• Continental
    Continental Corporation. When you purchase a Continental bicycle tyre, you are buying a product which is manufactured using over 100 years of tyre development and production experience. The direct benefit; high quality & reliable, top-performing Continental tyres. Top technology “Made in Germany”
  • Continental
    Founded in 1871, Continental began producing the first bicycle tyre just twenty
    years later. Our state-of-the-art production facility in Korbach, Germany, and it’s
    seasoned staff use the most advanced equipment and know-how to produce the
    highest quality tyres available. The facility in Korbach is the only one of its kind in
    Germany for one reason, if this was easy, everyone would be doing it! Our
    designers, engineers and craftsmen are constantly searching for new ways to build
    lighter, faster and longer-lasting tyres.
    As part of our tyre development program, we use professional cycling teams and
    other top athletes around the world to provide us with real-world racing and
    training conditions under which to test our tyres.
    Continental can provide you with the best performing tyres not just for the road
    bike, but also for MTB’s & City/Trekking bikes. Our range is second to none and
    our tyres have won countless magazine tyre tests all over the globe & continue to
    do so.
    The tyre choice of World Champions and people who really know and care about
    what equipment they ride, when you need the very best, Continental tyres are the
    clear choice.
    Global player....
    Globally, Continental is a company of unique stature and potential. The corporation
    is amongst the foremost suppliers to the automotive industry. Around 1000
    engineers and chemists are employed at Continental AG’s technology centre in
    Hannover. What other bicycle tyre manufacturer has
    access to this kind of facility? This technical know-how
    finds its way into our bicycle tyre development.
    Continental employs around 64,800 people at 80 sites
    throughout the world.
  • Continental
    will do
    Our tyres are requested by so many professional teams every year that we
    inevitably have to turn some away! Our celebrated tubulars are manufactured
    in the time honoured way meaning we must cap the amount supplied to
    teams in order to keep up with consumer demand. So the tyres that you see
    being used by Robbie McEwan or Alexandre Vinokurov are the exact same
    tyres that are available to you.
    The Choice of Champions
    World and Olympic champions race on Continental tyres – the preferred brand
    season after season. The experience of these top professionals is continuously
    integrated into our tyre development, therefore it comes as no surprise that
    celebrated racing champions and international mountain bike stars make
    Continental their tyres of choice. World-class cyclists such as Erik Zabel or
    Alexandre Vinokurov of the Telekom team, Peter van Petegem or the
    Australian Robbie McEwen of the Lotto Domo team, Jens Voigt or Stuart
    O'Grady of the Credit Agricole team, or Team Phonak with new signing
    Tyler Hamilton – all put their victory on the line with tyres made by
    In the UK, the World Tandem Hour Record was recently broken by Glenn
    Taylor & Zak Carr, on Continental rubber.
    In the 24 hour ‘Sleepless in the Saddle’ MTB marathon, the winning ‘Team
    Tomac’ were all users of our new Vapor ProTection tyre.
    In Triathlon & Ironman, international competitors such as Lothar Leder, Marc
    Jenkins, Lori Bowden, Tim Don, Spencer Smith, Richard Jones, Becky
    Gibbs Lavelle and Natascha Badmann also specify race-proven Continental
    Perhaps the best confirmation of the reliability & high performance can be
    gained from the past three winners of Paris-Roubaix. This is the toughest
    road race in the world on both competitors & equipment. In 2001, 2002 &
    2003 the winning rider was using Continental Competition tubulars!
    Only the best

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