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    XPEDO When you've got the world's biggest and best pedal manufacturer behind your efforts you're guaranteed to rise to the top. After year's of building the finest pedals in the world for leading brands the pedal wizards at Wellgo decided to form their own skunk works team. The mission...to develop the finest high performance pedals in the world.

  • Xpedo
    The first thing you'll notice about the Xpedo line up are the complex castings and intricate machining on these precision components. Wellgo is a master of casting magnesium and for the Xpedo line we've pushed the envelope on the minimalist structures that hold up the day-to-day punishment of cross-country racing and free-ride epics.
    Our clipless M-Force pedals are race ready with version in titanium, magnesium and steel. All feature our exclusive Posi-Lock Retention System which provides positive holding power yet consistent release. All M-Force pedals are SPD compatible.
    The all new MX Force line of platform pedals features four distinct profiles tailored to the abusive styles of DH, BMX, Slalom and Free-Ride cyclists. Magnesium and aluminum bodies, replaceable pins and bomb proof cromoly spindles complete these beasts.
    For the asphalt side, we have our innovative R-Force line featuring a super-light SPD compatible pedal and a more traditional LOOK compatible pedal.

  • Xpedo

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