Wilier 2021

  • Wilier Jareen 2021

    Wilier Jareen 2021
    Delivery Time: 4 to 6 weeks The Jareen is the new double-butted 6061 aluminum frame dedicated to the gravel world and built in Wilier Triestina style: with cabling integrated in the frame, differentiated diameter head tube, 27.2 mm diameter..
    1,768.70 $
    Regular price: 2,327.23 $
  • Wilier Jaroon 2021

    Wilier Jaroon 2021
    Delivery Time: 4 to 6 weeks he Jaroon is the new steel frame dedicated to the gravel world. A high-quality frame, welded with a special technique that hides all welding material inside, making the frame appear clean, and the seams flawless...
    2,026.63 $
    Regular price: 2,666.62 $
  • Wilier Jena Disc 2021

    Wilier Jena Disc 2021
    Delivery Time: 4/6 weeks Jena is a new carbon gravel bike, designed to give you more freedom of choice when you go out for a ride. Jena was designed to satisfy any of your needs, whether it is performance on dirt roads and single track, or adventure,..
    1,981.59 $
    Regular price: 2,607.36 $

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