Cinelli 2020

  • Cinelli Supercorsa Pista

    Cinelli Supercorsa Pista
    Delivery time:12 weeks from order receipt The Cinelli Supercorsa is the world’s most iconic steel bicycle frame and has been in uninterrupted production for almost 70 years. The first Supercorsa was designed by Cino Cinelli, together..
    1,864.36 $
    Regular price: 2,485.81 $
  • Cinelli Tipo Pista

    Cinelli Tipo Pista
    Delivery Time: available since September The Tipo Pista is Cinelli’s Pop Art-simple urban fixed gear, fruit of its years of experience building the world’s fastest and wildest urban track bikes. Clean bold graphics, a smart track..
    796.73 $
    Regular price: 1,062.31 $
  • Cinelli Tutto Plus

    Cinelli Tutto Plus
    Delivery time:Only frame kit: available since October Complete bike: available since November More than any other brand in the world Cinelli has spent the last 15 years – since..
    597.55 $
    Regular price: 796.73 $
  • Cinelli Vigorelli Shark Track Alu

    Cinelli Vigorelli  Shark Track  Alu
    Delivery time:2-4 weeks from order receipt The most versatile Cinelli track frame is made of aluminum and used by the Team Cinelli Chrome and independent riders all over the world. The right frame to bank in velodrome turns, tackle tight..
    776.87 $
    Regular price: 1,035.75 $
  • Cinelli Vigorelli Track Steel

    Cinelli Vigorelli Track  Steel
    Delivery time: 2-4 weeks from order receipt The Cinelli Vigorelli Steel was introduced to the public in 2017 after more than a year of development and testing with Team Cinelli Chrome. It is the first production bike in the world designed..
    629.42 $
    Regular price: 839.23 $

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