Rotor INpower-Pack Road including round chainrings

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Rotor INpower-Pack Road including round chainrings

The ROTOR INpower Road wattmeter crank measures the watt output you generate on one side of your left leg using opposing strain gauges in the bottom bracket axle. In addition, the crank is able to provide precise measurements of cadence, pedaling efficiency as well as power and torque effectiveness. The high-quality measuring technology is placed completely inside the axle and is therefore not only visually perfectly integrated, but also excellently protected. Expensive maintenance and battery changes in the workshop are not necessary. The commercially available AA battery provides enough juice for approx. 300 hours of training and the sealed battery compartment allows every driver to change the battery quickly in just a few minutes.

Scope of delivery:
Rotor INpower 170 or 172.5mm
Rotor DM chainrings around 50/34 or 52/36

Technical data INpower:
Material: CNC machined aluminum 6082/7075
Chainring mount: Direct Mount
Axle Ø: 30 mm (BB30)
Chainline: 43.5mm
Q Factor: 147.5mm
Crank arm length: 165 mm / 170 mm / 172.5 mm / 175 mm (please specify version)
Bottom bracket shell compatibility: BB30 / PF30 / PF30 BBright / BB386 / BSA / ITA / BB86
Data transfer: Bluetooth and ANT+
Battery/rechargeable battery: standard 1.5V mignon cell (AA)
Water resistance: IPX7
Weight: approx. 510 g (172.5 mm / without chainrings)

Protected against dust and water, as measuring technology is integrated in the axis
resistant to temperature changes
Measurement is made on the left side
easy battery change with a standard mignon cell (AA) (not included)
easy and intuitive tool-free calibration
Transmission via ANT+ and Bluetooth
Crank arms hollow drilled with “Trinity Drilling”.
Direct mount assembly of the chainrings
Compatible with single and double chainrings, oval and round in one-piece design (ROAD)
Adjustment of oval ROTOR Q-Rings chainrings accurate to 1°
Torque360 feature
Optimum Chainring Angle (OCA = optimum chainring angle)
Optimum Chainring Position (OCP = optimum chainring position)
updateable (can be run by yourself)
Compatible with almost all bottom bracket standards (UBB30)

ROTOR POWER analysis software:
All ROTOR power meters allow you to use the free analysis software ROTOR POWER for PC (available as a download from the Rotor homepage for Windows/Mac) and as an app for smartphone or tablet (available in the App Store for iOS or Google Play Store for Android) a foolproof analysis of pedaling efficiency. In addition, the software allows the adjustment and visualization of oval ROTOR Q-Rings and it can graphically display the force distribution of a 360-degree rotation. In this way, efficiency can be optimized in the shortest possible time and with little effort.

Pedal Smoothness:
This function shows you how fluid your pedaling movement is. It is the ratio between the average and maximum force in a crank revolution, measured in percent.

OCA ""Optimum Chainring Angle"":
This function allows you to determine for yourself at which angle of the crank arm you have the greatest force transmission. Especially when using oval chainrings, you can quickly determine the optimal chainring position.

OCP ""Optimum Chainring Position"":
The optimal chainring position with oval chainrings is important. OCP stands for the various adjustment options that ROTOR Q-Rings offer to adapt to the specific pedaling characteristics of the rider. You can determine your OCP by knowing your optimal chainring angle (OCA), which you can determine by performing a TORQUE 360 pedal analysis with ROTOR POWER analysis software. OCP is only available in connection with the ROTOR Q-Rings.

The INpower technology enables the representation of the effective torque acting on the pedals and shows the force distribution during a pedal revolution from different angles.
You can analyze the entire pedal stroke and see how the force is applied in both the down (positive) and up (usually a negative) phase of the pedal stroke.
The TORQUE 360 display is useful for learning your own pedaling pattern and improving pedaling technique.

Functional Threshold Power (FTP):
The Functional Treshold Power (FTP) is an important analysis value. It indicates what performance you can maintain for an hour without tiring. The values ​​are defined by means of a 20-minute FTP test and the training areas are then derived from them. This enables significantly more effective training control. Knowing your FTP value in competitions and on long climbs also helps you not to overpace and to use your strength more effectively. All in all, you are faster at the top or further ahead in the race.
Available technical data:
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