular

    Veloflex Carbon tubular
    Carbon All-purpose racing tubular with the best balance in grip and low rolling resistance. Its tread grants great cornering stability and grip both on dry and wet roads, always giving you the best comfort thanks to the 320TPI corespun...
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    79.96 $
    Regular price: 114.23 $
  • Veloflex Extreme tubular

    Veloflex Extreme tubular
    Extreme The masterpiece of our production! Modeled on its predecessor "Servizio Corse" and more performing thanks to years of experience. A pro-competition tubular with outstanding grip and low rolling resistance. Its tread grants..
    88.26 $
    Regular price: 126.09 $
  • Veloflex Raven tubular

    Veloflex Raven tubular
    Alailable Now Delivery Veloflex Raven Tubular Tire - 28-622 - black New dimensions for uncompromising performance The Raven tubulars are designed for rides on rough roads where reliability and grip are key. The Raven graduated..
    89.77 $
    Regular price: 128.24 $
  • Veloflex Record 28" tubular

    Veloflex Record 28
    Record 28" No Compromise! That's the keyword at the base of Record 28". A tubular created to beat all the records thanks to its feather-light weight, outstanding grip and cornering stability. The full diamond tread pattern will push you..
    88.26 $
    Regular price: 126.09 $
  • Veloflex Roubaix tubular

    Veloflex Roubaix tubular
    Roubaix All-purpose tubular ideal for rough terrains like setts or cobblestones paved roads, its tread guarantees the best grip for this kind of races on both wet or dry surfaces, the larger (24mm) and more resistant structure will reduce..
    78.45 $
    Regular price: 112.08 $

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