• Lightweight Autobahn

    Lightweight Autobahn
    Delivery time: 3-6 weeks How do you make a carbon-spoked wheel even faster and even more perfect? Well, we make pretty light work of it! But what we do find difficult is to describe AUTOBAHN. Let`s start with a few keywords: propulsion,..
    2,431.90 $
    Regular price: 3,039.88 $
  • Lightweight Brake pads

    Lightweight Brake pads
    Lightweight Brake pads The new Lightweight brake pads are specially formulated for improved brake performance in combination with carbon fiber rims. They offer drastically improved modulation. The pads are supplied by the specialists..
    38.65 $
    Regular price: 48.32 $
  • Lightweight Edelhelfer

    Lightweight Edelhelfer
    As a fan of Lightweight, you are just as attentive to detail as we are. Like us, you focus not only on design, but also on function – on saving every last gram of weight. For that precise reason, we have taken a closer look at the components that..
    Best Seller
    72.47 $
    Regular price: 90.59 $
  • Lightweight Fernweg

    Lightweight Fernweg
    Delivery time: 2-4 weeks How do you make a fast and ultra-stiff carbon aero wheel even faster? We find out: Nothing could be easier. It`s hardly rocket science. If you increase your speed by a couple of mph, you`ll reach your destination..
    4,082.70 $
    Regular price: 5,103.38 $
  • Lightweight Gipfelsturm

    Lightweight Gipfelsturm
    How do you make an ultra-tough, high-profile carbon wheel impervious to the wind? Well, we make pretty light work of it! Time and time again we are confronted by conflicting objectives which don`t seem to be reconcilable. And it is these..
    3,156.64 $
    Regular price: 3,945.81 $
  • Lightweight Kompaktbügel

    Lightweight Kompaktbügel
    Comfort – Speed – Precision. The only choice! Road bike riding is your way of life: speed, motion, sport, lifestyle. Your bike is your racing machine, training partner, and a thing of beauty all in one. It should be customized to your unique..
    330.16 $
    Regular price: 412.70 $
  • Lightweight Meilenstein / Meilenstein Obermayer

    Lightweight Meilenstein / Meilenstein Obermayer
    How do you reconcile conflicting design objectives such as durability and featherweight construction, and make history out of an all-carbon spoked wheel? Well, we make pretty light work of it! We`d been looking for a wheel which would..
    Best Seller
    3,051.96 $
    Regular price: 3,814.95 $
  • Lightweight Meilenstein C Disc

    Lightweight Meilenstein C Disc
    Available since July 2106 We are proud to present Lightweight’s newest product, our first disc brake wheelset: MEILENSTEIN C DISC. Our new MEILENSTEIN C DISC wheelset combines german Engineering excellence with our long-standing,..
    4,010.23 $
    Regular price: 5,012.78 $
  • Lightweight quick release

    Lightweight quick release
    Lightweight quick releases SSP2 44 g (set) Lightweight quick release SCHNELLSPANNER For securely clamping your Lightweight wheels Approx. 44 g/set Installation dimensions FW: 100 mm / RW: 130 mm System weight max. 120 kg ..
    55.56 $
    Regular price: 69.45 $
  • Lightweight Rennbügel

    Lightweight Rennbügel
    You like to have a firm grip on things. You know where you want to go, and you like to steer your bike without compromises. We have the perfect handlebars for you. Not just any handlebars, but our RENNBÜGEL handlebars from Lightweight. Thanks..
    314.05 $
    Regular price: 392.57 $
  • Lightweight Rundkurs / Rundkurs Disc

    Lightweight Rundkurs / Rundkurs Disc
    Delivery time: 4-6 weeks How do you make a precise carbon track wheel even more precise? Well, we make pretty light work of it! The track circuit is a very unforgiving place. It doesn’t give the cyclist – or us – any quarter. There is..
    2,987.54 $
    Regular price: 3,734.42 $
  • Lightweight Urgestalt Schwarz

    Lightweight Urgestalt Schwarz
    Delivery time: 4 to 8 weeks How do you perfect the integration of a frame with our wheels - for the fastest chassis system of all time? It's easy: with URGESTALT, the first frame from Lightweight. Our aim was to create a perfectly matched..
    3,953.86 $
    Regular price: 4,942.32 $
  • Lightweight Urgestalt Weiss

    Lightweight Urgestalt Weiss
    Delivery time: 4 to 8 weeks How do you perfect the integration of a frame with our wheels - for the fastest chassis system of all time? It's easy: with URGESTALT, the first frame from Lightweight. Our aim was to create a perfectly matched..
    4,565.86 $
    Regular price: 5,707.33 $
  • Lightweight water bottle

    Lightweight water bottle
    Available in two sizes (500ml or 750ml), the RESERVETANK features a super-wide mouth for easy cleaning, and its classy minimalist graphics offer a stylish match with the Edelhelfer cage. Retail price on the 750ml bottle is 5 euros, and its..
    6.44 $
    Regular price: 8.05 $
  • Lightweight Wheelbag

    Lightweight Wheelbag
    Lightweight Wheelbag Lightweight Wheelbag for two Wheels - Black - Lightweight Logo *The sale of this product is excluded for customers in the United States, with the exception that it is an integral part in selling a complete..
    108.71 $
    Regular price: 135.89 $

News and arrivals

  • AX - Lightness Pelton MTB crankset

    Like all AX components was constructed this crank with the expertise and experience of the specialists..
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    421.86 $

    Colnago A1-r Donna

    Delivery time: 4-8 weeks. COLNAGO A1r DONNA designed to fit like a tailored suit You..
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    1,562.42 $

    Colnago Arabesque

    Delivery time: 4-8 weeks. ARABESQUE Even today, about thirty years since it was introduced..
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    2,426.07 $
  • Dedaelementi Superleggera

    Superleggera Lightness at the helm. The new Deda Elementi handlebar, made of a revolutionary..
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    301.27 $

    Garmin Edge Explore 820

    Available: end August 2016 GPS Bike Computer for Touring and Adventure Lightweight and..
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    301.27 $

    Garmin Vivosmart HR+ GPS

    Smart Activity Tracker with Wrist-based Heart Rate Plus GPS GPS tracks distance and pace while..
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    188.03 $
  • Kask Mojito

    size: M - 48-58 cm – 18-7/8 - 22-7/8 Inches L - 59-62 cm – 23-3/8 - 24-1/2 Inches weight: 220..
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    133.17 $

    Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon SL C

    Cosmic Pro Carbon SL C So fast, they need the best braking Ultralight full carbon clincher The..
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    1,570.27 $

    Mavic Crossroc WTS 26 / 27,5 / 29

    Crossroc WTS The first MTB Wheel-Tyre System : no brainer all-round tubeless solution Mountain..
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    294.43 $
  • Mavic Ksyrium Pro Carbon SL Tubular Disc CL

    Ksyrium Pro Carbon SL T Disc The light tubular carbon rimed Ksyrium for disc brake bikes The..
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    1,733.84 $

    Mavic Ksyrium Pro Disc

    Ksyrium Pro Disc The legendary Ksyrium Pro, smartly adapted to Road Disc, for the most epic rides When..
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    785.13 $

    Mavic R-Sys SLR

    R-Sys SLR The lightest clincher wheelset available now with a wider, deeper rim Road & triathlon..
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    1,373.99 $
  • Power Race Phantom 2

    PHANTOM II Frame made of Grilamid TR90™ material: very lightweight, impact resistant, secure,..
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    64.82 $

    Santini Giro Fashion 2014

    RE 942 75L4GI For all Giro lovers a great jersey with just a touch of Pink! Made of a lightweight..
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    70.46 $

    Solestar Kontrol

    View detail
    81.84 $
  • Wilier Cento10AIR Alabarda

    Delivery time: 4 to 6 weeks FLY IN THE FACE OF THE WIND Our storied past and racing heritage..
    View detail
    3,100.28 $