• Silca Impero

    Silca Impero
    Delivery time : 10 work days Silca Impero Heat is the enemy of mini-pumps. More strokes generates more friction which produces more heat and heat is wasted energy. Unlike most mini-pumps, POCKET IMPERO does not suffer from efficiency..
    115.03 $
    Regular price: 153.30 $
  • Silca Tattico Buetooth Mini-Pump

    Silca Tattico Buetooth Mini-Pump
    Delivery time : 10 work days Silca Tattico Buetooth Mini-Pump Now you can fine tune pressures out on the cyclocross course rather than head for the pits during your pre-ride. You can repair punctures with 0.5psi accuracy whether you're..
    134.22 $
    Regular price: 157.84 $

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