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Tracemyworld is the most advanced Web Service for the post-analysis and editing of GPS data collected during outdoor activities. It allows users to quickly upload and replay routes recorded by a GPS data logger, build their own routes on a digital map, analyze and compare performances, create communities to share information, comments and to compete with other teams on a virtual race basis, and much more.

Tracemyworld now renews the shop to offer to all members and Internet users the best products at the best prices. Sign up on Tracemyworld, use the portal to upload your GPS data, have fun with your outdoor activities and earn points that will help you get discounts and favorable terms.

Tracemyworld shop offers you

Continuous Promotions and News

From Tracemyworld Shop you can find, constantly updated, the best deals on the market and news of the largest manufacturers of components and accessories.

Pre and post sales customer support

We are at your disposal for everything you need before or after your order. You can contact us with the contact form and we will respond quickly and with great professionality

Fast, secure and personalized Shipping

The products will be delivered in the shortest time possible, typically the order is processed the same day of receipt by our couriers insurance included.

Guarantee of compliance with Privacy

The right to privacy is very important for us, therefore, to navigate the site, you will not be asked any data. You will be required only the information strictly necessary if you decide to finalize the purchase, filling out the form. These data are obviously subject to compliance with the law.

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