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  • Dolce Vita
    Dolce Vita® is a life style, a way of seeing things, living life and at the same time a brand that identify several products in the cycling field. Born at the beginning of the new millennium, although the management enjoys about 20 years of experience in the bicycle field), this range of items is dedicated to all those cyclists who have an honest, clean and real passion for this fantastic sport.
  • Dolce Vita
    To all those cyclists who enjoy the pleasure of the fatigue,
    that find in cycling a moment of friendship other than simply sport but that at the same time
    have the sense of the competition, of the sport fairness and loyalty, of the correctness without
    any compromise with the doping.
    All Dolce Vita® items are sold to the general public exclusively through a selected network
    of professional dealers at extrimely competitive prices. With a very high value for money and a great
    ratio price/quality, Dolce Vita® items are manufactured by companies leaders in the world that enjoy
    lots of years of experience in the bicycle industry.
    Dolce Vita®, not for the first, not for the last but for all those who stand in the middle . . .
  • Dolce Vita
    All Dolce Vita® lenses and glasses are very high quality items manufactured according
    to the requirements of the European law 89/686 CEE in relation to the norm EN1836/1997 for
    quality standards. Our glasses are of such an high quality that the same even meet the
    American quality standards ANSI and are also approved by the F.D.A..
    Glasses may be distinguished by the ability to pick out details, the ability to judge differences in
    color and the capacity to recognize distances between objects near and far.
    Important characteristic of the cycling glasses is the one to protect the eyes from
    wind, sand, dirt and flying objects or insects. Very important is also the possibility for the
    racer to have the opportunity of changing lenses depending on the various light and weather
    conditions. Smoke lenses should be used in sunny days to reduce harsh glare from sunlight,
    coloured lenses are generally used in overcast days to improve optical contrast and vision
    and the clear ones are normally used at evenings and with bad weather conditions
    as they give complete and unaltered visibility.

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