Record EPS Power Unit DTI V3 Battery Pack

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Record EPS Power Unit DTI V3 Battery Pack
Campagnolo’s dedication to continuous innovation drives its engineers to never accept a current technology as is but rather to push the limits of what a given component can do.

The Power Unit was originally modified to be mounted internally both to protect it from the elements as well as to confer an aerodynamic advantage to the overall build. With the advent of increasingly aerodynamic frames and with them even slimmer tube forms Campagnolo has produced an even more advanced version of its power unit ; the V3.

This new version of the internal power unit maintains all of the previous characteristics and technologies that derive from the V2 such as a vibration absorbing outer material, ultrasonic seals providing a waterproof construction and industry leading autonomy and house them all in a slimmer, more versatile package.

This new structure opens up the possibilities for internal mounting not only in the most aerodynamic framesets with very slim tube designs but also gives a greater deal of flexibility with regards to placement within the frameset. Thanks to this new slim structure the EPS advantage is now available for all frames, no matter which make or model you choose.

Campagnolo EPS Battery:
the rechargeable lithium ion battery is made with a 3-cell (12-volt) construction. The duration of the battery charge varies slightly depending on route and riding style as shifting frequency puts more or less stress on the battery. Taking into account that the EPS Power Unit has been lab tested and guaranteed to last for over 500 recharges, while maintaining strength and charge life, it is safe to say that the battery will last as long, if not longer, than your frame!

Power Unit V3 with new shape:
V3 Power Unit integrates battery pack and electronic intelligence board within a sealed unit with a total length of 232 mm and a diameter of only 16,6 mm.

Seatpost mount compatible:
the reduced diameter (16,6 mm) allows the V3 Power Unit to be mounted within the seatpost, by using one of the two optionally available adapters (for ř 27,2 and ř 31,6 mm), thus reducing assembly time.
Adapter is not scope of delivery.

Seat tube/ Down tube adaptor mount:
allows the Power Unit V3 to be mounted in either the down tube or seat tube by taking advantage of the water bottle cage mounts.

Technologies of the Campagnolo EPS Power Unit DTI V3
Enclosed and protected in the Power Unit™ and interface, "Digital Tech Intelligence" transmits, receives and processes data thousands of times a second. An electronic brain which instantaneously synchronises all the functions requested by the rider. With just a simple click of the controls, D.T.I™ transmits the corresponding signal instantly, accurately and reliably to the rear or front derailleur, for levels of performance and control feel never experienced before with a conventional drivetrain.

But as well as all this, the D.T.I. system also monitors the entire drivetrain and each of its components, continuously checking battery level and functionality, and checking that the rear and front derailleur are working correctly.

On Board Diagnostic - The EPS system is capable of automatically detecting a whole range of malfunctions.

If a malfunction is detected, the EPS system turns on an RGB led located on the power unit. Depending on the area where the malfunction has been detected the led takes on different colours, as per the table below.

Being that in some situations the cause of the malfunction making the led light up on the power unit may be temporary, a number of operations are recommended to the end user depending on the colour of the light that appears on the PowerUnit.

Waterproof - IP 67
The Campagnolo EPS electronic drivetrain complies with IP67 international standards. This means that the system is able to protect its electronic components from dust and liquid infiltration. In order to achieve the IP67 classification, all the electronic components of the EPS system underwent a series of tests, which proved their ability to function perfectly under one meter of water for at least 30 minutes.
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