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Once upon a time there were aero road bikes focused only on aerodynamics ... then times have changed and here comes the 795 BLADE RS, the LOOK revival of a model that fulfills all the dreams of cyclists on the road.

The 795 BLADE RS cleaves the air, offering an unparalleled relationship between stiffness and weight in the category of aero bikes and does not lose traction as is the case with other bikes, thanks to the triangular rear design and the possibility of mounting wider tires. Both brake variants are available, skate and disc, so, regardless of the cyclist's choice,
there will always be a 795 BLADE RS waiting for him.

In short, the 795 BLADE RS boasts so many features that it is rightly considered the fastest, most fluid and most versatile bike that LOOK has ever produced.


A fast bike is a bike capable of transmitting the highest percentage of the force impressed by the cyclist on the road, to generate a forward thrust.

Our new 3S TECHNOLOGY is based entirely on rear wheel drive. Thanks to longer and more curved sheaths, without bridge (both in the disc brake version and in the skid brake version) and to the optimization of the mix of the sheets which allows the vertical movement while maintaining the lateral rigidity of the rear triangle, we offer the cyclist not only traction but also comfort.

One of the advantages of increasing traction and comfort in the rear triangle is that the bike does not rely on a flexible seat post for the benefit of more efficient pedaling!


LOOK is one of the first bike manufacturers to use digital fluid dynamics calculation (CFD) software to optimize the design of new bikes. It seems like child's play but it takes a lot of experience to exploit and understand the full potential of a CFD. Only the eyes of an expert can decipher and dialogue with the results of these calculations. LOOK collaborates with one of the world's leading aerodynamic experts in Formula 1.


The 795 BLADE RS was conceived with the need for easy maintenance and cable integration in mind. It is compatible with both electronic and mechanical units and has specific frames for disc brakes and skid brakes.


4 seat post positions:
Misalignment from 54 mm to -6 mm column angle from 71.8 ° to 78.4 °

6 attack measures:
From 80 mm to 130 mm



Since the arrival of LOOK in the world of cycling, in an age in which metal was the master, our choice of materials has always been oriented towards carbon. For over 30 years, LOOK has developed a unique product knowledge and 360 ° carbon know-how within its production sites to achieve certain characteristics desired by cyclists.

Once the optimal shapes have been shaped, our technicians focus on the processes and on the mix of carbon sheets for the individual parts of the bike, with meticulous precision, the same that allows us to achieve our goals: the creation of a super fast bike in which aerodynamics, lightness and rigidity are not neglected and that know at the same time offer excellent traction.
The carbon sheet mix is ​​fundamental for us, as it translates into the selection, for each location, of the right fibers, the correct orientations and the appropriate thickness (number of sheets), as well as suitable reinforcements, where needed. For example, the area of ​​the lower bracket must support greater forces than the head tube, and the same applies to the individual parts of the frame and fork: here is an aspect in which the LOOK know-how makes a huge difference


The new 795 BLADE RS is made with a mix of different carbon fibers. We associate the fibers to optimize the different performance parameters.
HM: High Modulus
High-end fibers. Their degree of rigidity is really high, about double compared to HR. These fibers are used with full knowledge because they are much more fragile. HM fibers allow for greater rigidity with minimal weight gain.

IM: Intermediate Modulus
Good resistance places them halfway between HM and HR, of which they are a valid complement.

HR: High Resistance
Very resistant fibers, less rigid in deformation in traction but more resistant to shocks and deformations, very useful in areas of greater stress and also where deformation control is required, to the advantage of riding quality of the bike.

Technical Spec

Frame Very High Modulus UD Carbon Finish
Seatpost LOOK AEROPOST 2. Carbon 400 mm
Saddle LOOK by San Marco Short Fit Dynamic Narrow Open Fit
Stem LOOK ADS ( XS 90 / S 100 / M-L 110 / XL 120 )
Handlebar LOOK ADH 2.1 Carbon ( XS 38 / S 40 / M-L 42 / XL 44 )

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