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    ight propagation is transmitted in the form of radiations. A scientific theory – the theory of light’s wave motion – acknowledges these radiations as electromagnetic waves whose length is measured in nanometers (1nm. equals one millionth of a millimetre). The radiations that the human eye is capable of receiving and transforming into impulses occupy the part of the spectrum that ranges between 380nm and 700nm (visible light). On the other hand, the ultraviolet rays (harmful for the human eye) are ranged between 380nm and 10nm. It is therefore very important to stop those ultraviolet rays that are normally found in light. There are three types of UV rays: UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. Prolonged exposure to UV-A and UV-B rays may increase the possibility of significant eye damage. Our POWER RACE lenses (that we purchase from world leading lens manufacturing companies in countries such as France, United States of America and Japan) guarantee the total blocking of the UV rays up to 400nm. (see label UV400 on the lenses) maintaining at the same time perfect visual sharpness. Always at the forefront of technology, all our lenses guarantee some important advantages such as glare reduction, enhanced contrast, a true and real vision without distortion of colours and also of course protection against external agents (i.e. insects). All DOLCE VITA® and POWER RACE® cycling sunglasses are manufactured according to the most innovative and modern techniques currently available on the cycling market. That is why for the production of our glasses we use exclusively high-tech materials that allow us to create extremely safe glasses which at the same time are light in weight, functional and comfortable. This is the reason why all DOLCE VITA® and POWER RACE® sunglasses meet the requirements of European Law 89/686 in relation to the reference norm EN 1836/2007 for quality standards. Our sunglasses are of such high quality that they even meet the extremely strict American quality standards (ANSI) and are approved by the F.D.A. (Food and Drugs Administration).

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