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The new model 785 HUEZ RS. A bike with an essential design, designed and designed for ever greater lightness and effectiveness, in the mountains or on the plain.
The comfort on the bike is therefore given by the use of specific fibers, but also by the use of a seat post in HR carbon (and therefore flexible) with a diameter of 27.2 mm. This diameter is actually the section that allows the greatest flexion, ensuring resistance to any test. LOOK designers and engineers first of all wanted to make the lightest bike possible with optimal behavior, focusing essentially on effectiveness.
The new 785 HUEZ RS is a concentrate of pure technology with nothing superfluous. Its design and the shapes of its tubes have been optimized to achieve the best possible inertia for each section, allowing the production of a 5.9 kg production bike .

With over 30 years of know-how, expertise and experience in carbon technology, our engineers define the position and orientation of each of the thin layers of carbon that make up each tube at our factories in an extremely precise manner.

To create the 785 HUEZ RS we therefore started by studying and optimizing all tube shapes. Optimizing the shape means defining the design that provides the best inertia for each tube, that is choosing the section and the size that offer the best weight / rigidity ratio.
We have therefore opted for an essential and classy design based on a very precise study of our design office entirely dedicated to the search for effectiveness, to create an ultra light bike with the best possible behavior. The chosen tube thickness is 0.6 mm.

After calculating the best section, it remains to define the best carbon composition to achieve our goal: to make the best mountain bike. Here the recipe is a bit like the one for gastronomic cuisine: to make the best dish you need the best ingredients. LOOK has therefore selected the best carbon fibers included in the ultra high modulus carbon to design the 785 HUEZ RS. We have therefore chosen 5 different types of carbon, all selected as the best in terms of quality in each of their categories.

Technical Spec
Frame UD Carbon-finish High Modulus carbon frame. Ultra light High-modulus carbon fork. Ultra light integrated headset compatible seat post diameter 27.2 mm

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