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All wheels for disc brakes come standard with adapters: 12 / 100mm & 12 / 142mm.

The exclusive option that takes your Lightweight wheel to a new level

What once started with a lot of work in a garage soon became a phenomenon for the professional bicycle world. Lightweight's carbon wheels took the roads by storm and were significantly improved with each new generation. It is not only thanks to the vision and knowledge, but also the dedication of the many people at Lightweight that every bike has become an icon in its field. But how do you improve something that is already nearly perfect?
Premium brands meet

The Lightweight Black ED wheel brings you one step closer to success. We have added an additional innovative component to all wheels of our Schwarz ED: Ball bearings from the brand CeramicSpeed. No matter if you are a professional or an amateur, this wheel gives you wings. On a long distance (e.g. Ironman) you can save up to 9 minutes of time. Decisive minutes between success and defeat. As an athlete, you benefit not only from the significantly greater durability of CeramicSpeed bearings. They also increase your performance. The low rolling resistance makes it easier to reach your goal, increases your speed and makes you more effective. Speed and fun in a perfect combination.

Just like Lightweight, CeramicSpeed follows the same philosophy: the use of the best available materials, years of experience in the bicycle industry and high-quality handmade production. This makes the CeramicSpeed ball bearings a product of the highest professional level.

The features of the Lightweight Black ED at a glance

With the Black ED, all logos and lettering on the rim are black. For all fans of understatement and cool elegance, the Schwarz ED is the right choice. Each wheel is also equipped with handmade CeramicSpeed ball bearings. So the black beauty becomes even faster and more exclusive!


Keep Climbing – Discover new power on the way to the top
On the way to the top you need more than just power

To keep up with the top field, you need material that provides you with precision, performance and safety. Thanks to a unique stiffness to weight ratio, OBERMAYER EVO transforms every step of yours into maximum propulsion without any loss of energy. And with only 1.230 grams total weight, it is one of the lightest disc wheel sets available. OBERMAYER EVO is Lightweight’s ultimate performance disc wheel and is suitable for (mountainous) roads, training and competition.
Available in the following versions

Lightweight OBERMAYER EVO is a performance disc wheel made entirely out of carbon and is available in the Standard Edition as well in the Schwarz ED.

Incredibly light - unbelievably stiff

Our OBERMAYER EVO is the further development of the popular MEILENSTEIN OBERMAYER wheel and available as a disc model. The tubeless version offers you the best stiffness to weight ratio with maximum heat resistance. OBERMAYER EVO is particularly light and one of the lightest, most exclusive and most powerful disc wheelsets in the world.

When it came to the OBERMAYER EVO, our engineers didn’t leave anything to chance. That’s why they used LCC-Carbon, which has already been successfully tested and used in aerospace. Thanks to the Active Foam Core, we were once again able to save on weight and at the same time increase stiffness. Weighing in at only 1.230 grams, it is one of the lightest full carbon disc wheel sets available at the moment. The proven Rim-to-Rim design, combined with the Lightweight Performance Shape, ensures breathtaking acceleration. The full carbon spokes are directly connected to the wheel and, thanks to especially optimized CFRP fibers, make for unparalleled braking precision. The innovative Pentagon SL Hub is 60 grams lighter and improves heat dissipation during braking, subsequently increasing safety on long descents. The maximum allowed system weight of OBERMAYER EVO is 100 kilograms.

Less energy consumption during ascents and increased braking performance during descents – that is OBERMAYER EVO.

Lightweight Performance Shape

Lightweight wheels are perfectly geometrically matched. The rim with the Active Foam Core, the Pentagon Hub design, as well as our Rim-to-Rim spokes are perfectly connected to each other and allow the ultra-light and stiff construction of the Lightweight wheels. The monocoque construction of our wheels utilizing LCC-Carbon is very elaborate and ensures an excellent stiffness-to-weight ratio (STW). When seen in cross-section, our rim and the directly connected spokes form an X - this construction results in significantly less torsion on the wheel and even more of your power is transferred directly onto the road.
Rim-to-Rim Design

Normally, the spokes are connected directly to the rim via the hub. In Lightweight wheels, the carbon spokes run from one side of the rim over the hub to the other side of the rim. The Rim-to-Rim Design makes for increased torsional and lateral stiffness that cannot be achieved with conventional spokes. Our spokes can handle tensile forces of up to 1,800 kilograms. This interlocking connection of the carbon spokes eliminates any deformation and provides breathtaking propulsion.
Active Foam Core

On the Inside of the rim is our high-performance foam core, called Active Foam Core. Through a patented process, we can build our wheels not only lighter, but also gain significantly more stiffness. Compared to conventional designs, the Active Foam Core has a damping effect and consequently ensures a smooth ride.

Not all carbon is the same. There are various quality and also price levels. For our wheels we use only the carefully selected material, namely Lightweight Custom Composite – LCC-Carbon, which we use as a certified manufacturer, among others, for our industrial projects in the aerospace industry. It meets our high-quality standards and sets new standards, both in terms of stiffness and weight, without compromising on durability and safety.
Pentagon Hub

Our engineers have developed a unique hub for maximum power transmission. The Pentagon Hub design is the technological heart of every Lightweight disc wheel. The Pentagon hub can be used as a standard and SL version in various lightweight wheels. In the SL version, the hub shell was again reduced by 60 grams weight and aerodynamics were improved, too. The hub shell ensures an extremely secure connection between our wheel and the brake disc. This reliably dissipates the high heat that flows from the brake disc to the hub. For the rider, this means increased safety, especially on descents. For cyclists who strive for maximum performance, we offer the hub optionally with CeramicSpeed bearings.

The essential features of OBERMAYER EVO are:

Performance disc wheelset
One of the lightest full carbon disc wheelsets with 1.230 grams total weight
Using special high-modulus CFRP fibres
Unique layup with a new carbon structure provides a smooth ride at high stiffness
Innovative, 60 grams lighter Pentagon SL Hub and EXP technology
Disc wheels for precise and safe braking performance
Tubeless technology for improved rolling characteristics
High stiffness and consequently direct power transmission without any loss of energy
Maximum acceleration due to optimum stiffness to weight ratio
Light and robust with high directional stability
Perfectly suitable for (mountainous) roads, training and competition
Manufactured with extreme precision and low tolerances
Compatible with common groupsets (Campa, SRAM, Shimano, etc.)
Available in Standard Edition as well as in Schwarz ED

The wheelset for your race bike is equipped as follows

Lightweight 28" race bike wheelset
Carbon tubeless wheelset for race bikes
Disc brakes
24 mm rim width
Front and rear wheel with 20 full carbon spokes, respectively
Pentagon SL Hub
EXP technology: Easily interchangeable rotor for Campagnolo, Shimano and SRAM
The Schwarz ED additionally offers simple clarity due to understatement: increased longevity, decreased rolling resistance (thanks to Ceramic Speed bearings) and spokes, rims as well as logos are in black

Every Lightweight wheelset is carefully handcrafted in Germany. As a result, slight deviations in colour and surface structure may occur. This is a characteristic quality feature of the high-quality manufacturing process. Lightweight stands for premium quality "Made in Germany".
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