Argon 18 E-119 Tri+ Disc Frameset 2021


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ARGON 18 E-119 TRI+ DISC 2021

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The E-119 Tri+ gains discs – but that’s just the beginning. In an industry first, we’ve integrated the brake calipers into the frame, for an aero advantage. Integration throughout the design also means a hidden toolkit in the BB, an integrated bento box and a fully re-designed cockpit. That this bike is aero goes without saying – but our focus was on full-system aero integration: bike and rider, plus all carry-ons. The new E-119 Tri+ Disc offers up to a 10W advantage over the previous-generation E-119, considering frame optimization, system integration, and compatibility with advanced aero components, such as wheelsets. When optimal rider position is factored in, using new fit range capabilities, it can add an additional advantage.
Ideal for

Triathletes who are laser-focused on all aspects of performance: fit, nutrition, components, power transfer, and the hunt for innovation. This is your race-day weapon.

Core Technologies :

Oneness 3.0

Our collaboration with Mat Steinmetz from 51 Speedshop for the redesign of the E-119 Tri+ Disc cockpit resulted in a fit-first approach to provide maximum versatility and adjustability – and a focus on aero optimization of the rider’s position. Quite simply, the most aerodynamic frame possible won’t help if the rider cannot maintain the aero profile for a long race, such as a full Ironman. While our new bar can achieve a +5cm more upright position, the basebar can be flipped for a highly aggressive setup. The monocolumn system is extremely easy to adjust and easy to travel with. A sleek, streamlined look was achieved with completely hidden electronic shifting cables (both Di2 and AXS), and the integration of the usually-protruding brake fluid reservoir into the basebar – also allowing us to achieve aero gains. And we’ve done away with bar tape, having designed custom grips that fit tightly on the bar, and also closely integrate Di2 or AXS Blips for electronic shifting.

Integrated Nutrition

Many toptube bento boxes are too small for the nutrition needs of a full Ironman. Athletes need to find a solution, so they often place this extra nutrition outside of the bento box – often simply taped to the frame - leading to an aero penalty. Our integrated bento box solves this problem by including a reservoir within the toptube. Specifically designed for full IM nutrition needs, our integrated bento box significantly increases the capacity over our previous model, from 288ml (previous-generation E-119) to 405ml (E-119 Tri+ Disc). The bento box can be removed and cleaned as needed, and the box is closed, with only a few small vents to allow for rain or sweat to drain. This means there is no risk of any of the contents falling into and getting lost in the frame.

Integrated Toolkit

Our integrated toolkit is located at the BB, the optimal position to provide easy access with no structural or performance penalty. The BB solution also provides the best results in terms of weight position, usability, and accessibility. The weight and placement of the kit doesn’t affect ride quality, being virtually imperceptible to the rider, even when out of the saddle. It also provides an aero benefit when measured against the common practice of strapping tools directly to the frame, or using an external toolkit. The integrated kit features a sleek zippered pouch with elastic cords to hold tools securely in place while riding, and is easily accessible through a panel on the BB.

Integrated Disc Brakes

Argon 18 introduced the world’s first integrated disc brakes on the E-119 Tri+ Disc, completely hiding the calipers as well as the hydraulic cables and reservoirs, for a clear aero advantage. As we began the development of these brakes, we could see right away that the main challenge with this design was that the brake caliper was less exposed to airflow and could therefore heat up more than in a normal configuration. Our unique solution is a design that includes an air duct to allow for airflow over the brake pads, ensuring proper heat dissipation and maximum braking power. Using CFD analysis on the front caliper in a comparison of the aero performance of the integrated disc brake against a standard disc brake, we found that the aero improvement of integrated disc brakes offered a 1W advantage on a flat road for a 300W riding power, or a savings of 10 seconds over 100km on a flat road for a 300W riding power. We also found a 25% decrease of CdA, when looking at the caliper, disc and surrounding fork surface.
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