• Chakra
    chakra Massage your body with every pression Chakra is the revolutionary, innovative insole, designed, produced and patented by the Cecchini development team. This is the summer and winter version. Add comfort and well-being throughout your body with every pression, through the application of reflexology. Optimize your posture, allowing for longer cycling periods, reducing pain in your back and loss of sensation or tingling feeling in hands and feet . More balance, less pain, better performance ... With the special winter version, we ensure that you'll never again have cold feet, thanks to the use of a particular fabric with woven strands of copper and cotton at the base of the arch support, enablling the insole to maintain a constant 37 °. using and conducting the heat from your body. Foot Reflexology Foot reflexology is one of the ancient natural healing techniques. It positively affects central control systems of all bodily activities, physical and psychic or through our nervous system. In each foot there are 7,200 nerve endings, extended links that weave through the spinal cord and brain, and further to all parts of the body. It is these nerve impulses that allow access to the organ or organs that are stimulated through the foot massage to be unlocked and subsequently rebalanced. The Reflex Points The entire human body contains a network of reflex points, but there are areas where nerve concentrations are more prevalent. These areas are located in peripheral parts of the body: head, hands and feet. The parts of our body that have the greatest concentrarion of nerve endings are the feet. Years of constant study and research has produced a definitive map of the various areas of the foot which correspond to specific internal organs. Several scholars have concluded show that massaging these areas, provides stimulative benefits. An ancient healing massage technique has been unearthed and found, in some cases proving to be effective in curing various diseases and ailments. There are those who believe that thorough and intense massage of the feet can determine the health of the entire body: through these beliefs emerged a method that is based on two types of research: the visual research and research of the reflex points and ailments. From this type of investigation, researchers have come to establish a map of the reflexes. Allowing treatment to be customised for your specific needs.

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