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    Nokon: Just now sport has become even more fun. For with the patented nokon konkavex system, brake and gear problems are now yesterday’s news. This has been made possible through the application of a new and ingenious kind of technology - flexible link joints combined with a pressure-stable outer sheath resulting in absolute precision in gears and brakes. And we mean in the long term.

  • Nokon
    nokon konkavex sets new standards in sheathed cables.
    Carl Stahl, the professional from Süssen, with a long tradition in steel sheathed cables, have always been able to come up with surprising innovations. Now they have launched a newly developed Bowden cable for mountain bikes and racing cycles, whose patented link joint technology has forced other cable systems into the midfield.
    nokon konkavex will convince you not only with its gear changing, but also when applying the brakes, giving the biker concrete benefits which are too numerous to be counted on one hand. For instance, the new system is an amazing 40 % lighter than normal Bowden cables and its link joints result in handling of a precision that has never been known before. The pressure-proof outer sheath prevents the cable from becoming stretched, thus avoiding the gear problems which would otherwise occur. The link components, which are assembled in a row formation, guarantee improved length stability, even if they are bent or should the bicycle be used in any extreme situations. This means in practice - increased safety, more precision, and the highest level of flexibility. The system works without tension, is stable to pressure, and is manufactured from high quality aluminium and special steel, to provide a high degree of weight reduction, better durability, and a high quality appearance. It is supplied ready to assemble and can be fitted immediately with no problems.
    Wolfgang Funk, head of the nokon division at the Carl Stahl company, is proud of this trend setting development, which has already had a chance to successfully prove itself and its superior technology in both professional and amateur teams, for instance at the Tour de France. Funk now wants to increase nokon konkavex’s lead still further, by sponsoring professionals such as Markus Storck and Katrin Schwing. Both of them have already cycled using the new systems and were impressed with its advantages.
    In addition to sponsoring, Funk is also counting on target group oriented advertising and participation at trade fairs such as Eurobike, to present mountain bikers and racing cyclists in Germany and all over the world this world innovation.
    "Cycle like the professionals with nokon” is the promise that has now been easily realised with this technology - whether changing gear or braking.

  • Nokon
    the concrete benefits of nokon konkavex at a glance:
    1. a system for both applications
    this means: doubly ingenious for the highest precision whether changing gear or braking.
    2. stretch stability
    this means: increased safety and precision even if bent or if used in extreme situations.
    3. no gear problems
    this means: the pressure-stable outer sheath prevents the inner cable from stretching, thus avoiding the associated gearing problems.
    4. resistant to bending deformations
    this means: the joint components, series assembled, provide stability of the highest degree.
    5. lightness
    this means: a 40 % weight saving compared with normal Bowden cables.
    6. tension free
    this means: the system functions without lateral pressure, which excludes the possibility of lateral swing.
    7. cables can be extremely close mounted
    ...without problem.
    8. easily operable system
    this means: according to the test report in mountain bike 12/97 «easy handling when changing gear or braking».
    9. super pressure point
    this means: even when bowed, the sheath is resistant to pressure
    10. aluminium and special steel
    this means: a great saving in weight and increased durability. materials and appearance have a high quality special steel finish.
    11. ready to assemble
    this means: the ready to assemble system, with cables manufactured from special steel, is supplied with everything required for mounting.
    12. successfully tested
    ... at the Tour de France.

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