Look Frame R96 Speed EVO 2020, Size XS, 35% discount

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Look Frame R96 Speed EVO 2020, Zed T1

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The R96 is “THE” track bicycle of choice for champions. Developed for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, it is the comprehensive product of all of LOOK’s carbon technology and track experience. This bicycle resembles no other. It was designed to handle the power of the world’s strongest track cyclists, permitting them to hit phenomenal speeds.

The R96 has distinct feature of being equipped with a crank that may be installed on either the right or left side of the bicycle. Its exclusive “SEAT MAST” system, tailored for the seatpost, allows track specialists to use their bicycle for Time Trials or pure speed events. The R96 is available in SPRINT or PURSUIT versions.

HM: High Modulus. “High-end” fibers. Their stiffness is very high, on average double that of HR fibers. The HM fibers permit more rigidity without the added weight. LOOK bicycles are made with either HM 3K or 1.5K fibers, the latter having a finer weave, and therefore lighter (ie. a 1.5 fiber =1500 threads in 1 fiber).

HR: High Resistance. Fibers made from the shortest carbonization process. Their stiffness is the weakest of all but they benefit from a greater stretch resistance before breaking, which makes them a useful compound for product durability. The products produced solely using HR fibers are heavier because more material is necessary to obtain a desired rigidity.

IM: Intermediate Modulus. These fibers have good durability and their characteristics fall in between HM and HR which makes them a good complement.

A 100% HM carbon monobloc crank with hollow arms and an aerodynamic design. Two times more rigid than a traditional track crankset, it blows all the stiffness ratings out of the water yet weights only 450g. Interchangeable, it may be mounted on either the right or left side of the frame.

This handlebar, specially developed by LOOK for use on the track, contributes to improving the overall aerodynamics of the bicycle due to its flattened tops and extremely reduced drop. The stem is therefore almost positioned at horizontal and by consequence, airflow is unhindered. The reduced drop, part of its innovative design, allows the forearms to move readily which is crucial in maximum power phases.

This handlebar is designed under the UCI 3:1 guidelines and simultaneously combines all the rigidity of HM fibers, the technical qualities of pre-impregnated unidirectional fibers and a high pressure molding process.

The new “Seat Mast” or new seat post is very light, stiff and easy to adjust. It allows a 20mm height adjustment without the need to recut the seat tube. Two seatpost head clamp sets are available permitting a large range of fore and aft adjustment, from +35.5mm to -54.5mm (center of the saddle).

The “Seat Mast” allows the mounting of saddles with 7mm round rails, up to 9mm ovalised rails, and even those with a Monolink. And finally, an adjustment process so precise, it is possible to raise the height by 1 millimeter increments up to 12 mm thanks to its micro-spacers.

The LOOK track stem is hollow, compressed carbon monobloc structure. LOOK uses high-pressure, compressed carbon technology to optimize the mechanical strength without loosing any rigidity. A new system (LOOK trademarked) allows continuous angle adjustments via a friction cone in order to have a finest height adjustments possible regardless of the length of the stem.

The end cap of the stem is completely integrated to conserve aerodynamic performance. Available in 18 sizes, from 55mm to 140mm in 5mm increments.

The fork has very rigid and perfectly aerodynamic dropouts, and in particular a horizontal grain in relation to the ground. These fork end dropouts allow the use of either thru axle or traditional QR skewered wheelsets.

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