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    We developed KEYWIN pedals in the early 1980's. Early models pre-dated other clipless pedals when three hole fixing systems were not available. Yes, we were the first twist out clipless pedal. Riders all round the world will remember the square shaped Speed pedal which led the charge to clipless pedals
  • Keywin
    In the late '80's, we produced the SL pedal to suit the three hole fixing systems and improve initial engagement.
    In the early '90's, the sophisticated CRM (controlled radial movement) pedal was launched to give the rider the best options of foot control.
    1995 was the launch of the Track Adapter option which has proved enormously successful in New Zealand and Australia and is now offered worldwide. (Note: Under no circumstances are the track adapters to be used on the road)
    And in 1997 the super lightweight reflector systems were offered for the first time.
    In 1999 we changed the end cap, dust cap and pedal body design. To the casual eye they look the same but both end caps and dust caps are now far more securely held in place. During factory assembly we now pack grease into the space between the inner bearing and the inner seal. This has two benefits. The inner seal is better lubricated and the odd occurance of a sqeak from the seal should no llonger occur. Secondly the inner bearing is better protected from water and its life should be considerably extended. Finally we changed the shoe plate washers from the origiinal zinc diecast to machined, plated mild steel. Weight has not been compromised but strength and the ability to really increase the shoe plate / shoe sole attachment tightness is increased enormously. The front washer is now round and the two rear washers square.
  • Keywin
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