• Princeton GRIT 4550

    Princeton GRIT 4550
    Our Grit 4540 was designed from the ground up to recalibrate your expectations from an all-road carbon wheelset. Lightweight? Got it. Amazing stiffness? Check. Versatile, snappy, fast, stable? Always. Ideal for climbing and all purpose..
    3,251.20 $
    Regular price: 4,013.82 $
  • Princeton Wake 6560

    Princeton Wake 6560
    The Princeton CarbonWorks Wake 6560 was conceived in 2012, with initial riding models completed in 2015. Since then, there have been 4 iterations of our flagship wheel, each offering improvements in aerodynamic performance and efficiency,..
    3,251.20 $
    Regular price: 4,013.82 $
  • Princeton DUAL 5550

    Princeton DUAL 5550
    The Dual 5550 ushers in a new era for Princeton CarbonWorks with a dedicated all-road wheelset designed around wider tires for life on and off pavement. The Dual 5550 was born when a better wheel was needed for Paris Roubaix 2021. The goal was..
    3,251.20 $
    Regular price: 4,013.82 $
  • Princeton PEAK 4550

    Princeton PEAK 4550
    Exceptional Handling. Ultra Lightweight. King of the Mountain. Peak 4550 Evolution is still available in every configuration, for every road rider and every bike: clincher/tubeless ready and tubular, disc brake and rim brake. Development..
    3,251.20 $
    Regular price: 4,013.82 $
  • Princeton MACH 7580

    Princeton MACH 7580
    Deeper. Faster. The new Mach 7580 was engineered to be faster than the deepest while still maintaining PCW’s trademark handling and responsiveness. The result is a wheelset under 1500g in disc brake form with an average depth of 77.5mm,..
    3,251.20 $
    Regular price: 4,013.82 $
  • Princeton CODA 9590

    Princeton CODA 9590
    The deepest wheel ever offered by Princeton CarbonWorks, the Coda 9590 has become the ultimate aero weapon for traditional spoked front wheels. 24 spoke, standard Sapim CX-Ray, with your choice of TUNE, Carbon Ti, White Industries,..
    3,467.94 $
    Regular price: 4,281.41 $
  • Princeton BLUR 633 V3

    Princeton BLUR 633 V3
    The wait is over. The Princeton CarbonWorks BLUR 633 V3 is now available as a single rear aerodisc. Tactic Hub Internals. Disc or Rim Brake. Ultra stiff rim featuring hole-less tire bed, and full monocoque construction. 970g total..
    3,197.01 $
    Regular price: 3,946.93 $
  • Princeton Mach Tri spoke

    Princeton Mach Tri spoke
    Launched June 29, 2022, the Mach 7580 TS is a tri-spoke evolution of the existing Mach 7580. Specifically designed for Time Trial and Triathlon, the Mach 7580 TS features a 20.5mm hook to hook tire bed and proprietary integrated one piece..
    3,160.89 $
    Regular price: 3,902.33 $
  • Princeton ALTA 3532

    Princeton ALTA 3532
    Princeton CarbonWorks Alta 3532; the shallowest and lightest wheel offered by PCW, designed to conquer the steepest of climbs. A natural evolution forward, Alta 3532 has a variety of unique features that make it a stiff, responsive,..
    3,251.20 $
    Regular price: 4,013.82 $

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