• Mavic Comete Track 2024

    Mavic Comete Track 2024
    Unbeatable aero performance, proven by the world’s best athletes. Wider full-carbon rim bed for seamless wheel-tire integration. Convex lenticular body offers exceptional aero performance. Superior rigidity for maximum power..
    1,688.37 $
    Regular price: 2,723.14 $
  • Mavic Ellipse 2024

    Mavic Ellipse 2024
    Ellipse A light, versatile track wheelset - for training and racing Track wheels Ellipse Benefiting from our latest improvement in rim design, the Ellipse has been improved with a light rim extrusion that makes it even more responsive...
    397.13 $
    Regular price: 640.61 $
  • Mavic Ellipse Pro Carbon 65 UST 2024

    Mavic Ellipse Pro Carbon 65 UST 2024
    Available until stocks last. Before ordering, ask for availability, thanks. Ellipse pro carbon 65 UST Developed in collaboration with the fastest athletes of the Red Hook Crit series, this carbon wheel has been designed to be..
    1,575.77 $
    Regular price: 2,541.52 $
  • Mavic IO Front Track 2024

    Mavic IO Front Track 2024
    Unbeatable aero performance shaves seconds off your time. New wider elliptical rim shape. 5 aircraft wing spokes for lower wind resistance. Engineered stiffness for sharp steering and maximum power transfer. Wider rim for maximum..
    2,814.39 $
    Regular price: 4,539.30 $

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