• Assos Summersocks BMC

    Assos    Summersocks BMC
    Pro level performance in the form of vital summer socks from the BMC Racing Team wardrobe. ASSOS are pleased to introduce these BMC Racing Team summer socks, the result of our collaboration with the world renowned racing team. Lightweight..
    14.92 $
    Regular price: 18.66 $
  • Assos BonkaSocks_evo8

    Assos   BonkaSocks_evo8
    Our warmest cycling socks for pushing on where others would turn back. Keen to ride regardless of the conditions, the Bonka cycling socks are the warmest we produce. Made from a mixture of selected merino wool yarns to absorb moisture,..
    18.46 $
    Regular price: 23.07 $
  • Assos Assosoires GT socks

    Assos  Assosoires GT socks
    Your classic summer sock, reworked. It is hard to reinvent a classic, but we feel we’ve done just that with the MILLE GT Sock. Relying on a special combination of yarns, this breathable and lightweight riding sock ensures that your foot..
    11.78 $
    Regular price: 14.73 $
  • Assos HabuSock_evo8

    Assos  HabuSock_evo8
    Using soft merino wool to provide warmth in raw conditions, the habuSock cycling socks mean your feet need never be cold again. Endure in comfort. Built to excel in early winter cycling conditions, our ASSOS Habu socks are the first step..
    18.46 $
    Regular price: 23.07 $
  • Assos MonogramSocks evo8

    Assos  MonogramSocks evo8
    Lightweight summer socks, our Monogram Socks feature a classic length cut twinned with a striking geometric pattern. Styled to match the hottest days, the Monogram Socks are classic in their length and modernist in their patterning...
    13.75 $
    Regular price: 17.18 $
  • Assos Socks USA Cycling

    Assos  Socks USA Cycling
    Designed in conjunction with USA Cycling, these socks are a subtle way to show your allegiance, or the ultimate addition to the matching jersey and shorts. Designed to be fast in summer conditions, these cycling socks have been primed for exertion...
    14.92 $
    Regular price: 18.66 $
  • Assos Assosoires Knee Warmer

    Assos Assosoires Knee Warmer
    Tuned to meet the demands of BMC Racing Team, these are now 7cm longer to give you increased warmth and on-the-fly..
    38.49 $
    Regular price: 48.11 $
  • Assos CentoSocks_evo8

    Assos CentoSocks_evo8
    With a degree of compression, the Cento cycling socks are designed to support your feet during long haul rides. The first component in an outfit tailored to provide all-day riding comfort, these Cento socks are made of our medium-weight..
    14.92 $
    Regular price: 18.66 $
  • Assos FF1 sock evo7

    Assos FF1 sock evo7
    The final touch for your outfit! The design of the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team. Actually, these socks are ideal for mild temperatures between spring and fall. But even for cooler days: just drag one of our overshoes or our shoeCover..
    12.67 $
    Regular price: 15.81 $
  • Assos fuguHelm

    Assos fuguHelm
    fuguHelm fuguHelm is the new ASSOS "over-engineered" headinsulator winter hat for "Winter" and "winterPlus" riding conditions (according to our ALS temperature ranges). No need to wear anything else on your head, except your bike..
    102.80 $
    Regular price: 116.84 $
  • Assos fuguSpeer S7

    Assos fuguSpeer S7
    fuguSpeer_S7 The new socks fuguSpeer are completely new species of socks: very warm, very light + airBlock protection. For winterPlus riding conditions. The fuguSocks are made of the ASSOS exclusive RXQ-fabric and feature our..
    29.65 $
    Regular price: 33.68 $
  • Assos milleSock evo7 Socks - Twin Pack

    Assos milleSock evo7 Socks - Twin Pack
    The ASSOS Mille range is characterized by a comfortable fit. The milleSock evo7 is equipped with reinforced structure for maximum support in the ankle area. The honeycomb structure provides increased breathability, the mix of lycra and..
    15.42 $
    Regular price: 19.24 $
  • Assos NeckProtector_s7

    Assos NeckProtector_s7
    Defence for your neck and face during cool rides, this is an ergonomically shaped neck protector that can be worn Bandit style protection for cooler days, the ASSOS Neck Protector can be pulled up to cover the lower part of the face while..
    24.74 $
    Regular price: 30.93 $
  • Assos rainCap S7

    Assos rainCap S7
    rainCap_S7 It’s a light cycling cap made with slightly elastic anti-rain TRITON fabric, featuring taped seams. Use it as an insulation / protection cap in harsh weather conditions. When temperatures drop, use the roboCap underneath. Use..
    38.88 $
    Regular price: 44.18 $
  • Assos roboCap 607

    Assos roboCap 607
    Assos roboCap 607 The ideal lightweight cap for cold days. Composition: 54%PA, 17%EA, 29% PES roboCap is cut in a way that fits skin-tight on your head and can be worn comfortably under a helmet. New: It is now made out of warm..
    29.65 $
    Regular price: 33.68 $
  • Assos roboFoil

    Assos roboFoil
    roboFoil roboFoil is the ASSOS ultra-light cap. A new, intelligent accessory. Wear one under your helmet whenever you need optimal sweat transportation, thermo regulation and sun protection. Made to be as light as possible, it..
    30.24 $
    Regular price: 34.37 $
  • Assos summerCap BMC

    Assos summerCap BMC
    We've been testing this collection on the shoulders of BMC Racing Team for the past few months, raking in some highly admirable WorldTour results. But now it's time for the very same highly anticipated kit to be unleashed on the global cycling..
    19.64 $
    Regular price: 24.55 $
  • Assos SuperleggeraSocks_evo8

    Assos SuperleggeraSocks_evo8
    The Super Leggera cycling socks are designed to work best in hot conditions as lightweight summer season socks with low Choose the Super Leggera cycling socks on days where the sun is unrelenting and you want add as little to your feet as..
    12.18 $
    Regular price: 15.22 $
  • Assos TiburuSocks_evo8 ,Twin pack

    Assos TiburuSocks_evo8 ,Twin pack
    A midweight sock for intermediate conditions, the Tiburu Socks are sold in 2-pair packs, giving you the option to mix For brisk rides when the leaves are falling or the green shoots of spring arriving, the Tiburu cycling socks abley cover..
    27.49 $
    Regular price: 34.37 $
  • Assos Zegho Amplify

    Assos Zegho Amplify
    AMPLIFY WHAT IS IT? Nothing less than the redefinition of cycling-specific high performance eyeProtection, produced in an exclusive joint engineering venture between ASSOS Centro Studio and Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens ZEGHO..
    284.25 $
    Regular price: 323.03 $
  • Assos Zegho Crystal

    Assos Zegho Crystal
    CRYSTAL WHAT IS IT? Nothing less than the redefinition of cycling-specific high performance eyeProtection, produced in an exclusive joint engineering venture between ASSOS Centro Studio and Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens
    284.25 $
    Regular price: 323.03 $
  • Assos Zegho Noire

    Assos Zegho Noire
    NOIRE WHAT IS IT? Nothing less than the redefinition of cycling-specific high performance eyeProtection, produced in an exclusive joint engineering venture between ASSOS Centro Studio and Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens ZEGHO NOIRE..
    Best Seller
    327.45 $
    Regular price: 372.13 $
  • Assos Zegho Werksmannschaft

    Assos Zegho Werksmannschaft
    WERKSMANNSCHAFT WHAT IS IT? Nothing less than the redefinition of cycling-specific high performance eyeProtection, produced in an exclusive joint engineering venture between ASSOS Centro Studio and Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens ZEGHO..
    301.53 $
    Regular price: 342.67 $
  • Campagnolo CSW Flag Cap

    Campagnolo CSW Flag Cap
    — Cotton cap with Italian flag and Campagnolo historical printed logo. — Front visor. — Elastic..
    14.14 $
    Regular price: 23.56 $
  • Campagnolo CSW Heritage Cap

    — Cotton cap. — Front visor. — Elastic..
    18.26 $
    Regular price: 30.44 $
  • Sportful Edge Headband

    Sportful Edge Headband
    EDGE HEADBAND 0400668 Sizes: UNI Weight: 27 g Features: Brushed headband in Thermodrytex Plus for a little extra warmth where you need it most Raw cut..
    11.10 $
    Regular price: 14.73 $
  • Sportful Fiandre Norain Cap

    Sportful Fiandre Norain Cap
    FIANDRE NORAIN CAP 1101639 Sizes: UNI-UNI Weight: 40 g Fully waterproof cycling cap for extreme conditions. Concept: Traditional look with fully seam-sealed waterproof construction. High-performance fabric with..
    39.08 $
    Regular price: 52.04 $
  • Sportful Fiandre Norain Warm Cap

    Sportful Fiandre Norain Warm Cap
    FIANDRE NORAIN WARM CAP 1101808 Sizes: UNI-UNI Weight: 44 g Fiandre cold, wet weather protection for your head CONCEPT A winter update on the Fiandre cap that adds NoRain fabric for extra warmth and protection over your..
    49.39 $
    Regular price: 65.79 $
  • Sportful Gruppetto Wool 13 Sock

    Sportful Gruppetto Wool 13 Sock
    GRUPPETTO WOOL 13 SOCK 1101712 Sizes: S-XL Weight: 52 g CONCEPT FEATURES Mid height cuff combined with a technical blend of synthetic fibers is highly resistant and offers excellent warmth even in humid conditions Internal..
    16.20 $
    Regular price: 21.60 $
  • Sportful Pro Mid 9 Sock

    Sportful Pro Mid 9 Sock
    PRO MID 9 SOCK 1101303 Sizes: S-XL Weight: 47 g..
    16.20 $
    Regular price: 21.60 $

News and arrivals

  • Argon 18 Gallium Pro

    Gallium Pro 2018 From World Tour proven race machine to World Tour Race winning machine! The..
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    2,570.04 $

    Argon 18 Go!

    Argon 18 Go! carbon monocoque, weight 1180g New model 2018. Specificatin will follow..
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    1,050.89 $

    Campagnolo Bora One 50 clincher

    Bora One 50 The legendary Bora is not just for the pros. Features of this wheel are the height..
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    1,612.72 $
  • Campagnolo Shamal Mille C17

    Shamal Mille The gold standard of performance aluminum racing wheels goes by the name of Shamal™. The..
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    1,073.67 $

    Colnago Arabesque

    Delivery time: 4-8 weeks. Arabesque This much loved frameset with sumptuous chrome debuted..
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    2,179.75 $

    Colnago Concept

    Delivery time: 4-8 weeks. COLNAGO CONCEPT This frame has been developed to be as fast as..
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    2,833.67 $
  • Dedacciai Atleta

    Tech Data: Carbon monocoque T700 / T800 Frame weight 950 g (size M) Five sizes XS, S, M, L,..
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    1,674.28 $

    Dedacciai Strada Scuro 25

    Available since: January / February 2018 THE BEST FRAME IN OUR HISTORY IS BACK WITH AN UPDATED..
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    2,203.80 $

    DT Swiss RC 46 Spline H

    RC 46 SPLINE H A wheelset for those looking for maximum riding precision: carbon/aluminum..
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    1,097.24 $
  • K-Edge XL Combo Mount for Garmin Edge 1000, 810, 800 and GoPro

    The XL - for Garmin EDGE 1000, 810, 800 computers, includes the K-EDGE Action Camera Mount adapter..
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    55.28 $

    Officina Battaglin Marosticana

    Delivery time: 4-6 weeks Overview Marosticana is the classic Officina Battaglin steel..
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    1,851.80 $

    Officina Battaglin Portofino

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    3,291.22 $
  • Tracemyworld Vest Full Windstopper by Santini

    Tracemyworld Vest: Full WindStopper, 75cm zipper, 1 back pocket with zipper, l Light..
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    91.31 $

    Tracemyworld Winter Jacket by Santini

    Tracemyworld Jacket Full Protection: Race fit jacket, Breeze Wall Fabric, RAGLAN cut,..
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    134.91 $

    Xentis Kappa 2 CC 27,5" Clincher Carbon QR5/QR5 White Matt

    Delivery time: 2-4 weeks after the order Technology - KAPPA2 CC 27,5 QR5 / QR5 dimension:..
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    2,073.70 $
  • ZIPP 303 Firecrest Disc Clincher Tubeless ready

    ZIPP 303 Firecrest Carbon Clincher Tubeless 6-Hole Disc Wheelset, Convertible includes- Quick..
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    1,988.28 $