Lightweight 2023

  • Lightweight Buegelhalter Stem

    Lightweight Buegelhalter Stem
    Please ask for size availability before ordering. Thank you. The perfect connection - the Lightweight BÜGELHALTER The stem BÜGELHALTER is the perfect connection between the Lightweight RENNBÜGEL or KOMPAKTBÜGEL and the..
    311.79 $
    Regular price: 389.74 $
  • Lightweight Leistungsträger Seatpost

    Lightweight Leistungsträger Seatpost
    Please, Before ordering, ask for availability. Thank you. Seatpost includes: Saddle adapters x 7mm and x 7x9mm stems, Lightweight Leistungsträger Seatpost - black/white The newly developed Lightweight 20mm offset seat..
    302.34 $
    Regular price: 377.93 $

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