Gold Race Bearings

  • Gold Race Bearings
    gold-race The central movement is the main and most important position for the bearings in a bicycle. The GOLD RACE bottom bracket achieves such smooth running due to optimized design of its bearings and related components. Unlike traditional bottom brackets, these bearings are not incorporated into the frame. The combination of stainless steel high-performance ceramics and the electrolytically treated, improved geometry of the raceways and bearings utilising a new sealing concept that reduces friction to almost zero. All these points contribute to obtaining these essential advantages: - Unparalleled smoothness; - Increase in performance; - Considerable increase in reliability; An additional and equally important plus-point when considering GOLD RACE is that corrosion resistance is significantly increased when compared to traditional steel bearings. Every single ball-bearing has been designed to support a weight 5 times greater than traditional bearings, and this allows for better sealing and durability. If used in the appropriate manner, this can provide a life-span three times longer than a conventional bottom bracket. No special maintenance is required, only the same care, consideration and attention you would usually devote to a similar product. The only thing to avoid when cleaning is direct contact with the ball bearings.

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