Road Disc

  • Guerciotti E740 Disc 2020

    Guerciotti E740 Disc 2020
    Delivery Time: 2/3 weeks E740 Disc is one of the lightest road racing frameset on the market, with a weight close to the world record. E740 Disc is a perfect weapon for the most difficult climbs. This stiff frame is printed with a unique..
    2,885.13 $
    Regular price: 4,121.62 $
  • Guerciotti Eclipse S Disc 2020

    Guerciotti Eclipse S Disc 2020
    Delivery Time 2/3 weeks The evolution of Guerciotti Bike Evolution and design. The Eclipse product family returns with the Eclipse S Disc, a disc brake frame conceived to be extremely lightweight. Integrated cables inside frame..
    3,608.46 $
    Regular price: 5,011.76 $
  • Guerciotti Eureka Air Disk 2020

    Guerciotti Eureka Air Disk 2020
    Available Now Delivery Time 3/4 weeks A technical wonder. A deep racing history like ours deserves tobe honoured. That’s why Guerciotti created Eureka Air Disc: our technical wonder, our masterpiece. Developed and tested on..
    3,315.64 $
    Regular price: 4,736.62 $
  • Guerciotti Italo Disc 2020

    Guerciotti Italo Disc 2020
    Delivery Time : 2 weeks Comfort for long-distance rides. Italo Disc is an endurance bike, tribute to the memory of our co-founder Italo Guerciotti. We’re talking about a less-extreme model then a racing one, but still stiff..
    1,709.07 $
    Regular price: 2,373.71 $
  • Guerciotti Navir Disc 2020

    Guerciotti Navir Disc 2020
    Delivery Time : 2 weeks NAVIR Rising star. Navir is a brand new racing bicycle with disc brakes and simplified mechanic release of the ultralight thru axle. We craft this frame with a various thickness carbon lamination, conceived..
    1,922.70 $
    Regular price: 2,670.42 $

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