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Delivery time: 2 week , available from mid-April 2020
This product is available only in European countries.

THE FUTURE OF E-ROADSCento10 Hybrid is the racing bicycle with pedal assist that sets a new, very high, standard for the category. There are so many aspects that make it unique on the market: aerodynamics, total integration, lightness and greater riding safety, just to name a few.With the Cento1 Hybrid, we already reached a high level of quality in pedal assist racing bikes. Now, with the Cento10 version, we reach heights of construction quality that were unimaginable until a short while ago.You can redefine the limits of your own experience on a racing bike with with a design and level of integration that make it even more similar than ever to a traditional racing bike.

Weight10,5 KG +/- 5%

Although weight was not an issue in the e-bike world until a short time ago, lightness has become a value determining product quality, performance and usability. With Cento10 Hybrid, we have decreased the frame’s weight by 7 %*.Integration, with the integrated monocoque handlebar Alabarda and a lightweight frame that weigh in at just 10,5 kg in the top configuration.

With user, route and use being equal, we can save 4,5 % of the battery charge. This major saving further expands the horizons of Cento10 Hybrid riders.

In common with Wilier's other road-racing bikes, all of the Cento10 Hybrid’s cables are integrated inside the frame. We chose this solution not only for its sleeker looks, but also to improve performance. In addition to hiding the cables inside the Alabarda handlebar and the frame, we also improved aerodynamics thanks to the tubes we used on the Cento10 Hybrid.

Smaller volumes, smaller surface area exposed to the air and truncated tail profiles improve aerodynamics by 8 %, with respect to the Cento1 Hybrid.

Cranks 172.5 mm for all bikes.

For curiosity about the specifications, visit the Wilier website or send us an email.

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