Time Alpe Huez 01 Rim Brake Frameset 2022


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THE ALPE D’HUEZ 01 is more than a match for its namesake climb clinging to the slopes above the Bourg d’Oisans valley. To tackle mythical ascents everywhere, we’ve created a legendary bicycle – at under 900g, the Alpe d’Huez 01 is the lightest frame TIME has produced. A simple look at the scale, however, doesn’t reveal the agility and comfort of this remarkable machine. By blending Vectran© fiber with high-strength and high-modulus carbon, we’ve orchestrated the perfect balance of mass, rigidity and deflection – the key ingredients for a climbing virtuoso.

IS IT YOUR TIME? The Alpe d’Huez 01 rider is looking for top performance with contemporary styling and appreciates the stiffness and precision of a racing frame with elegant forms and clean lines.
Climbers looking for low weight and powerful ‘roleurs’ who enjoy torturing frames will both appreciate the ruthless efficiency of this no-nonsense machine.

• High performance monocoque road racing
• BCS, RTM and AKTIV technologies
• Six Sizes
• Disc or Rim Versions
• Standard Fork
• Seatpost Included

Resin Transfer Moulding is the best way to minimize defects in the frame structure. By laying up dry fibers and then injecting resin at high pressure between rigid external AND
internal molds, air pockets and voids are elim- inated. Unlike the industry-standard prepreg
layup and air bag moulding, RTM quality is uniform and consistent yielding a beautiful
near-finished product. While the RTM process is ubiquitous in aerospace and high-end auto- motive applications, it’s almost unheard of in cycling and your TIME is unique.

Braided Carbon Structure is the weaving of dry fibers into complex bi-directional ‘socks.’
These tubes of fiber are easy to tune with dif- ferent materials – TIME currently choses from 16 filaments to perfectly tailor our layups.
This process also allows something that is un- heard of in the cycling world; continuous fibers that run the full length of a structure. With
standard prepreg layup, fibers end where the sheets do, creating inherent weaknesses.
BCS is the way we’ve always made our
products and we’re the one of the only bike manufacturers doing it.

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