• Garmin Vector 3

    Garmin Vector 3
    Dual-sensing Pedal-based Power Meter Installs like any other pedal and quickly transfers between bikes Measures total power, left/right balance, cadence and cycling dynamics Sleek design provides greater cornering clearance..
    1,051.56 $
    Regular price: 1,237.06 $
  • Garmin Vector 3S

    Garmin Vector 3S
    Single-sensing Pedal-based Power Meter Installs like any other pedal and quickly transfers between bikes Reports cadence and total power (watts) Easily upgrades to dual-sensing system Fully integrates with Garmin cycling..
    631.48 $
    Regular price: 742.91 $
  • Look Bi-Material Replacement Cleats

    Look Bi-Material Replacement Cleats
    One very vital note about Look's Bi-Material cleats: They come in two styles. If you have the new-for-2005 Keo pedal system, you must purchase the Keo-specific cleats. If you have any other style of Look pedal -- any model, any year -- you need..
    11.82 $
    Regular price: 16.88 $
  • Look Keo 2 Max Black/White

    Look Keo 2 Max Black/White
    KÉO MAX CARBON CARBON PERFORMANCE The Kéo 2 Max Carbon is the high-end model in the spring pedal family : carbon body, stainless steel contact surface and tension adjustment make it a solid choice. It is suitable for all cyclists, whether..
    83.63 $
    Regular price: 111.44 $
  • Look KEO 2 Max Carbon Black

    Look KEO 2 Max Carbon Black
    Technologies Optimized Contact Surface The pedal’s surface area has substantial symbolic importance. It is part of the brand’s identity and acts as an indelible signature on the product. The contact surface of the new KEO 2 MAX preserves..
    100.52 $
    Regular price: 133.95 $
  • Look KEO Blade

    Look KEO Blade
    Blade technology applied to the Kéo Blade: for new clip-in/clip-out sensations and an aerodynamic profile. A large and wide platform (400 mm² / 60 mm) ensures excellent pedaling stability and good power transfer. New spindle system providing..
    109.52 $
    Regular price: 156.46 $
  • Look KEO Blade Carbon

    Look KEO Blade Carbon
    The new KEO BLADE CARBON is designed to win and improve the experience with spring blade technology on click pedals. This new version is the result of many years of experience in technical development at LOOK's factory and continuous improvements..
    125.28 $
    Regular price: 178.97 $
  • Look Kéo Blade Carbon Ceramic

    Look Kéo Blade Carbon Ceramic
    Look Kéo Blade Carbon Ceramic KÉO Blade Carbon Ceramic: Faster – Longer Designed to win, the new KEO BLADE CARBON CERAMIC improves the experience associated with the use of blade technology in a clipless pedal. This new version is the..
    184.94 $
    Regular price: 246.51 $
  • Look Kéo Blade Carbon Ti Ceramic

    Look Kéo Blade Carbon Ti Ceramic
    KEO BLADE CARBON CERAMIC TI SKU | 22008 We invented the clipless pedal in 1984. More than 30 years later, they offer unmatched reliability. The KEO BLADE CARBON CERAMIC Ti is the flagship model of our road pedal range. They feature a..
    263.96 $
    Regular price: 377.08 $
  • Look Kéo Classic Cr 3 Black

    Look Kéo Classic Cr 3 Black
    Kéo Classic 3 - Chromoly spindle for more reliability. The Kéo Classic 3 spindle is made up of an oversized steel axle with miniature ball bearings (12 mm inside x 18 mm outside) and a needle bearing cartridge for improved wear resistance...
    49.87 $
    Regular price: 66.41 $
  • Look KEO Sprint Black

    Look KEO Sprint Black
    Designed for occasional, leisure and new riders, Keo Sprint pedals are reliable, efficient, and extremely durable. Built with spring technology, it is possible to adjust the tension between 8 and 12 for a safe entry/release. To increase..
    70.13 $
    Regular price: 93.43 $

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