Vittoria Elusion Carbon Disc 30 2020 CL-TLR, Promo

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Wheelset Vittoria Elusion Carbon Disc 30mm, Grey decals, Clincher/tubeless

The Elusion Carbon RR Disc is the supreme choice for all round road cycling performance. Equipped with disc brakes, this wheel set offers confidence-inspiring, responsive stopping control. A stiff, 30mm rim depth, ensures a light weight construction for improved efficiency. The tubeless ready, 17C rim delivers reactive handling and acceleration to keep you ahead of the pack in any conditions. Vittoria's SwitchIT® hub design ensures a perfectly balanced spoke tension, making your wheels acutely responsive to your demands.

Benefits of graphene 2.0 in carbon wheel applications
The addition of this nano-technology material results in a faster, stronger, more resilient carbon-composite material. Similarly to tyres, when applied to wheels, graphene filled the holes in between the carbon molecules bonding with them. As a consequence, results displayed that carbon wheels increased lateral stiffness, improved resistance, became lighter and boosted heat dissipation. Moreover, one of the key findings was that graphene-enhanced carbon wheels for tubeless tyres are now able to be used at higher air pressures and experience enhanced braking in all conditions.

Graphene 2.0-enhanced composites have up to 50% improved material properties. Tests carried out by Vittoria r&d engineers, confirmed by external laboratories, found that introducing graphene into the rim’s carbon-fiber matrix has a great positive impact:

graphene 2.0 reduces temperature build-up
graphene 2.0 increases material strength by up to 20%
graphene 2.0 improves lateral stiffness
graphene 2.0 enables further weight reductions for future products by up to 150 grams/per wheelset

Asymmetric design
By balancing spoke angles on both left and right sides of a wheel, an asymmetric rim offers a laterally stiffer wheel. This is crucial on disc brake wheels, where the brake disc mount displaces the hub flange to the hub center. The 2.5 mm offset from center on asymmetric rims minimizes differences in spoke tension and equalizes spoke-lacing angles, making for a stiffer, more stable wheel.

Vittoria switchit® technology road hub
All road wheels are built on a hub designed and developed by vittoria. Produced to meet the highest possible standards of quality, vittoria’s switchit® hub features industry-proven parts for supreme performance, time and time again. The spokes, whether round-section or bladed, are straight-pull and specially produced for vittoria. Straight-pull spokes have been specifically chosen over j-bend spokes as they offer superior strength and are thus less prone to failure. Rear wheel hubs feature an oversized drive-side flange, with spokes laced in a 2:1 ratio. This creates the perfect balance in spoke tension on each side of the wheel, which makes for an ultra-responsive ride.

Freewheel system
Most of Vittoria’s road wheel options feature the switchit® freewheel system. Cassettes mount on a freewheel body that can be removed quickly and replaced without the use of tools. This allows for simple gear ratio adjustments to suit the conditions. Vittoria’s switchit® technology works seamlessly with Shimano, Campagnolo or SRAM cassettes.

Discipline road
astm f2043 category 1
rim material carbon
rim width clincher (int-ext) 17 - 24 mm
braking system disc
front axle compatibility* 12mm axle
rear axle compatibility* 12mm axle
front wheel spokes 24
rear wheel spokes 24
spokes: material stainless steel
spokes: profile technology butted straightpull
nipples brass black
front hub vabf
rear hub vkar
bearings sealed: 2 front, 4 rear
weight limit (iso)** 125kg
fwb version shimano, campagnolo
* adapters for different axle spec available ** iso weight limit includes rider and bike.

Elusion carbon disc 30c 1656g
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