Knickers / Tights

  • Assos H. Laalalaishorts

    Assos  H. Laalalaishorts
    A faultless fit is more than an aspiration, it’s a basic requirement with ASSOS cycling clothing. The importance of this is highlighted in the bib-less short, with no straps to hold everything in place. Rest easy: with these carefully designed..
    120.09 $
    Regular price: 150.11 $
  • Assos LL. Bonkatight's S7

    Assos  LL. Bonkatight's S7
    Our ultimate winter tights, the LL.bonkaTights_s7 provide maximum protection in the harshest conditions. Insanely warm, yet incredibly low bulk, these full-length bib tights employ our leading-edge fabric technology to give the ultimate..
    361.87 $
    Regular price: 452.34 $
  • Assos T. Campionissimo S7

    Assos  T. Campionissimo S7
    Meet the cycling shorts of our dreams. The T.campionissimo_s7 bib short does everything better, elevating the riding experience for everyone lucky enough to pull them on. Not only the speedy ASSOS racingFit cut but clickFit, a whole new level..
    321.58 $
    Regular price: 401.97 $
  • Assos T. Cento S7

    Assos  T. Cento S7
    The T.cento_s7 is a product of obsession. ASSOS set out to create the very finest long distance bib short; the resulting T.cento_s7 is an immaculate culmination of this mission. And quite possibly the most comfortable set of cycling shorts..
    232.92 $
    Regular price: 291.15 $
  • Assos T. Equipe S7 USA Cycling

    Assos  T. Equipe S7 USA Cycling
    As worn by our partners at USA Cycling, these special edition T.équipe_S7 racing shorts deliver serious performance and premium comfort relationship founded on excellence, ASSOS equip USA Cycling with the apparel required to take..
    184.56 $
    Regular price: 230.70 $
  • Assos T. GCN Pro Team Bibshorts

    Assos  T. GCN Pro Team Bibshorts
    Celebrating our collaboration with Global Cycling Network, these top-flight ASSOS cycling bib shorts sport GCN’s iconic colorway and can step in effortlessly for everything from your easy coffee rides to your next killer Gran Fondo. Appealing..
    160.38 $
    Regular price: 200.48 $
  • Assos T. GCN Pro Training Bibshorts

    Assos  T. GCN Pro Training Bibshorts
    Our partnership with Global Cycling Network needed apparel that would withstand the scrutiny and high standards of their elite-level presenters and the cycling-savvy audience. These GCN Pro Training bibshorts do just that. Denoted by..
    120.09 $
    Regular price: 150.11 $
  • Assos HabuTightsLaalalai s7 Woman

    Assos HabuTightsLaalalai s7 Woman
    A women’s full-length tight for riders who embrace year-round riding, the habuTightsLaalalai s7 are engineered from our revolutionary, proprietary, RX Heavy fabric - an industry-leading water-repellent and fast-drying material and..
    257.10 $
    Regular price: 321.37 $
  • Assos HK.laaLalaiKNichers_S7

    Assos HK.laaLalaiKNichers_S7
    Versatile and adaptable, these women’s three-quarter length cycling tights will keep you riding through early winter, spring and fall, whether you’re pushing the pace, racking up the miles, or simply spinning to the coffee shop. Designed..
    176.40 $
    Regular price: 200.48 $
  • Assos HL.tiburuThights S7 lady - blockBlack

    Assos HL.tiburuThights S7 lady - blockBlack
    The Comfort Revolution continues... after six years of _s5, ASSOS presents the new industry benchmark: _s7. This is the next generation of legendary Assos total comfort cycling shorts, incorporating patented features. The HL.tiburuThights..
    184.56 $
    Regular price: 230.70 $
  • Assos HL.tiburuTights_s7 Woman

    Assos HL.tiburuTights_s7 Woman
    Offering riders high-performing, quality, cycling apparel is at the core of the ASSOS identity. Since 1976 our reputation has been built on creating the very best cycling kit for every kind of rider and every kind of ride, and the HL.tiburuTights_s7..
    184.56 $
    Regular price: 230.70 $
  • Assos LL.haBu Tights_S7 blockBlack

    Assos LL.haBu Tights_S7 blockBlack
    What is it? This is our all-new, cutting edge Early Winter tight. Based on our S7 platform, these tights have been updated to give you a new level of performance. ALS climaRange Early Winter How to use it Riding in this climaRange..
    309.39 $
    Regular price: 351.60 $
  • Assos LL.milleTights_s7

    Assos LL.milleTights_s7
    What is it? Our everyday tight for winter riding. Designed to create a no-fuss product, ideal for those rides where you are in a rush to get out. Cut in our comfortFit, they have a price point that makes them ideal to take the abuse of daily riding..
    220.73 $
    Regular price: 250.85 $
  • Assos tiburuKnickersMille_s7

    Assos tiburuKnickersMille_s7
    The tiburuKnickersMille_s7 are three-quarter length bib tights optimised for spring and fall riding when temperatures fall. For over four decades ASSOS has been committed to engineering products that offer industry-leading comfort...
    160.38 $
    Regular price: 200.48 $
  • Santini BeHot Bibtight

    Santini BeHot Bibtight
    These bibtights are equipped with the BeHot technology. When functional BeHot stretches, it generates heat by decreasing the entropy. BeHot Heat Generating Technology minimizes the heat loss and keeps the warmth during and after the exercise. The..
    141.75 $
    Regular price: 202.50 $
  • Santini Core 2.0 Bib Shorts

    Santini Core 2.0 Bib Shorts
    Anatomically cut bib-shorts made from elastic and soft Papaya fabric. Innovative cut with high waistband and Y–cut braces on the back to ensure a perfect comfortable fit. Santini elastic leg grippers with internal anti-slip silicone grip...
    64.17 $
    Regular price: 91.68 $
  • Santini Core 2.0 Bibless Shorts

    Santini Core 2.0 Bibless Shorts
    Bibless version of the CORE 2.0 bib-shorts. Made from elastic and soft Papaya fabric. Innovative cut with high waistband to ensure a perfect comfortable fit. Santini elastic leg grippers with internal anti-slip silicone grip. MAX2 chamois..
    60.65 $
    Regular price: 86.64 $
  • Santini EGO 2.0 Bibtights

    Santini EGO 2.0 Bibtights
    The EGO 2.0 bib-tights are made of Blizzard thermofleece with warm and elastic inserts in soft thermoregulating Thermodream fabric to ensure maximum protection from the cold. Unbeatable comfort thanks to a special ergonomic knee cut that..
    105.78 $
    Regular price: 151.12 $
  • Santini Jupiter Bibtights

    Santini Jupiter Bibtights
    The JUPITER bib-tights are made of warm, breathable, windproof and water-resistant Windstopper X-210 free. Back panel and braces in Blizzard thermofleece keep you warm and provide maximum freedom of movement. The ergonomic knee cut allows..
    153.74 $
    Regular price: 219.62 $
  • Santini Mearsey 3/4 Bibless Knickers Women's

    Santini Mearsey 3/4 Bibless Knickers Women's
    Anatomically cut knickers in Thunderbike fabric, elastic and with light compression to reduce muscle strain. Great for anyone who prefers not to bare their legs, the MEARSEY 3/4 knickers incorporate a high Lycra® coloured waist band that..
    77.57 $
    Regular price: 110.82 $
  • Santini Rea 2 Tights Women's

    Santini Rea 2 Tights Women's
    The REA tights are made of soft and warm thermofleece. Unbeatable comfort thanks to the anatomical cut and the special knee inserts that allow greater freedom of movement without constriction. Rea is finished with a soft, high waistband that..
    87.45 $
    Regular price: 124.92 $
  • Santini Vega Bibtights

    Santini Vega Bibtights
    Never fear rain again! The VEGA bib-tights will ensure protection against rain thanks to the water-resistant Acquazero treatment that repels water, keeping you dry and warm. Maximum comfort and breathability thanks to the braces with transpiring..
    128.35 $
    Regular price: 183.35 $
  • Sportful Fiandre NoRain BibTight

    Sportful Fiandre NoRain BibTight
    FIANDRE NORAIN BIBTIGHT 1101397 Sizes: XS-3XL Weight: 354 g Concept: Extra protection from both wind and water in a tight that excels even in dry conditions. With an extra layer over the thighs, knees, and back, this tight..
    150.41 $
    Regular price: 200.48 $
  • Sportful Giara Over Short

    Sportful Giara Over Short
    GIARA OVER SHORT 1101747 Sizes: XS-3XL Weight: 258 g Technical overshort that will adapt to almost any riding style. Concept: Clean styling in a technical overshort that offers versatile simplicity. Four-way stretch..
    82.41 $
    Regular price: 109.81 $
  • Sportful Giro BibKnicker

    Sportful Giro BibKnicker
    GIRO BIBKNICKER 1101827 Sizes: XS-3XL Weight: 231 g The convenience of a 3/4 length is great for the early season CONCEPT Updated version of our knicker, still with the extra warmth of Thermodrytex..
    82.41 $
    Regular price: 109.81 $
  • Sportful Giro BibTight

    Sportful Giro BibTight
    GIRO BIBTIGHT 1101826 Sizes: XS-3XL Weight: 267 g Update on our everday classic bibtight CONCEPT We have updated our popular Giro Bibtight to give it a fresh look without loosing the classic design that matches vritually..
    82.41 $
    Regular price: 109.81 $
  • Sportful R&D BibTight

    Sportful R&D BibTight
    R&D BIBTIGHT 1101271 Sizes: XS-3XL Weight: 299 g Concept: Warm and comfortable, a perfect match for the new Alpha technology R&D jacket The advanced high-loft dual-layer fleece front of this tight makes it great in an..
    142.86 $
    Regular price: 190.41 $
  • Sportful R&D Strato BibTight

    Sportful R&D Strato BibTight
    R&D STRATO BIBTIGHT 1101812 Sizes: XS-3XL Weight: 417 g A new approach to winter cycling leg protection CONCEPT Designed to offer the fit and feel close to a traditional winter tight but with additional wind and cold weather..
    177.61 $
    Regular price: 236.75 $
  • Sportful Super Total Comfort BibTight

    Sportful Super Total Comfort BibTight
    SUPER TOTAL COMFORT BIBTIGHT 1101699 Sizes: XS-3XL Weight: 335 g We engineered this bibtight to get the best fit, warmth and wind protection possible without compromising performance and breathability. Concept: An..
    180.63 $
    Regular price: 240.78 $
  • Sportful Total Comfort BibTight

    Sportful Total Comfort BibTight
    TOTAL COMFORT BIBTIGHT 1101036 Sizes: XS-3XL Weight: 355 g Concept: The tight designed with one goal in mind: riding in comfort right through the winter. Three different fabrics, the 18mm Total Comfort seat pad and attention..
    150.41 $
    Regular price: 200.48 $
  • Sportful Tour 2 Wind BibTight

    Sportful Tour 2 Wind BibTight
    TOUR 2 WIND BIBTIGHT 1101153 Sizes: XS-3XL Weight: 312 g Windproof stretch bibtight for great warmth and windchill protection. Concept: Highly elastic windproof front panels combined with ThermoDrytex Plus fabric..
    112.63 $
    Regular price: 150.11 $
  • Tracemyworld Bib-Thighs by Santini

    Tracemyworld Bib-Thighs by Santini
    Tracemyworld Bib-Thighs: DDIESEL bib-tights, SUPER ROUBAIX base fabric, MILANO TERMOFLEECE sidebands, SUPER ROUBAIX bibs, COOLMAX TECHNO chamois, foot-loop SUPER ROUBAIX® Super Roubaix is a microfibre with..
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    93.69 $
    Regular price: 156.15 $

News and arrivals

  • Argon 18 Gallium Pro

    Gallium Pro 2018 From World Tour proven race machine to World Tour Race winning machine! The..
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    2,636.98 $

    Argon 18 Go!

    Argon 18 Go! carbon monocoque, weight 1180g New model 2018. Specificatin will follow..
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    1,078.27 $

    Colnago Concept

    Delivery time: 4-8 weeks. COLNAGO CONCEPT This frame has been developed to be as fast as..
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    2,907.48 $
  • Dedacciai Atleta

    Tech Data: Carbon monocoque T700 / T800 Frame weight 950 g (size M) Five sizes XS, S, M, L,..
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    1,717.89 $

    Dedaelementi Superleggera

    Superleggera Lightness at the helm. The new Deda Elementi handlebar, made of a revolutionary..
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    301.53 $

    DT Swiss RC 46 Spline H

    RC 46 SPLINE H A wheelset for those looking for maximum riding precision: carbon/aluminum..
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    1,125.82 $
  • Garmin Edge 820

    Product Available: end August 2016 GPS Bike Computer for Performance and Racing Lightweight..
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    341.72 $

    Kask Mojito

    size: M - 48-58 cm – 18-7/8 - 22-7/8 Inches L - 59-62 cm – 23-3/8 - 24-1/2 Inches weight: 220..
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    99.23 $

    Kuota K-Uno

    K-UNO is a complete novelty. A further step towards a top range endurance product with high-quality..
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    2,032.51 $
  • Officina Battaglin 1987

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    1,926.23 $

    Officina Battaglin Marosticana

    Delivery time: 4-6 weeks Overview Marosticana is the classic Officina Battaglin steel..
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    1,900.04 $

    Officina Battaglin Portofino

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    3,376.95 $
  • Officina Battaglin Power+

    Delivery time: 4-6 weeks Overview The mighty Power+ is the all-new Officina Battaglin..
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    2,178.09 $

    Tracemyworld Vest Full Windstopper by Santini

    Tracemyworld Vest: Full WindStopper, 75cm zipper, 1 back pocket with zipper, l Light..
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    93.69 $

    Xentis Kappa 2 CC 27,5" Clincher Carbon QR5/QR5 White Matt

    Delivery time: 2-4 weeks after the order Technology - KAPPA2 CC 27,5 QR5 / QR5 dimension:..
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    2,127.72 $
  • ZIPP 303 Firecrest Disc Clincher Tubeless ready

    ZIPP 303 Firecrest Carbon Clincher Tubeless 6-Hole Disc Wheelset, Convertible includes- Quick..
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    2,040.07 $