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The Eureka SHM50 is manufactured with a composition of carbon material composed with 75% 30 tons High Modulus IMS60 carbon pre-peg + 20% 46 tons Ultra High Modulus HS40 Carbon Pre-Peg+ 5% 60 Tons Super High Modulus XN-60 Carbon Pre-Peg.

The material system applied includes a high performance composite material technology and special graphite fibre and epoxy resin. The same system is commonly used in aeronautics, aerospace and automobile industry.

The Eureka SHM50 is made with an innovative process called Advanced VaBm+EPU, this ensures a high level moulding process, thanks to a unique technology that ensures essential feature like:

Light weight and extremely high values of STW (Stiffness To Weight). The system Advanced VaBm (bladder moulding process under vacuum control) is a process where the air inside the carbon layers will be pumped out during the moulding process. The stiffness and strength of carbon frame with VaBm increases around 3% compare with the regular bladder moulding without vacuum control.

Appyling the system EPU (Expanded PU Shell) inside the lugs such as bottom bracket, a headset tube, seat lug, it will increase the strength of the carbon frame to around 3-5%. The result of these working systems culminates into a superior impact absorption of the frame for comfort riding, at the same time maintaining an excellent acceleration and response from the bike. In 2016 Guerciotti was proud to have been the official sponsor of the Team CCC Sprandi frameset, together with Eclipse 64-14.


his embodies the R&D of Guerciotti including design and the realisation of all the high spec products within the range. Conceptualised in 2011 this project has permitted Guerciotti to introduce a high specification product into the range with the Eclipse being the pinnacle thereof. Previously, the NO LIMIT CARBON ENGINEERING has focused on the production of a tube to tube high specification frameset. The project has now expanded into the production of monocoque frames with one purpose in mind i.e. searching for new design and performance solutions which allows professionals and cycling enthusiasts to get a winning product.

Today the pinnacle of the product range include the Eclipse 64-14 and the Eureka SHM50. All products conceptualised by the NO LIMIT CARBON ENGINEERING maintains Italian quality and design, use premium raw materials available in the market, innovative production technology and undergo rigorous testing and quality control.

In 2017 the Eureka DX50 was introduced into the Guerciotti portfolio with an aero design. The Eureka showcases the most advanced technology.

Integrated Brakeset System

This is a new system of brakeset, integrated in the frame and fork. This system has been utilised in both the Eureka SHM50 and Eclipse TT.

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