Small parts

  • Campagnolo Ergo Lever Hoods EC-SR500 / EC-AT500

    Campagnolo Ergo Lever Hoods EC-SR500 / EC-AT500
    CCampagnolo ergo lever hoods EC-AT500 are for Campagnolo Veloce, Centaur and Athena ergo levers made 2009 onwards and often refered to as Power Torque. EC-SR500 are for Campgnolo Chorus, Record and Super Record ergo levers made 2009..
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    Regular price: 33.02 $
  • Campagnolo Freehub Body

    Campagnolo Freehub Body
    Spare freehub body for Campagnolo and Fulcrum hubs/ wheels.\r\nFits Shamal, Eurus, Zonda, Hyperon, Bora, Campagnolo HPW type hubs, Racing Speed, racing Zero, Racing 1 and Racing 3..
    53.45 $
    Regular price: 71.19 $
  • CeramicSpeed Coated Upgrade Kit for wheels

    CeramicSpeed Coated Upgrade Kit for wheels
    Product range Hybrid bearings becomes standard Today 2 out of 3 of the biggest gear set producers have hybrid bearing in their top product. Several high-end hubs are also offered with hybrid bearings as standard. Since 2001..
    297.98 $
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  • CeramicSpeed Over Size Pulley Wheel System (OSPW)

    CeramicSpeed Over Size Pulley Wheel System (OSPW)
    Oversized Pulley Wheel System Developed to answer the increasing needs for watt savings and performance equipment. The system consists of 17-tooth alloy pulley wheels fitted with low friction CeramicSpeed Bearings and a lightweight..
    383.10 $
    Regular price: 510.73 $
  • CeramicSpeed Pulley Wheels 11s

    CeramicSpeed Pulley Wheels 11s
    CeramicSpeed aluminium alloy pulley wheels for Shimano rear derailleurs are specially designed to reduce friction to an absolute minimum, virtually eliminating the drag associated with standard pulley wheels. The special design helps..
    169.52 $
    Regular price: 225.96 $
  • CeramicSpeed UFO Chain Shimano 11s

    CeramicSpeed UFO Chain Shimano 11s
    CeramicSpeed UFO Chain Shimano 11s A CeramicSpeed UFO chain is guaranteed to give you considerably higher power savings compared to similar standard chains. These low friction ultra-fast racing chains deliver a constant gain of 2-5..
    123.09 $
    Regular price: 164.05 $
  • Dolce Vita Carbon spacer

    Dolce Vita Carbon spacer
    Spacers Spacers 100% carbon made (Toray T-700) of the best type. Shiny finish. Various thicknesses: 5mm., 10mm., 15mm. and 20mm.. Two different sizes: 1 and..
    1.86 $
    Regular price: 2.68 $
  • Dolce Vita Derrailleur-Clamp for carbon frames

    Dolce Vita Derrailleur-Clamp for carbon frames
    Derailleur-clamp Alloy derailleur-clamp black anodized particularly suitable for carbon frames. Due to its special closure system it does not break the carbon fibres of the frame vertical tube. Internal..
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  • DT Swiss Rotor Kits Road

    DT Swiss Rotor Kits Road
    Convert your DT Swiss wheels or hubs into Shimano 9 / 10 speed, Campagnolo 9 / 10..
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  • Mavic Freehub Body ED11 / M11

    Mavic Freehub Body ED11 / M11
    Genuine Mavic ED11 Freehub for all 10/11 speed Campagnolo cassettes. Genuine Mavic M11 Freehub for all 9/10/11 speed Shimano or SRAM cassettes. This freehub is compatible with all Mavic Road Wheels with a 9mm FTS-L axle. A sleeve..
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    Regular price: 49.53 $
  • Mavic XD Freehub Body

    Mavic XD Freehub Body
    Road wheels accessories XD Freehub Body A specific freehub body for all wheels (except FTS-X) compatible with Sram XD Drivetrains. Choose either an XD Freehub Body ITS-4 (Crossmax, Deemax), TS-2 (Crossride) or Instant Drive 360..
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    Regular price: 99.05 $
  • Shimano EW-SD50 Cable for Di2

    Shimano EW-SD50 Cable for Di2
    Waterproof cable for Shimano Di2 shifting components. It connects the Di2 components with the junction box SM-JC40 or SM-JC41. Easy plug and play system to connect the cables, which are available in different lengths to accommodate most..
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News and arrivals

  • AX - Lightness Pelton MTB crankset

    Like all AX components was constructed this crank with the expertise and experience of the specialists..
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    367.52 $

    AX - Lightness Rigid +/-17° Road / MTB Stem

    RIGID 17 The RIGID foots on our long-lasting experience in the construction of ultralight..
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    222.76 $

    Colnago A1-r CX Cross

    Delivery time: 4-8 weeks. A1r CX COLNAGO With the world of competitive cyclocross in mind,..
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    1,601.53 $
  • Dedacciai Atleta

    Delivery time: 3-6 weeks after the order Muscled with an aero shape profile it is well suitable..
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    1,877.84 $

    Garmin Edge Explore 820

    Available: end August 2016 GPS Bike Computer for Touring and Adventure Lightweight and..
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    308.81 $

    Lightweight Wegweiser C Disc

    Wegweiser SCHWARZ ED C Disc Black is the new black. With black logos and CeramicSpeed bearings..
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    2,426.74 $
  • Mavic Cosmic Carbon 40 C Elite

    Cosmic Carbon 40 Elite The most reliable carbon clincher in a streamlined package Road &..
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    1,280.95 $

    Mavic R-Sys SLR

    R-Sys SLR The lightest clincher wheelset available now with a wider, deeper rim. The lightest..
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    1,448.62 $

    Officina Battaglin Power+

    Delivery time: 4-6 weeks Overview The mighty Power+ is the all-new Officina Battaglin..
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    2,230.71 $
  • Pinarello Dogma F10

    Delivery time: about 6 to 10 weeks after the order For available colors and product specifications,..
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    4,217.40 $

    Rotor 2INpower 110 BCD Road Crank compact

    Knowing your strengths is helpful, but knowing your weaknesses is like mining for gold. This..
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    1,199.44 $

    Solestar Kontrol

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    83.88 $
  • Tracemyworld Vest Full Windstopper by Santini

    Tracemyworld Vest: Full WindStopper, 75cm zipper, 1 back pocket with zipper, l Light..
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    95.96 $

    Wilier 401 XB

    Delivery Time: 4 to 6 weeks 401XB It can be defined as 101XB’s younger sibling. Same family,..
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    1,543.54 $

    Wilier Superleggera Cromor

    Delivery Time: 4 to 6 week to the order THE PAST FUTURE A tribute to a product that has made..
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    1,543.54 $
  • Wilier Zero.6

    Delivery time: 4 to 6 weeks 680 grams: a frame that challenges the limits of the possible It..
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    3,631.86 $