• Tracemyworld
    Tracemyworld SA is a Swiss technology company that is developing an innovative Web 2.0 portal with advanced graphic visualization and animation to support and enhance outdoor activities, such as cycling, mountain biking, running, skiing, trekking, jogging, sailing and so on.
  • Tracemyworld
    The services are delivered primarily through the website, which offers the following functionalities (the list is not exhaustive):
    * accept and store GPS data, gathered with the device sold by TMW, or with any GPS logger
    * show a full, real-time, multi-user replay (built by our proprietary animation engine) of the performances recorded, on a 2D map enhanced by an accurate elevation profile
    * edit existing routes in order to change or add paths, pictures and points of interest
    * create new routes from scratch with an automatic elevation profile
    * analyze the workout to show burnt calories, covered distance, time spent, speed, elevation. Split the route in sectors with intermediates and neutralized areas. Compare the performance with other workouts and plan next activities to reach specific goals
    * design, build, open and promote your own races, both real and virtual
    * build and manage virtual teams
    These functionalities are unified by the underlying concept of a game, based on a point reward system that takes into account users' workouts and managerial abilities. Points can be used by customers to purchase products related to the sports world.
    The website capabilities may be augmented by monitoring the heart rate during each workout, to assess the training progression. There are other interesting medical applications of TMW functionalities, for instance the appropriate planning of rehabilitation programmes.
    The Web application offers a lot of benefits in terms of innovation and advertising potential in the tourism and public transport fields.
    By creating ad-hoc routes, with associated points of interest, descriptions and pictures, travel and tourism agencies can promote more efficiently and in a new, engaging way, specific itineraries, places and geographic regions. Similarly, the path of public means of transport can be shown directly on a map, with real-time feedback on their actual position.
    TMW provides additional and tailored services to companies and public institutions in the IT domain, most notably related to the following areas of interest: emerging Web 2.0 technologies, GPS/geographic data gathering, editing, managing and display, data analysis algorithms.
  • Tracemyworld
    Which sports can I use Tracemyworld for ?
    The interesting part is that Tracemyworld is primarily intended but not limited to sports and outdoor activities. As far as sports are concerned, Tracemyworld offers a set of services which are perfect for cycling, mountain biking, running, skiing, trekking, jogging, walking, sailing, and even holidays trips.
    Tracemyworld brings, for the first time, professional analysis tools to the masses.
    What do I need to use Tracemyworld ?
    Tracemyworld works with every GPS logger, thus being independent from specific hardware, and is suitable for every operating system, because it's web based!
    In fact, an easy to use, advanced and revolutionary web portal makes Tracemyworld accessible from just a personal computer with an internet connection and a fairly recent web browser installed.
    But what if I don't have a recording GPS device? Tracemyworld offers a small and cheap GPS data logger that is fully compatible with the services offered by our company.
    What is Tracemyworld ?
    Tracemyworld is the most advanced Web Service for the post-analysis and editing of GPS data collected during outdoor activities. It allows users to quickly upload and replay routes recorded by a GPS data logger, build their own routes on a digital map, analyze and compare performances, create communities to share information, comments and to compete with other teams on a virtual race basis, and much more.
    Not only it is a near-professional data analysis tool, it's also an addicting game promoting sport and health. With Tracemyworld you can race 365 days a year, everytime, everywhere. But that's not all! The services offered by Tracemyworld can be successfully used even in the tourism field, for example by tour operators, to promote certain itineraries, places or geographic regions, by providing detailed information to customers directly on a "live" digital map.
    Such data may consist of point of interests, advices, pictures and pre-defined routes. Try this new, catchy and innovative way of advertising!

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