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Currencies and prices

The main currency of the site is the Swiss Franc (CHF). In order to help foreign users, prices can be visualized in several major international currencies. Currencies exchange rates are dynamic and relies on the swiss course. However, the payment procedure will be held in CHF only.

Please note following pricing rules:

Non-swiss customers: all the given prices are Tax Free, i.e. swiss VAT is not included. The customer may be subject to import duties and taxes applyed in the order`s destination country, which may vary from country to country.

Shipping costs depend on the quantities and types of the ordered products, but the maximum amount will not exceed 264.00 CHF per order. Any possible overhead to this value will be covered by us.

Swiss customers: VAT is included in all the given prices and order total. Shipping costs maximun amount will not exceed 7.00 CHF per order.

General terms and conditions

Please refer to Terms and conditione shop/


Prices are very competitive compared to shops in my country, why ?
The prices of all products on are the official prices applied in Switzerland. Visitors located outside Switzerland will automatically see prices without VAT (which in Europe might vary between 16% and 26%), and for some products, an additional small discount is applied in order to allow you to partially cover the shipping costs. Our philisophy is to give you the chance to buy your favorite products at the same official price applied in Switzerland.
Since the prices are tax free, can I get the overall amount I'll have to pay until receiving the goods at my address ?
We are not able to give a precise answer to this question, since every Country applies different taxes and import duties, depending on local law, type of product and product origin. You should better now then us about your local import VAT costs. We recommend you to directly ask your customs office in order to get the precise information and rules applied to your selected product.
Is the Base Price of the bicycles referred to the frame only or to the complete bicycle ?
Normally the Base Price is referred to the kit frame + fork (some brands include steering wheel and seat-posti as well). Should you need to buy only the frame you have not to select anything from the options referring to the complete bicycle. For some models it is not possible to buy the frame only: in those cases the given price is for the complete bicycle.
The price of the bicycle is very attractive, but I'm not interested in some components. May you take them back ?
We are sorry, but we don't take back wheels, saddles, steering-wheels and other parts you already have got.
I'm interested in a frame, but not in the proposed configurations: may I get a customized offer based on my wished components ?
We are sorry, but we don't provide service for personalized assembly. Our site is already offering a wide range of options and components in order personalize your bicycle.
May I get further reductions on the proposed prices ?
No, the given prices are not subject to be further reduced.
Can I pay with by credit card ?
Yes, we accept these credit cards: VISA, Master Card, American Express and Swiss Post Card by Postfinance.
How can I pay without credit card ?
Should you not own a credit card you can directly pay by bank deposit. In this case please feel free to contact us via e-mail (info(at) and we will provide you all needed bank information for the payment. Payments should then take place in the official swiss currency (CHF/swiss franc). Any operational extra bank fees remain at your charge.
When will my credit card be charged ?
Your credit card will be charged only at the time of the order shipping and not before. This means that if the delivery time for some products is in average between 4-6 weeks, then during this period your bank account will not be charged.
Can I pay my order by cash on delivery ?
No, we do not allow this payment method.
Can I directly pay and pick up my order at ?
No, we do not make direct sales at our head quarter.
Shipping and transport costs
I'd like to buy product, how much are the shipping costs ?
As soon as you add the product to the shopping cart you can directly see the associated shipping costs. During check-out you may then select further shipping options such as priority shipping, etc.
I'd like to buy several small products, but the overall shipping costs are too high with respect of the regular shipping costs. Is that normal ?
Each product is associated to a base shipping cost. By ordering many of such products their shipping costs are summed together, but this does not mean this amount will completely be charged to you. In this case at the delivery time the overhead will not be charged to your credit card.
What are the maximum shipping costs I can expect ?
Maximum shipping costs are CHF 264.00 per delivery. Any possible overhead to this value will be covered by us.
How long do I need to wait for receiving the order ?
If the products are in stock, then delivery takes place within 24-48 hours upon receiving the order. Should the product not be on stock you will be promptly notified by e-mail.
What are the delivery options ?
Who is the shipping company in charge ?
Shipments are mainly made through Swiss Post International, who might rely on other partners outside Switzerland. Typically Swiss Post International relies on TNT and UPS for USA. In some cases for Australia and USA we will rely on UPS and EMS.
Are the shipments ensured ?
Shipments are ensured only if you explicitly selected the ensured option during check-out. The insurance covers the amount indicated in the invoice.
I've got a tracking nr. but I'm not able to track the parcel outside Switzerland, why ?
This means that your country does not adhere to the system applied in Switzerland and therefore withing your country a different number will be assigned. In this case please contact the international number of Swiss Post International that appears on the tracking number reference site.
I received my order several days later than the time frame given by the shipping company, why ?
In general delivery time frames are respected. Unfortunately in some countries the local custom and/or postal service are quite inefficient and might cause some delays. However according to our records, all our shipping have been successful.
Charges and import taxes
Besides the product and shipping costs, do I need to expect other charges/costs?
All our prices are tax free, and therefore you will be subject to your country import taxes rules. For some expensive goods it is possible that the custom office will charge extra operational fees in addition to the regular custom fees.
How can I pay VAT in my country ?
Typically VAT are collected directly by the courier shipping your goods. For expensive goods it might be possible you will be notified by phone or mail by your local custom office in order to pay the corresponding VAT amount before receiving the goods.
Why did my credit card charge a slighlty different amount to the one due at time time of the order ?
The payment currency is the Swiss Franc (CHF). Possible differences might result from the fluctuation of the currency exchange rates or from additional bank operational fee applied for currency exchange.
Are your products covered by warranty ?
Yes, is responsible of the warranty for all your acquired products. Some products rely on an international warranty and therefore you can apply the warranty to any local reseller. For products not covered by international warranty remains your contact point in order to apply the warranty. In this case you need to return the goods, upon previous agreement, for the replacement or repair.
Restitution / replacement
I've bought a wrong product, can I return or replace it or get money back ?
Typically we do not accept restitutions of products due to ordering mistakes (frames, bicycles, clothes, etc.). accepts goods restitution only upon previous agreement (write to info(at), within 5 days after receiving the goods, with original packing and not used material. Should the restitution be accepted the net price will be refound, deduced the postal fees sustained for sending and receiving back the goods. In case of goods replacement the shipping costs will be charged to you.





表示されている価格はいずれもスイスのVAT(付加価値税)を含んでおりません。お客様には輸入関税及びその他の諸税が課せられる場合があります( 詳細は国により変わります)。



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