• Astute
    Astute is the result of an Italian dream. The co-operation of a group of enthusiastic BUSINESSMEN and the best VENETIAN CRAFTSMEN specialized in creating and producing Made in Italy saddles, did all the rest: a RE VOLUTIONARY product. A series of International patents are the results of this symbiosis, making ASTUTE the first SMART SADDLE in the world, created for professional cyclists and for those who love cycling. ASTUTE is a wholly HAND MADE IN ITALY product which offers to the cycling field a new benchmark of Elegance, Comfort, Technology and Performance. Perfection through technology The superiority of ASTUTE saddle is due to a revolutionary SHAPE and PADDING. The SHAPE – the particular shape of ASTUTE saddle is realized thanks to a new ultralight double base with a U-OPEN shape that allows three times more padding capacity compared to what the market actually offers. This helps to keep the same dimensions of a traditional saddle while offering a greater comfort. The new U-OPEN shape of the saddle allows to lower the center pressure point while making it more aerodynamic and performing, in order to increase ergonomic features. Perfection through elegance In the ASTUTE saddles one can appreciate the manufacturers’ skill in all its parts. In the ASTUTE project, the BASE plays a leading role and thanks to the creation of double base system it is possible to create a saddle COMPLETELY FLAWLESS with no glue smear or unaesthetic staples, truly pleasing both sight and touch. The use of given painting process such as SOFT TOUCH finishing (the first one in this field) or the special FLUO permit to enhance the contents, making it a UNIQUE and RECOGNIZABLE product, whether is it on pose or moving.

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