French Designer and Manufacturer Based in Auvergne, our mechanical engineers design and develop spare parts for road, gravel and MTB bike. By choosing NOVA RIDE products, you are ensuring product quality and french service. Proudly designed, engineered handcrafted, and shipped all our parts from our office in Clermont-Ferrand, France. Our after-sales service, ensuring product monitoring, is also located directly in our office. Passion & Conception Created at the end of 2016 by passionate friends, during their training as Mechanical Engineers. Triathletes, avid cyclists, passionate people about cycling and engineering, we are at the center of the concerns that the world of sport today can take up. We design our parts with the aim of offering a quality product handcrafted in France at an unbeatable price so that it is accessible to as many people as possible. Carbon Ceramic Derailleur Cage When you ride your bike, hidden force is affecting your speed and efficiency : friction. If you want to enhance your performance, you must focus on every detail, especially on moving part that will affect directly friction. Choosing theses ceramic wheels and carbon derailleur will make you enjoy better performances and reduce friction, as well as add an extra color look to your bike.

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