DT Swiss ARC 1100 Dicut Disc Brake

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Made to aerodynamically maximize your performance on flat to undulating courses with cutting-edge technologies. Developed together with the aero experts from Swiss Side, the full carbon rear disc wheel is made for disc brake bikes only and with its 20 mm rim inner width optimized for wider tires to reduce rolling resistance and increase comfort. At its center is the 180 DICUT hub with Ratchet EXP System and SINC ceramic bearings, the jewel in the crown. The ARC 1100 DICUT DISC inspires every time trialist and triathlete to pedal even harder.

Engineered in-house and aerodynamically optimized by our aerodynamic partner Swiss Side, the ARC 1100 DICUT DISC is composed of eight equally sized and symmetrically aligned glued carbon pieces, containing high-quality carbon fibers. The woven carbon layup strengthens the material structure while the ultralight foam plate inside supports a high lateral and torsional stiffness.

The disc wheel is shaped asymmetrically with a flat face on the drive side and a light convex face on the brake mount side in order to handle the asymmetrically acting drive and braking forces, but also to meet the space requirement for the rear derailleur. The valve hole is covered with a smooth-transitioning Carbon lid to ensure optimal aerodynamics and to minimalize turbulences. It is opened and closed tool-free with a 90 degree rotation.

Compared to an aerodynamically optimized deep section rim wheel, a disc wheel with its full cover is even more effective in acting like an airfoil. The airflow of the ARC 1100 DICUT DISC wheel flows along the rim surface as long as possible. In that way, the full cover prevents an “early” stalling and supports a calm, smooth and steady airflow behavior along the complete disc surface. The generated propulsion is thus higher and the resulting drag reduction in crosswinds more noticeable compared to the deep section rim wheel. Read more about translational drag and sailing effect.

Within the Aero wheel lineup, a comparison was conducted between the two setups ARC 1100 DICUT 80/80 (front wheel/rear wheel) and the ARC 1100 DICUT 80/DISC. Using the ARC DISC wheel in the rear reduces the drag force resulting in savings of 1.8 watts* in the needed weighted power to overcome the aerodynamic resistance of the bicycle. The 80/DISC setup shows a reduced drag level over the entire yaw angles (+20° to -20°) and an increased sailing effect at higher yaw angles of up to around 15°. These results demonstrate that this wheelset combination is the fastest setup among the DT Swiss Aero lineup.

The DT Swiss setup 80/DISC was tested against the Zipp 808/Super 9 Disc. The results from the wind tunnel show that measurable advantages for the DT Swiss setup over the Zipp setup were achieved: the Zipp setup requires about 2 watts more than the DT Swiss setup to overcome the aerodynamic resistance of the bicycle. In other words, the Zipp setup performs on the level of an ARC 80/80 setup.
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