Wilier 101X 2020


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There is no denying that Wilier Triestina has racing in its DNA. The creation of light, fast and highperforming bicycles has become its essence even in the offroad world. The objective for the 101X project was to achieve a crosscountry superlight MTB. 101X utilizes familiar technology and styling from other models, which have given Wilier’s halberdlogo bikes a cult following on the road. That is why you will find many of the features of the Zero.7 and Cento1 series in the 101X.


In the asymmetrical rear, you will recognize the family resemblance to the Cento1 road models. The drive side is shaped to facilitate the passage of the chain and to counter the applied torque from pedaling. The non­drive side instead follows its own special design for two reasons: to resist contextual elongation derived from the compression of the chain on the drive side and to give space to the post mount, integrated internally within the stays.


In the design of the asymmetrical rear triangle, we have paid particular attention to the choice of rear dropouts. The frame comes with a standard Shimano 12 mm thru axle QR. The rear spacing is 142 mm. Direct mount dropouts are also available.


Like the top models from the road, 101X fully integrates cables inside the frame via special plates as on the Zero.7. This solution allows the entry of cables inside the frame at an optimum angle, directing them towards the bottom bracket. All this keeps the cables at a proper distance from the interior walls of the frame, avoiding annoying noises when vibration occurs. 101X is Di2­ready because the cable plates on the top tube can accept the rear brake cables as well as Di2 wires.


As we have done on the Zero.7, Cento1SR and Cento1AIR, we have also used a bottom bracket of increased 92 mm width on 101X. This solution allows us to give lateral stiffness to the frame via the massive stays. The gear cables that run under the bottom bracket are integrated into the frame through the cable guide plate. This plate integrates seamlessly with the Integrated Frame Protector, almost hermetically sealing the cables inside, keeping them away from mud and debris.


101X is ready to be set up with the new side swing front derailleur sytems. The derailleur fixes directly to the seat tube and is actuated by the cable coming out of the down tube, thus allowing increased clearance between the rear wheel and the seat tube. 101X can also be mounted with a traditional direct mount derailleur.


Another feature of the frame is the differentiated head tube diameters. The upper end measures 1 1/8”, while the base is 1 1⁄2”. This particular differentiation of the two diameters, visible but not particularly accentuated, has allowed us to obtain an optimal balance between the rigidity and maneuverability of the bicycle.


Compared to the MTB’s of past collections, 101X is fitted with a seat post diameter of 27,2mm for maximum comfort. To ensure soundness and to ensure greater safety to riders, we created a reinforcement that embraces the seat tube just below the seat clamp. This solution gives 101X an elegant and refined look.


As in the GTR series, the 101X is also designed following the rules of balanced design. different diameter tubing was used for the different size to give the same ride feel and experience to those a small frame as those on very big frame. Comfort, responsiveness, and excellent riding sensations are guaranteed to anyone riding a 101X, regardless of the rider’s height.

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