• KOO
    “THE REAL VOYAGE OF DISCOVERY CONSISTS NOT IN SEEKING NEW LANDSCAPES,BUT IN HAVING NEW EYES” MARCEL PROUST ABOUT KOO KOO designs and manufactures highly distinctive, technically advanced eyewear. Our mission is to offer products with a perfect balance between technological excellence, functionality, safety and an attractive
 Made in Italy design. BORN IN ITALY, WORN AROUND THE WORLD At the core of our mission lies our deep commitment to offering cutting-edge products, entirely designed and crafted in Italy, which seamlessly blend technological excellence, superior materials and an iconic design. A COMMITMENT TO QUALITY All KOO Sunglasses and Goggles are developed and manufactured to the highest standards and put through rigorous testing to ensure consistent quality and safety. Top-notch Zeiss® lenses are fitted as standard for unparalleled clarity and protection. Performance KOO is dedicated to enhancing your experience, therefore is the choice of elite athletes across the globe. Our innovative designs and technology enable you to focus on what matters – your performance. Outdoor Whilst we can’t rely on consistent weather you can depend on the protection of KOO whatever the conditions. Each KOO product contains a number of innovative features. From easily removable Zeiss lenses to Active Airflow systems, our products are designed to adapt to the ever changing outdoor environment.

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