DT Swiss ARC 1100 Dicut 62 Disc Tubeles

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DT Swiss ARC 1100 Dicut 62 Tubeles

ARC 1100 Dicut DB - The most advanced DT Swiss aero disc brake wheelset for new top speeds while handling the bike safely anytime

The latest generation of ARC 1100 DICUT wheels was developed in cooperation with SWISS SIDE, leading expert in aerodynamic optimization. Consequently, the new AERO+ rim profile minimizes both aero drag and steering moment to improve its aerodynamic and controlling in even strong cross wind. Thus, it makes it easier for the rider to keep the aero wheel under control while taking advantage of the forward-pushing sailing effect. The wheel setup is completed by the new DT Swiss aero spokes in combination with the sleek 180 DICUT hub including ultra-light running SINC ceramic bearings.


Material: Carbon.
Rim type: Clincher.
Inner width: 20 mm.
Outer width: 27 mm.
Recommended system weight max.: 110 kg.
Decal type: Waterslide.
Hub Type: DT Swiss 180.
Built-in dimension: 100 mm (front) / 142 mm (rear).
Freehub body: Shim. RD. 11SP Light S ASLS11.
Freehub system: Ratchet EXP 36.
Nipples: DT Pro Lock hidden aluminum.
Spokes: DT aero comp® II t-head.
Spoke pattern: Two-cross (1:1)
Weight: 776 g (front) / 900 g (rear).
ASTM classification: 1.


Tubeless ready DT Swiss rims have further advantages over conventional rims. The design of their cross section allows for the tyre to easily pop in place when inflated, and more often than not a standard floor pump is all that‘s needed. Also the elaborate profile of DT Swiss rims ensures a precise and safe fit of the tyre even when ridden hard.

The symbiosis of drag, handling and efficiency. When refining a wheel according to AERO+, the optimization of all parameters is subject to one single goal: higher speeds!

Translational drag: translational drag is the aerodynamic force in the riding direction that slows the cyclist down. If you want to be faster, the key is to reduce the aerodynamic drag of the complete system of road bike and cyclist as the force increases exponentially.
Sailing effect: In crosswind conditions, the cyclist and road bike are exposed to lateral forces that affect riding behavior. When developing wheels for road bikes, the aim is to minimize these lateral forces and maximize the sailing effect – combined with best rideability.
Quintessence of drag: In headwind and slight crosswind conditions, the cyclist is slowed down by drag. The watt values are positive (above the red line at +/-14° yaw) and drag is perceived as exhausting. However, lateral crosswind combined with high rim profiles support the cyclist positively. When the watt values reach the negative range (below the red line at 15-20° yaw), the cyclist benefits from the sailing effect of the wheel with propulsion.
Rotational drag: Rotational drag accounts for up to 25 % of total drag compared with 75 % for translational drag. Since the spokes are the link to the rim and hub, they take on significant importance that must not be underestimated in the fight against the wind.The lower the rim height, the less the influence of the sailing effect. Therefore, longer spokes in low rim profiles lead to higher rotational drag.
Steering moment: Lateral forces come into contact with the wheel and can influence rideability. Handling therefore needs to be safe and predictable, regardless of external weather conditions such as strong and changing crosswind and headwind. To achieve controlled speed, the AERO+ rim is further refined in this respect with lower steering moment. The cyclist benefits from more predictable, and thus controlled, steering behavior, resulting in longer periods in the aerodynamically optimal position and higher speeds.
Rolling resistance: Wider tires tend to have a positive influence on rolling resistance. Thanks to their greater volume, they have a broader contact patch and can be ridden with less air pressure without risking a pinch flat. In comparison with the narrower contact area of narrow tires, the contact area of wider tires is “shorter”. Thus, the tire deforms more easily and rolling resistance decreases.

Ratchet Exp

Simple maintenance: DT Swiss hubs are also known for the notool technology. DT Swiss also found a way to further improve this system and make maintenance even simpler, by a small change of the endcaps.
Freehub body conversion: Simplified due to easier disassembly.
Less Weight: Not only the reliability improved. The fusion of ratchet and threaded ring reduces the number of single parts of the system what offers an important advantage.
Less Wear: A single cylindrical spring ensures faster full engagement and thus increases reliability
Superior Reliability: The full engagement of the ratchets creates a large contact surface and therefore low surface pressure that leads to superior reliability.
Increased Bearing Lifetime: The integration of the bearing into the threaded ring allows the bearing distance to be maximized. The increased distance further supports the axis, which results in less deflection of the axle and thus protects the bearings and increases their lifetime.

Sinc Ceramic
SINC ceramic ball bearings have been developed by DT Swiss as a system. They are based on balls made from silicon nitride (Si3N4), an extremely tough and wear- and corrosion-resistant ceramic material. The bearing rings are made from a specially developed steel alloy, which is adapted to the properties of the specific ceramic material used and are precision ground. This combination reduces the rolling resistance to an absolute minimum and guarantees greater durability than conventional ball bearings.
But it is not just the bearing itself that is conceived as a system. It's only by using tolerances within a few thousandths of a millimeter and precisely tuning the tolerances of DT Swiss hub bearing seats that SINC ceramic bearings deliver their full potential and offer the decisive advantage over competing products.


x2 Tubeless tape 23 mm
x2 TL valve alu black 49-65 mm
SRAM XDR Road freehub body kit
x2 5 mm endcap Kit
x2 Valve guard
x2 Wheel bag
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