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  • Fulcrum Wheels
    FULCRUM WHEELS Fulcrum, derived from the Latin “fulcire” means “to support”. And this is precisely the function carried out by the wheel, one of the bicycle’s most fundamental components that acts as interface between the bicycle and the ground, the final medium that converts the athlete’s power into speed and performance.
  • Fulcrum Wheels
    And this fundamental yet delicate component is what captured the undivided attention of a group of young aerospace engineers united by a common passion for bicycles. Thus, by applying their specific knowledge of the aerospace industry and its materials, the team proceeded to design a full range of wheels that were to become known as Fulcrum Wheels.
    Tests performed on the original prototypes immediately proved that the group’s intuitions and ideas were yielding amazing results, well above the standard of the most highly performing and proven models offered by the market until then. Hence the decision to set up the company Fulcrum Wheels S.r.l.
  • Fulcrum Wheels
    La gamma Fulcrum Wheels si caratterizza per quattro concetti innovativi:
    Bilanciamento dinamico: per la prima volta, grazie a un’attenta distribuzione delle masse, la dinamica di rotazione della ruota risulta perfettamente bilanciata
    2:1 TWO to ONE: raggiatura posteriore realizzata con raddoppio sul lato destro, per una centratura perfetta e una tenuta nel tempo impareggiabile
    Raggio in Alluminio: esclusivo raggio a testa dritta, realizzato con uno speciale profilo aerodinamico a sezione variabile tronco-conica
    Lavorazione cerchio CNC: speciale tripla fresatura Fulcrum Wheels per alleggerire il cerchio delle masse inutili. Gola interna priva di foratura per consentire massima rigidità torsionale ed eliminare il Rim-Tape.
    La gamma si articola su tre modelli:
    Racing 5: modello ideale per allenamento o utilizzo heavy-duty.
    Racing 3: adatta sia all’allenamento che alla competizione; il compromesso evoluto.
    Racing 1: Il suo terreno ideale sono i campi di gara.
  • Fulcrum Wheels
    The manufacturing technology used, the quality of the materials, rigorous process control, and the quality control exercised on the end product all verge on excellence, guaranteeing reliability in the most critical conditions too.
    If to this we add a highly striking, racing look, the end result is a product of undeniable prestige that meets the demands of both experienced cycling enthusiasts as well as professionals.
    And, together with Fulcrum Wheels, these very same professionals - who are already road-testing the products - are set to become the protagonists of the 2005 racing season.
    This is only the beginning of the Fulcrum Wheels mission. In fact our engineers are already working on future ideas and solutions that aim to feature new composite materials, besides the study of new profiles and technical solutions that are expected to be included in the next Fulcrum Wheels range.
    RACING 5
    Racing 5 is the entry-level wheel from the Fulcrum Wheels collection. Its captivating 24 mm profile, oversize hubs and ground-finished braking surfaces make Racing 5 your faithful companion both when training as well as in competition.
    The anodized black aluminum rim presents a ground-finished braking surface for better brake pad adherence during braking, making the latter more powerful in both dry and rainy conditions.
    The 24 spokes on the front wheel and the 27 on the rear are in 2 mm-gauge stainless steel for maximum strength. The rear wheel features double spoking on the right side. This means that for each spoke on the left side there are two spokes on the right side. The result is a torsionally stiff wheel whose stresses are balanced. Such a solution increases the life cycle of components tremendously.
    The two spokes diametrically opposed to the joint are oversized to achieve a balanced wheel. In fact, when analyzing the dynamics during rotation, the mass of these two spokes counterbalances the mass of the joint, resulting in a dynamically balanced wheel.
    The oversize aluminum hubs feature sealed hi-precision bearings for maximum smoothness of rotation.
    Racing 5 is compatible with HG 8/9/10s - UD 9-10 cassettes.
    RACING 3
    Racing 3 is the middle-range model from the Fulcrum Wheels collection.
    Aesthetically aggressive, Racing 3 offers the same technical solutions as the finer Racing 1 at a lower price.
    The ideal wheel for competitions as well as for daily training.
    The aluminum rim, measuring 26 mm high, has been made lighter by facing, an exclusive Fulcrum Wheels patent. The rim groove does not have any spoke holes. Thus not only is the wheel lower in weight, thanks to the absence of rim tape which is not necessary, but there is also a mechanical advantage - greater torsional stiffness and greater wheel elasticity in the vertical sense.
    Oversize hubs, with aluminum body and axle, run on adjustable hi-precision bearings for unparalleled performance.
    The 2 mm stainless steel spokes sport an aerodynamic profile that favors aerodynamic penetration and reduces the formation of vortices. There are 16 spokes on the front wheel and 21 on the rear one. The front wheel features radial spoking whereas the rear wheel spoking is crossed and doubled on the right side.
    The Racing 3 wheel features an exclusive Fulcrum Wheels characteristic - dynamic balancing. As the wheel rotates, all the masses are balanced thanks to the special rim design that counterbalances the joint.
    Racing 3 is compatible with HG 8/9/10s- UD 9-10 cassettes.
    RACING 1
    Racing 1 is the number one product from the Fulcrum Wheels collection.
    An aggressive look, hi-technology and lightness. Racing 1 is a lively wheel that is at ease in all racing conditions.
    The aluminum rim is 26 mm high and is made lighter by the exclusive Fulcrum Wheels triple facing treatment. The rim groove has no holes, which means that no rim tape is necessary and that the wheel is more torsionally stiff and more vertically elastic. The spokes - 16 on the front wheel and 21 on the rear - are in aluminum and have a variable cross-section. A special aerodynamic design makes for a spoke that widens out as it gets closer to the rim. In this way aerodynamic penetration is improved and the formation of harmful vortices is reduced. The rear wheel sports double spoking on the right hand side. This means that for the same rear wheel stiffness, the stresses are lower and the life cycle of components is much longer.
    The wheel employs oversize hubs with aluminum body and axle and adjustable hi-precision bearings.
    The Racing 1 wheel features an exclusive characteristic - dynamic balancing. Thanks to the careful distribution of the circumferential masses, the joint is counterbalanced by a special rim design, resulting in fully balanced dynamics of rotation.
    Racing 1 is compatible with HG 10s - UD 9-10 cassettes.
    Racing 1 is also available in the captivating Silver version. The rim, hub and spokes are in anodized matt Silver, for a precious-looking and elegant wheel that blends in perfectly with the colors of the most striking road bike frames.
    Racing 1 Silver will not pass unnoticed.
    Racing 1 is a wheel conceived for racing, so Fulcrum Wheels could not fail to provide a tubular version dedicated to professional racers. The tubular version is the perfect answer in terms of comfort, performance and road grip.
    With Racing 1 Tubular, Fulcrum Wheels provides professional racers with a new means to dominate the most prestigious races.

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