• Vittoria
    Vittoria: The world of cycling is constantly and rapidly changing. The number of cycling enthusiasts is growing in all areas: competition, amateur cycling and practical, ecological daily mobility. .
  • Vittoria
    After 50 years of activity (1953 – 2003), Vittoria is combining the best Italian creativity with the tremendous technological potential of Lion Tyres to evolve still further as the driving force behind change in the cycling world.
    Vittoria puts a tremendous amount of effort into maintaining its position as the world’s uncontested top name in tubulars and tyres, and is constantly developing cutting edge technologies and innovative new products.
    Vittoria gained its reputation the hard way - at the very highest levels of competitive cycling. Champions like Moser, Hinault, Indurain, Ullrich, Pantani, Cipollini and many others have all raced and won on Vittoria tyres, and have continued to work with us in product development.
    This invaluable shared experience has lead to the creation of tyres and tubulars capable of satisfying even the most demanding and expert users.
    Since 2002, Vittoria has been technical sponsor of WCC, (World Cycling Centre), based in U.C.I. headquarter in Aigle (CH), where young athletes coming from all over the world train for the different cycling disciplines. This co-operation allows Vittoria to contribute to the development of cycling and, at the same time, to have prototypes of newly developed tyres tested by promising young racers.

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