• Look
    Everything started at Nevers in 1951. Photo de l'usine look Originally Look was a manufacturer of ski attachments. Thirty years later the ski attachment concept is applied to cycling. During this period the entire squad still rode using foot straps. In 1983, the Bernard Tapie Group acquired 66% of the company's capital.
  • Look
    In 1984 , Look marketed the first automatic pedal with which Bernard Hinault was to win the 1985 Tour de France. Look then became the world leader for the road race automatic pedal. A leading position which the company still occupies.
    In 1989 , the Bernard Tapie Group ceded its entire holding to LK Holding, a Swiss company.
    In 1994 , the ski attachment division was sold to the Rossignol Group and the cycle division became independent as Look Cycle S.A..
    In 1998 , in association with company executives Dominique Bergin purchased the company, the name of which became LOOK CYCLE INTERNATIONAL S.A .
    Look, a company which today, with more than 200 staff does its utmost to offer increasingly efficient and innovating high technology products.

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